HAPPY 2012! I hope your year is off to a good start, and that we will all find this to be the year we are Surthriving! (Combo of survive and thrive). I must say I am absolutely thrilled with how 2012 has begun. Fist, my episode of “Oprah’s Master Class” is airing this Sunday at 10PM ET/PT on OWN. I’m really excited about it and flattered that she choose me as her first guest for Season 2. Oprah lined up a great class this season that includes lessons from Jon Bon Jovi, Goldie Hawn, Morgan Freeman and even my favorite Ex Husband among others. I know I’ll be watching.

Second, my latest PRIME TIME Workouts “FIRM & BURN” and “TRIM TONE & FLEX” have been in the top ten since their release last month.

My latest workouts are a lot like the ones I used to do. I’m in a studio, with other people who are all at different fitness levels. The music is fun and we even have Live musicians. The workouts are geared towards older people or people who perhaps haven’t worked out in a long time, either way you will get a really great workout. I’ve gotten some incredibly moving feedback from my virtual family. One 80 year old woman said she’s never worked out before and this has changed her life. (her son gave them to her for Christmas.) Even 40 year olds are saying they’ve lost weight and feel great!

Thanks to all of you who have been with me to help make PRIME TIME such a success I could never accomplish any of this without such incredible support. I hope you will continue to write to me on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog about your progress. I wish I could actually answer every comment or question, but know that I do read your feedback and it really helps as I move forward.

Here we are doing the hand jive on the new “Firm & Burn” DVD ENJOY!

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  1. Hello! I bought myself both Firm & Burn and Trim Tone& Flex for Christmas. I am turning 49 next month,(ugh)and have always been slim thanks to my parents, but a hysterectomy last year, and well, ’nuff said! So, although I walk everyday with my dogs, I wanted to do something more.

    After seeing you on a talk show, I thought, hmmmmm. that could work for me.
    So, I have been doing one or the other dvd for about 10 days now and feel great! I told my husband,”that Jane Fonda is kicking my a$$!”

    I sleep better,and have more energy during the day. I find myself doing dance steps around the house. My husband did do the Firm&Burn with me once, and the man is not a dancer…thought I was going to die trying to not laugh, breathe, and keep up with you! At least he was a trooper and tried!!

    Just wanted to say Thank you and the dvds are the best!

    • Thank for the feed back, Rhonda. And that husband of yours must be quite a guy for his willingness to give it a go. Tell him, ‘Bravo’ from me. b

  2. I love it when you say “even 40 yr olds”…makes me feel like a kid. My daughter is begging me NOT to help teach her friends how to tap for their callbacks at the school musical. I told her she’s lucky I didn’t audition. Nothing like teen love and drama. You’re having such a Glinda effect on me, Jane. Thanks for the ruby slippers! I don’t always need them but you’re not getting them back! Here’s to getting back in shape and changing the world!

  3. I plan to surthrive to the fullest in 2012! Thank you for bringing us all along on your journey in 2011. You made us feel like we were a part of something special, a part of a friendship, a part of a family. We can’t wait to continue that journey of yours in 2012! Perhaps we will be cheering you on with more books, movies, or television shows?
    I am really looking forward to watching “Oprah’s Master Class” on Sunday! I am ready to continue learning the Jane Fonda way!

  4. “Oprah’s Master Class” with you, Jane, was a masterpiece! Beautifully done! I could have watched it for hours. You have so much to share. It seems to me there needs to be a second part to “Oprah’s Master Class” with you! What was the biggest thing I took from it? Our own life lessons are the most powerful . . . . if we reflect and learn from them. And sometines we need to look a little deeper to better understand life events.

  5. Hi Jane,

    I just finished watching your Master Class episode and I came here straight away to sign up to continue reading your blog. I have seen your interviews with both Rosie and Oprah recently and I must say that you are SO INSPIRING. You are honest with yourself and with the world, you are so confident in who you are, and you strive to be a better person and have some sort of impact on the world each day. I want to be just like you when I grow up! I am approaching the end of the “first act” of my life, and up until hearing about how you view life and aging, I was having a really hard time with the fact that I’ll be 30 in a couple years. Now I realize that my life is just beginning! Thank you for being you and being so easy to relate to!

    • Erin, that’s right, just beginning. BTW, it took me a very long time to be who I am today. I have worked hard at it. Tried to learn from my mistakes. Thanks.

  6. Chère Jane here Chicago, right now il est 23h31 et je suis en train de regarder sur TCM the movie call “Network” 1976. I know & love it but it’s never enough! What a crucial time the 70s for Americans and to the world à en devenir et devenu. Hey we are today this is it, s’est exactly where everything started to be seriously decide and dessiné by Corporations but surely had receive an inheritance today from them! This movie say so much of now! Now et dans what we are living again and again even worse. Jane I can’t tell how much I had in my mind for so many days Finch, Holden especially Lumet because gone dans l’au-delàs (hereafter)the past year. Incroyable the vision he had remained intact. He put together such complexity but in so articulate detail and clear PICTURE. Tout-y est! La vulnérabilité side by side avec la cruauté humaine. The speech over the long table about “the natural order reinvented by Corporate against all natural and organic form of democratic Life. C’est un joyau.Like I said for the past days my soul yelled me so loud about the craziness we drown on it, that I couldn’t stop ma tête thinking of this superb hysteric piece of movie showing such authenticity and last shadow of decent value that I can feel but can hardly name it, tant elles sont devenues so rare in human environment mais me manque au point d’avoir peur that soon we wouldn’t be capable anymore de les vivre au quotidien. Peter Flinch, William Holden, Robert Duval, Danaway, Beatrice Straight make you feel alive/ human/ real… parce qu’ils faisaient parti de ces êtres qui parlaient véridique, truthful. We must elevate les êtres qui reste de cette même texture Jane s’est un devoir, pour bouger la foule. La VIE est encore là il faut agir now de façon réfléchi.Il existe un moyen astucieux. Merci Bonsoir à tous.So long.GiGi.

  7. I’ve read your first book “My Life so Far” and watched your episode on “Oprah’s Master Class” and I appreciate and admire you, as a young gay man who was kicked out of his home, your life experiences have taught me a lot, and taught me to be a stronger person, and I’ve learned to forgive my parents, even though they don’t speak to me anymore.

  8. Jane, You have always been amazing. You write about “wholeness” and I want to share with you, if you have not heard about it, a process called EMDR. There is an amazing psychologist in Nashville, who assists with wholeness healing through EMDR.
    It saved my life.

  9. Hi Jane,
    I have watched several interviews with you lately on various shows but my favorite was Master Class. I had recorded it because I didn’t think I would be home that evening but my plans changed and I watched it Sunday night and watched it again on Monday evening because so many of the things really hit home. Just like you at 62 I am about to turn 61 and feel at a crossroads in my life and you have inspired me to making some changes. I am sure I am not the only that found significant meaning in this interview.

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