Three Busy Days in Georgia

Monday I was able to grab a bite of food with my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. I am stunned every time I see them because they seem so grown. I didn’t take any pictures because I forgot my camera. That night I had a fabulous dinner with a table full of my dearest Atlanta friends whom I hadn’t seen in ages. It made me so happy.

G-CAPP Board

Tuesday morning (and very jet lagged), I got up for our early G-CAPP board meeting. It was, I think, the best board meeting we’ve ever had in our 17 year history. That is because we have truly come into out own. We have a great new CEO, Vikki Morrow and wonderful new board members. The work we are doing in 10 of the poorest counties of Georgia where teen pregnancy rates are highest makes me so proud. This is hard work and our staff—the organizers, trainers, programmers, are talented as all get out. In Richmond and Augusta we are drilling down especially deep on the community level with outreach, technical assistance, training. Working with state and federal departments that address children, family and teen pregnancy issues, we have —finally—been able to commit to only implementing programs in Georgia that have been proven successful…these we call ‘evidence-based programs.’ This is a big deal. For far too long money was spent on programs and curricula that were put in place because of someone’s personal ideology, not because they worked.

We are also training 17-19 year olds to become advocates for sexual responsibility on their campuses and with the legislators. And working with Georgia Tech to develop a computer application that will enable teens to use their computers or cell phones to locate clinics where they can have access to information, exams, testing, etc.

In the Green room before the event

A packed house!

Tuesday night we had our big annual fundraiser, which was a premiere of my new film, “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.” Our big sponsors, Jim and Sarah Kennedy and Cox Enterprises, Delta, Tony Conway’s A Legendary Event, Charlie Loudermilk and his Aaron Rents were all on hand. Our Steering Committee chair, Ginny Brewer, the co-chairs Joni Winston and Kathy Gunter and all our wonderful board members along with some of my co-stars in the film.

With Reverend Bill & Kathy Stayton

With Diane Ash & Kathy Gunter (Co-chair of PLM Steering Committee)

With Producer Claude Dal Farra, and Co-stars Marissa O'Donnell & Nat Wolff

Barbara Roos
did the décor which was, a ‘60s hippy theme. She’s worked with us for ages and is so gifted. They even managed to get the owners of our Psychedelic bus from the movie to drive it down from Woodstock!

The turnout was great—and very diverse…including Miss Atlanta, elected officials, basketball great Dikembe Mutombo, oldsters and youngsters, as well as old and new friends. People on both ends of the age spectrum seemed to really like the film. I didn’t expect it but it made me cry in a few places. Poignant!

With Radio Host Vikki Locke

with co-star Rosanna Arquette

We raised more money than we had expected (always a good thing). Our producer, Claude, was like an angel sent from heaven, bidding the prices up at our live auction and buying several of the big tag items.

On Wednesday, I drove up to north Georgia for another fundraiser for G-CAPP. This one was in Dalton and was a signing of my new book PRIME TIME. A great turnout and great fun!

Being interviewed in Dalton (north Georgia) by Bergen, a very sharp young jounalist

Smith Foster was one of the co-hosts of our G-CAPP fundraisers in Dalton. Smith is a peach of a man who used to be on our board. I love him dearly.

I've known and worked with Holly Rice for almost 17 years. She is instrumental to our work in Dalton.

I signed lots of books , gave a talk and dialogued with the wonderful people who had assembled.

Here I am with the mayor of Dalton, David Pennington.

Rick Myers was the co-host with Smith Foster. He runs Myers Carpets...3 generations of Myers have been with the company. Here I am with Ms Myers, Rick's mom.

...and here with the handsome Sheriff of Dalton, Scott Chitwood.

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  1. Jane, you’re killing me! 🙂 I soooooooooooo cannot wait to see this new movie of yours and every time I read something about it (and only good things so far ), I just want to rush to the nearest theatre to make it sure that I’m at the premiere in my country. 😀

  2. Jame… you’re work in Georgia is so profound. I love to think of all the positive ways in which it ripples out into the future
    I wonder if you might be thinking about attending any of the Occupy Wall Street protests? I was at the one by city hall in LA today and Tavis Smiley and Cornel West spoke. It was a very very hopeful feeling! I’ve heard you express that you feel that your presence can be a possible flashpoint that might mot help more political causes. But I think your presence is nothing but purely inspiring. If you do decide to attend one, will you let us know here? I will want to be there!

    I, for one, want to live in a united states where organizations like G-CAPP are robustly funded by our government.
    much love and respect,

    • Thank you, Edward. My heart is with the Occupy Wall Street folks but I don’t like the way the media talks about celebs who visit the protest and if I were to go I don’t think it would be helpful…maybe counterproductive.

  3. leopard, tiger, snake?..looking good in Georgia

    • Bill, the pants are shiny leopard print pants by Lloyd Stein. Thanks.

  4. G-CAPP sounds like such a fantastic cause. I know G-CAPP is strictly in Georgia at this time, but are there any other states that have similar programs going on? (Funding, I’m sure, is very difficult right now.)
    I see lots of Prime Time books in the pictures! How was the auction?

  5. Jane, you are one Hot Mama!

    I LOVE the black mini skirt with the tall black boots. Wow, is all I can say. You look fabulous!

  6. really a fascinating woman, civiviles rights advocate, committed permanently with all those who need an encouraging word, not from now but from an early age, thanks to exist

  7. ahh, sorry Im marcela from Argentina , buenos aires

  8. Hello Jane,
    “…put in place because of someone’s personal ideology, not because they worked” that is a comment one could apply to our government as well.
    I don’t want you to forget, in “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.” you play a ARTIST, and your a good one, try not to forget that, a little paint now and they wont hurt you. Hope to seem some kind of good distribution of that film as well, than again the end product is not always Art is can be the making of it.

    with love and care,

  9. Hello there! I think mothers of teenagers girls, as soon as they get the first period, should start to give them some contraceptive pills! We know by now that boys are not going to use condoms! It should prevent unwanted “teens pregnancy”!Because no one can stop a young boy\girl to have sex when they start to “feel in love” first or second time.It is a problem all over the world,and in my family, we did that and it worked!

  10. Fabulous event for a great cause!! I do COVET your tall boots!

  11. Laura, I believe so too! Thanks

  12. Thank you for the wonderful things you’ve done with my grandfather (Smith Foster). You mean a lot to our family, though regretfully, I haven’t had the honor of meeting you! (Yet)

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