I haven’t blogged since the Oscars! There are all sorts of reasons why and I cannot give them all to you quite yet. This is partly because I have had some life changing experiences that I still need to process. The Vietnamese Buddhist Thich Nhat Hanh wrote, “Our own lives are the instruments with which we experiment with truth.” Yes! And these lasts weeks have led me to to paraphrase him: “Our own bodies are the instruments with which we experiment with truth.”

Not necessarily related to this, however (because I have to think about all of it more)) is the news that I’ve been working on another PRIME TIME workout DVD to join my 4 others. As most of you know, I launched the PRIME TIME brand at the end of 2010 to address the fitness needs for boomers and seniors. I ain’t the same “Go-for-the-burn” Jane I used to be and I figured neither are all those gals who started out with me, not to mention the folks who have never worked out. And through my research I have learned that staying physically active is key—# ONE— to a healthy, successful 3rd Act. I’m so happy at the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten from folks who are now doing my Prime Time programs. Pretty amazing actually. The biggest surprise has been finding out that people much younger than boomer age (as well as men) have been enjoying the DVD’s as well.

On Set

On Set

This latest DVD I just finished is a Yoga Pilates blend. I worked with the wonderful, fun, Producer/Director, Cal Pozo who directed my last two DVD’s as well. Cal has a long and successful reputation in the fitness business, and really knows his stuff! Fortunately, he is also a mad, crazy Cuban who makes it all really fun. He is a trained dancer/choreographer and has written and directed some great fitness and dance programs including: Dirty Dancing, Dances with the Stars, Denise Austin, The Biggest Loser, and Kathy Smith to name a few.

Cal Pozo

Along with Cal, I had the benefit of working with choreographer, fitness trainer Maddy Lewis, a talented angel.

with Maddy Lewis.

We put a great group together for what I hope will be a DVD that you will use and love. We all worked for several weeks, building, refining, rehearsing the program before we finally shot.

It all took three days but we did more than the DVD. There’s a new, exciting and personal fitness project of a different kind but that’s something else I can’t reveal until we announce the project.

As much as I have wanted to blog throughout the whole process there was neither the time nor the wherewithal.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, more to come!

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  1. I am just so darned invigorated by what you say when you reveal what you are doing with your life on your blog. No pressure, but, really, it makes me feel inspired to do more with MY life. It’s exciting. Thanks Jane. Always look forward to your posts.

  2. Yea! You blogged! Your blogs are like my morning newspaper and I haven’t had a delivery for a long time! 🙂 You’ve opened yourself up to us so much, I think many of us have grown a special bond with you. It’s a friendship. Maybe it is a one way friendship/bond, you giving so much to us and we just receive without giving anything back, but thank you.
    I’m definitely curious what your new project is. I’ve always thought you should create an app that includes exercise, proper eating, and health. I could use all the help you can give, especially on eating healthier.

  3. Dearest Jane!

    I so missed your entries. I even tweeted yesterday about it and then here we are. 🙂

    BTW, I was in a theatre yesterday watching a preview of They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? here in Budapest and it was so great, I wished you could see it. Anyway, I had to instantly watch the movie for the third time. Your performance gets more and more unbelieavable with each viewing. I reviewed that work of yours and found it perfect back then as well but now I love it even more. Thumbs up! 🙂

    Most importantly and my point: when are you going to reveal That Secret (in connection with your acting career)? I so can’t wait (patience, unfortunately, is not one of my virtues).

  4. Hello! My mother has been usiing your waling workout cassettes for years and most recently purchased an iPod and a copy of your PrimeTime Walkout workout. I cannot figure out how to get it on her iPod. I even tried to find a downloadable mp3 version with the plan to return the DVD. No such luck! My mom has never been the type to stand in front of a TV to work out and that’s why she’s always loved your tapes. Is it possible to get this workout on her iPod? If not, which workouts are available on MP3???

    • I’ll try and find out, Kelly.

      • Hi Kathy -you can purchase the Walkout program on I-Tunes. It’s sold as a 2-pack and includes Fit and Strong as well. The name of the pack is Jane Fonda: Fit with Fonda. Please let me know if you succeed this way.

  5. Please check me out Jane, thank you:-) . I have a piece about you in the newspaper “Street Sheet”. This article about you I will tranfer it to a shirt. I’ve just always admired you. And I just wanted to give an ode to you and you’re also in a poem I have online somewhere, lol. Please keep in touch with me Jane. My email is [email protected]. I am also on YouTube, Haitians Do It Better. Discover me, I’m very outspoken but a real good kid! God Bless You Jane, and yours’.

  6. Great to see you back, Jane and I love the picture with your iconic 80s Workout poster behind you. You’re looking better than ever. The beginning of your blog is very cryptic. You’re making us very curious.
    Your new French film was released in Germany last week to really good reviews. I’m going to try to go and see it this week.
    Take care and keep on inspiring everyone.

    • Let me know what you think of the film. It has done very well in France.

  7. Just wanted to say I’m glad you didn’t let the fundamentalists chase you away from your faith journey or your understanding yourself as a Christian. Bigger and better than having to squeeze into someone else’s definition of “Christian” you prevailed to understand yourself as a child of God and, after an atheistic type beginning, that is true repentance (a turning around from the former orientation) and a real born-again development. I am thankful for this for you and ever thankful for your influence on my life as a sister pilgrim-sojourner in this strange land we inhabit. I read your first autobiography so long ago that I have now forgotten the name of it but read it four times while on the treadmill and laughed and cried my way through it each time. For your honesty, insight, and growing graciousness over the years, thank you and bless you.

