“FIRM & BURN” – hand jive

A quick clip from one of my latest DVD’s FIRM & BURN.

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  1. Hi Jane:

    I feel great doing this workout and I am doing the Fit & Strong also, I really feel better, sleep better well everything is better. The sad think is that I am not losing any weight, since I got Lupus in 1996 has being very hard to lose a pound, but I keep trying, will you be so kind to give me some tips? I am 58 years old and going through menopause too.

    Thanks for being the way you are


  2. I like this where can I buy these DVD’s??
    Shirley Martin

    • I don’t know which DVDs you are referring to. My Prime Time DVDs? Buy at Target, Walmart, Amazon…

    • You can also buy them from video stores like HMV and Sunrise.

  3. OMG, This is incredible, After I had my first baby, I bought my first Fitness Tape, and it was from you. i LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT SO FAST AND WAS SO THANKFUL TOWARDS YOU AND YOUR KNOW HOW TO BLAST THE BUTT AND BELLY FAT. I remember the pumping and the beat. Much the same rhythmic as this, now I have a GRANDSON – HA HA God bless you

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