I cannot believe that I haven’t blogged since Thanksgiving Weekend. Well, yes I can. I have been back-to-back busy, that’s why. But it has all been so exciting that I wish I had kept you updated every step of the way. I even forgot to bring my camera so, not only have I not written but no pictures except this one of me with a group of high school girls called Girl Up, a group sponsored by the U.N. Foundation created by my favorite ex-husband, Ted Turner. They performed at the end of a 90 minute session I hosted yesterday as part of the TEDx Conference, the 2nd TED conference for and about women that was held all day yesterday at the Paley Center and produced by the amazing Pat Mitchell.

I have been working hard to make my session powerful and, frankly, I have been on pins and needles with fear these last days, worried that something would go wrong. It went better than I could have imagined and the feedback has been so wonderful.

My session was about aging and was based in large part on the topics I cover in my new book, “Prime Time.” The session was called “Rebirth” and I love this: the notion of age as rebirth. But that is what aging can be, what it often is for seniors, and a series of exceptional speakers helped explained why: Dr Laura Carstensen, founding Director of the Stanford Longevity Center, spoke about why older people tend to be less stressed, less anxious, more able to roll with life’s challenges; Dr Michelle Warren, the remarkable doctor who has been voted best Doctor in America since 2004 spoke about why women approaching menopause need to take a new look at the advantages hormone replacement therapy can bring us, that it is not a “yes” or “no” issue, but a very individual matter that should be explored with your doctor and not avoided because of the myths that it causes breast cancer and heart attacks. Author and feminist, Suzanne Braun Levine spoke about how to handle the scary, confusing period that women go through as they approach menopause, a period that Suzanne refers to as the “Fertile Void,” a time that can, in fact, be the beginning of a whole new, profound life. Dr Oz was powerful in his talk about why remaining physically active is critical to aging successfully. Gloria Steinem spoke moving about what she has learned in her life and what she still hope for the future, for younger generations of girls and Anthropologist and author, Mary Catherine Bateson, spoke about how women elders are the ones best suited to save the world.

I’m skimming over what these wonderful people had to say but perhaps you can watch on line on the TEDx website. The talk will also be posted soon on the larger TED Conference website. As soon as I have exact link information I will post and tweet it out.

This weekend I will spend preparing for all the TV shows I do on Monday and Tuesday: The Today Show (twice!), The View, Joy Behar, Anderson Cooper, The Dr Oz Show, Piers Morgan, and Jimmy Kimmel. I am doing them all within the first 3 days of next week but they won’t air till the following week. We will post the air dates on this site soon.

Along with that, I‘m excited about seeing “The Hugh Jackman One-Man Show” on Saturday and “Other Desert Cities” on Sunday and dinners with friends in between. I am popping out of my skin with excitement about all this…and there’s more but it has to remain secret till I am given the go-ahead to tell you.

I’ll do my best to remember to bring my camera to all these events.

Till the next time…

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  1. Hello Jane,
    Sounds like your ending the year with a bang,TED conference and more. Enjoy hearing about your favorite ex-husband, Ted Turner. Ted Turner is a interesting person, it seem the pre and post Jane Fonda experience shows the change on Ted. One interesting person, shoud be respected for work he has done, he has a history to show for his work.
    Anyways interesting things, be looking for more on your doing and comings and goings.

    with love and care,

  2. I love the word “Rebirth”. It gives those of us who are a bit younger a light at the end of the tunnel . . . . but not THE light at the end of the tunnel. 😉 To be honest, menopause scares me. Really scares me. I am 41 years old right now. I don’t know when menopause will come or how I will react to the changes in my body. I have seen others who I know go through such a trying time in their lives. I want to be strong during this period, but I’m not sure what I will be facing. Sigh. I try very hard to remain upbeat, positive, and energetic, but will menopause crush this? I am already an emotional person. I can’t imagine what I will be like during this time period. Will I just break down and start crying for no reason? How long will it take for me to realize that I am going through menopause and not just going crazy? Sigh. Is there a book you recommend that I read to prepare myself?
    I am really looking forward to seeing some of the shows you will be on. I love Anderson Cooper! A great news reporter in my opinion, but I haven’t seen his new show yet. And I am actually enjoying Piers Morgan too.
    Oh, and is your secret about a new acting adventure??? TV? Movie? Mini Series? Talk show? Short film? Documentary? Theatre? HINT?????? I know, I know. You can’t say anything. Sigh.

    • Acting adventure, yes, Susan.
      My “Prime Time” is helpful re perimenopause. Also check out what Dr Michelle Warren said on my Rebirth panel at TEDx.

  3. Exciting stuff. It does me good to experience your own excitement and enthusiasm through your blog. Positivity is catching! 🙂
    Take care

  4. You always have great photos. What kind of camera do you use?

  5. I was very busy myself, too, preparing for the senior prom and here in Hungary it’s quite different from what it looks like in the USA. 🙂

    Oh I’m looking forward to that secret, especially if it’s an acting adventure. My big dream is that once you’ll play a part I write for you (well, actually I have already found out something I intend to be beautiful). Cheesy, I know. 🙂

    Once you told me I should let you know what I thought of The Dollmaker. Did you see the writing I sent you? No pressure, I mean, see it only if you are interested (I can send the link here again).

  6. Jane, I just watched your interview on “The View” this week and firstly, You look fantastic!” I also learned from that interview you had indicated you had a hip and knee replacement. I am 56 years old and my hip went down on me last year. After jumping thru all the hoops, I finally am scheduled for hip replacement surgery at Mayo on the 30th of December. My affected side has deteriorated so badly over the course of this period I have absolutely no muscle structure left in my thigh. I am wondering what exercises you did following your surgery to get yourself back up and running. I would very much appreciate anything you could share. Also, has your mobility pretty much returned to normal? It certainly appeared so, as one would never know it by observing your movement. thanks.

    • oops, that last sentence was meant to say, you’d never know you had gone thru hip replacement surgery by observing your movement…

    • Juanita, Takes about 3 months of therapy–doing just what the doctor says and no more. Then I pretty much went back to normal. I don’t run or downhill ski but everything else. Nut the therapy is critical.

  7. Jane,
    Are you bouncing in the video on your new hip and knee?
    I have a bad knee, have spoken to an Orthopedic surgeon locally who says my only solution is a total knee replacement.
    Who did your knee? I’d like to get a second opinion from him.

    • Joan, Dr John Moreland at St John’s hospital in Santa Monica. A great surgeorn and, NO, I don’t bounce anymore and certainly not on my new DVDs

  8. Jane, Thank you for all of your pictures and telling us about all of your adventures as well as information that you generously share. I thoroughly enjoy reading and seeing your blogs, especially now since we are somewhat snowbound. Thank goodness for computers and TVs! Inger

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