Rehearsing with Ines On Stage

I’m in Paris to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of L’Oreal Paris’ slogan “Because I’m worth it!”.
With me are some of L’Oreal’s other brand Ambassadors: Freida Pinto, the beautiful, soulful Indian actress who starred in “Slumdog Millionaire”; Fan Bingbing, the top model and fashion icon in China, Ines de la Fressange, who is a fashion icon in France, and Aimee Mullins. Aimee is a model, an actor, she broke records at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Aimee has no legs. She wears different prosthetics for different shoes and different needs. Perhaps you’ve seen the amazing photograph of her, in a bathing suit, running on a beach…beautiful slim, athletic body and from the thighs down are curved metal springs. It is a staggering vision. She is also eloquent, kind and funny.

Last evening, after our rehearsal, Eve Ensler came to my hotel room with an amazing yoga teacher and we took a class together. It was just what I needed. Eve touches me so deeply that I often cry when I am with her…a sign that she touches my soul. So fierce. In my blog column “Inner Circle,” I have posted the recent article Eve wrote about rape for the Huffington Post, “Over It.” I hope my blogging friends and social media followers are equally ‘Over it’ and will join the rising movement to stop rape which launches on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th.

Here we are getting our hair and makeup done for the days interviews. We were all in the same room this morning at the fabulous Ritz Hotel (greatest Hotel!!!) which was nice.

Me getting my hair done. I tell you, it takes a village!

Beautiful Aimee Mullins ready to get made up this morning

Freida Pinto in makeup.

The journalist delegation from China

It was a full day. Back-to-back interviews with publications from all over the world. We went from 10am till 5pm and each publication got 10 minutes. Whew!
Tonight, I am the Master of Ceremonies where we will each speak to a gathering of company executives and correspondents from around the world about what the “Because I’m worth it” slogan means to us. It is a powerful message to women who, for so long, have been taught that their job is to care for others. That they are selfish if they take time for themselves.

The walls of the hall where the event took place were lined with photos of the various brand ambassadors. Here is Ines de la Fressange

Here is Fan Bingbing

This is Freida Pinto

Freida waiting for the evening event to begin

Aimee Getting Ready

Here is Aimee getting ready for the evening event in a smashing pair of Alexander McQueen pants. One of only 2 existing pair. Aimee knew McQueen for 12 years. She modeled for him and he carved her a pair of wooden legs which she walked the runway in. She is going to send me a photo.

Ines de la Fressange leaving the makeup room. This photo doesn't do her justice. She is quintessential French beauty and chic.

With Fan Bingbing on our way to the event. I'm wearing a Gucci jacket

On stage with Fan Bingbing

Tomorrow I spend the day in yet another round of interviews to promote the French film I shot last year, ”…Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble?” I hope I will get to see some of my co-stars whom I miss. We had such a good time. Alas, Geraldine Chaplin will not be there. She’s in some remote, exotic place at a film festival, I think. We stay in touch. We pledged we’d do that.

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  1. First, Aimee Mullins sounds incredible! What an inspiration! I will have to read about her to my students. Second, Eve Ensler’s article is absolutely a call for action. It is appalling what our society and others around the world find acceptable. She mentions of February 14, 2013, in the article. What takes place on that date? Finally, I am curious how long you have been an ambassador for L’Oreal? Oh, and by the way, if it takes a village to get you ready, I imagine it would take a whole continent of villagers to do the same for me!

    • Susan 🙂 Check Eve’s V-Day blog for info on what happens (Billion Women Rising) Feb 14th. You can access her website from mu homepage.

      I have worked with L’Oreal 5 years.

  2. You’re all so beautiful! I read you sent a video message to the Academy celebration of Vanessa Redgrave. I think it’s time to see a Julia reunion, maybe at the next Oscars you could present an award together. That would be awesome!

    Jane, did the link of my writing of The Dollmaker go through?

  3. Hi Jane,
    Funny that the screen behind you has a grammatical error with the ‘i’ in ‘Because I’m worth it! being in lower case. What a shame because the ‘I’ is what it’s all about and the most important word in the sentence and should be LARGE! 🙂

    The ‘Over It’ article is excellent. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll be putting it on my facebook page later.

    Great that you are related to Lady Jane Grey. The hotel where I stayed where she was proclaimed Queen is haunted. Don’t know if it’s her ghost though. Exciting stuff!!

    Take care

  4. Such a great meeting for “Et si on vivait tous ensemble ?” !!!! Thank you very much.

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