  8. We couldn’t be more different. I admire you and think you are one of our greatest treasures as an actress. I am pretty conservative, a 64 year old guy. But I have been married to an incredible strong woman for 33 years, a 33 year long honeymoon, really, and I am more in love today with her than all of our yesterdays. She is a gift from God and our three children are all of the reward anyone could ask for in life. I am a Christian, attend a Baptist church, but am growing and searching pretty much in the same as you. I fly fish. I LOVE fly fishing and was wondering if you still fish, too.

    • Yes, Mike, I still fish. And how terrific that your love for your wife has only grown over the 33 years. Way to go!!

  9. I read your going to play Nancy Reagan?! – what fun! Hope it is happening. I think the project sounds like a marvelous acting exercise.

  10. Jane! I’ve read you’re going to play Nancy Reagan! I hope it’s true. How exciting… I’m so ecstatic about this! 🙂 Was this The Secret? 🙂

  11. Oh, how I Love Jane Fonda Hahaha… God Bless you Jane:-)

  12. U know i’m the best and i just want every1 to realize this you know. HAitians Do It Better hahaha God Bless every1!

  13. Hi Jane, I am 58, bought your excercise tape because I loved prime time the first time around. this is to little on the flex and to heavy on the knees. I had a knee replacement 1/10. My surgeon said, never, never, never kneel on a knee replacement. the knee cap is fragile and can be damaged. when are you reworkng or re-releasing prime time? I loved the stretching and flexing in that one.

    • Anne, I don’t think I will be re-releasing the Old Prime Time Video. I think my new ones are better…also with the new brand name PRIME TIME> xx

  14. Jane,
    Something’s not working. I think I’m logged in as admin?? Says Edward Ferry, not me! Help! Becky O.

  15. OK, well, somehow that worked. Hmmmm. Anyway, been training up a storm. Did I mention Fit & Strong is both a good warmup AND a perfect counter to a really lonnnnggggg bike workout? Yes ma’am. Bought hubby a bike for his birthday, poor thing. He made it 25 miles on the first ride, even though we stopped for lunch along the way. There’s hope. Training for the longer 80 mile days for my 6-day adventure in June. We’re known as Team DFL (dead f’n last) – but it’s a heck of a trip! We finish well ahead of the people who’d never consider doing this! Camping each night on high school football fields, riding all day. Easier than hauling kids around, so a welcomed treat! Looking forward to the new stuff. I’m a power yoga fiend! Bring it! Missed you, Ms. Jane!

    • 80 miles a day!!! Good on ya!!! Back when (I was younger) I’d go 100 miles a day sometimes. I have had so many biking accidents (collar bone, nose, etc) but biking was my passion for a long time. Toronto was the best city for biking..parks, waterfalls, endless bike paths…Just in case you’re ever there.

  16. I think we’ll have one “century ride” day with some climbing involved. We start in Gunnison, go through Aspen and Indpendence Pass, Leadville, Granby, Estes Park (including Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mtn Natl Park) and finish in Ft. Collins. NOT ready, but I will be! Why did I know you had a sordid cycling past? Wish you could join us! Come cheer us on! There are lots of 60-70 somethings on the trip. Over 2,000 riders! Will keep Toronto in mind. Have ridden the Cape Cod Rail Trail along the coast and took a great trip to Nova Scotia (but was not properly trained-big mistake). Thanks for all the great workouts and for living in my head while I’m training! Pick: Trail Ridge Road summit or the Finish line! See you there (even if we’re hallucinating!) Over 22,000 ft elevation gain in 6 days, 440ish miles. Can’t wait!

  17. Whoaaa! Got a ways to go! Took hubby out for 25 mile spin yesterday n did quick 15 miles before dinner. Truth be told, yesterday felt like nothing, but glad to get hubby suited up. He hasn’t ridden road bike in 30 years (or even mtn bike in 5). Meanwhile, I need climbing n longer rides, but filling in with yoga, spin to build strength off the bike. Six weeks til blastoff. Keep in touch! My 4th trip- no surprises. I know exactly what I’m in for. I ride for a girl fighting Cancer and in memory of Mom who died of heart disease. Also for all the moms who need a break from kids/home. They ride vicariously with me. Now to get it done!

  18. Hi Jane, How exciting for me to see these photos of you on my round mats! Cal Pozo ordered them from us , Mandala Yoga Mat, back in Feb. And for you to be using them, wow! I have always been such a fan of yours; your movies and for what you stand for. It is women like you that encourage a woman like me to follow my passions. Thank you!

  19. Hi Jane, How exciting for me to see these photos of you on my round mats! Cal Pozo ordered them from us , Mandala Yoga Mat, back in Feb. And for you to be using them, wow! I have always been such a fan of yours; your movies and for what you stand for. It is women like you that encourage a woman like me to follow my passions. Thank you!

  20. I love, love, love the prime time workout, (I think it might be the very first video on VHS), with “Hazel”, Meliss, and Herb, just to name a few that Jane says “Hi” to during the workout. I fear that it will not be on DVD as I have not seen it yet. I’m hoping I’ll not have to give up this particular workout because the video quits working, and it appears that it’s not included as one of the DVD’s now available to purchase. Jane, can you, will you please put this on DVD, please?

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