An Interesting Week

Oprah called me out of the blue. I was sitting at my desk, working on my new book, the phone rang, “hello Jane?” in a somewhat husky, soft voice, “yes?”–I had no idea who it was. “It’s Oprah.” OMG! My heart started pounding. I may have told her that, I can’t remember cause I kind of blanked out for a moment. She told me she’d just seen the Master Class I did for OWN and that it made her cry and she told me how much she loved what I said and how important it was and that her new mantra was “I want to be whole, not perfect.” Tears of happiness ran down my cheeks. I mean—OPRAH CALLED ME TO TELL ME THIS! Maybe she calls everyone, I don’t know, I don’t care. This one’s for me! Whew! I think when we said goodbye I called her Honey and said I loved her. 🙂 I’ll let you know when it will air. I forgot to ask, if you can believe that!

Let’s see, what else?

Here's Matthew Shields (Sally Herschberger Salon in Beverly Hills) blowing me out for the Van Jones party

My wonderful Matthew came to the house to “do me up” before I went to a party at the home of Laurie David to hear Van Jones speak about his rising new (and very broad) movement, “Rebuild the Dream.” Very interesting, hopeful and exciting. Check it out on I got a twang of sadness because this is the home where Laurie and her then husband, Larry, first introduced me to my Golden Retriever, Roxy.

With Van Jones and Laurie David

I finished most of my book for girls ages 12-17 about sexuality, relationships and gender. I am loving writing this book. Next one will be for boys (which I also love to write about).

My son, Troy Garity, (@troygarity) learned that his TV series, “Boss,” with Kelsey Grammer, is being renewed for a second season. Clearly Lionsgate et al feel they have a hit on their hands cause the first season hasn’t even aired yet…but will soon. Troy adored the entire experience, says that Kelsey is fantastic and so is supervising director Gus Van Sant (Gus’s first time doing TV!). Chicago really loves Troy, two Barbershop movies and now two TV shows!

Next week my latest film “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding” is having its premiere in Atlanta to benefit GCAPP. Besides being able to see the film for the first time with an audience, I’ll get some much needed (but not enough) time with the Grandkids and some of my dearest friends in Atlanta who I haven’t seen in far too long.


Its been funny asking people to “Like” me on Facebook. Sorry to say it over and over, but I want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to participate in the fun PRIME TIME contest opportunities that I will be having there soon.

Today on twitter I saw that Lady Gaga has close to 14 million followers. As most of you know she calls them her “Little Monsters”. I said “wow!” and the very clever @louisvirtel wrote: Jane, your fans are just as fierce. We’re your Monsters-in-Law. Thanks Louis!

I found out quite a bit about online book clubs, and found that the YummyMummyClub has a book club of thousands, and KCRW has the Bookworm club!

I learned from you all that Tweeople and Tweeps is the most popular term to describe twitter users.

I shared my lunch in bed with Keener photos and it seems you all love her as much as I do.

Melissa Walker wrote on Facebook that she has lost 20lbs in 6 months doing my fitness DVD way to go !

Nancy who makes airplanes, or @mia1955, has purchased autographed copies of PRIME TIME as Christmas gifts! I guess like me she does her shopping early!

Shay Stegmaier from Wichita wrote on twitter that she had a “9 to 5 copier moment!” HAHA!

Bill Starkey wrote on my website that he tried and successfully made my Chicken Curry Stew recipe.

And tons of you are still watching Monster in Law! I love that people tweet when they are watching it. I really wish we had made a sequel!

Here are a few photos of Tulea from this week while we’re at it:

Tulea with the wind in her face

Don’t you who have dogs love it when they stick their heads out the window and all the hair blows back on them?

Here’s Tulea wanting to play with Vinny

There's Vinny, wanting to scratch her back, totally ignoring Tulea.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You’re breathtakingly beautiful in that picture (honestly, you’re always beautiful)!

    I’m interested in Boss. What is it going to be about? I can’t seem to find the story on imdb.

    And PL&M! I don’t want to talk about it because just the title alone makes me excited. 🙂

    • Danie, Boss is based on columnist Mike Royko’s book about the Chicago mafia. J
      Kelsey plays the Chicago mayor. Troy is a reporter. First season to start soon

  2. First, Jane, I LOVE how you say that one needs to become whole, not perfect. I think that is the most beautiful way to lead our lives. It is amazing how that one little thing you said can be so powerful.
    I checked out the website, Rebuild the Dream. I will definitely be taking a closer look at the movement. During these incredibly difficult times, we all need to take action to save the American dream. Living in Michigan, I have witnessed destruction of the middle class and the poor. Today, October 1, over 12,000 families in Michigan just lost welfare assistance from the state due to one of Governor Snyder’s new laws. Of those 12,000 families, there are over 30,000 children being affected. All of this with very little warning I must add. I have heard people saying that these people simply need to get out there and get a job. Uhmmm, THERE ARE NO JOBS!!! Unemployment in Michigan is 10.9%, with several counties facing more than 25%, which includes Wayne County where Detroit is located. So, exactly how are they going to get a job that will pay them enough to allow them to survive? By Christmas, the homeless in Michigan will be staggering. By the way, child poverty has increased by an unprecedented 64% since 2000. One in 7 people in Michigan live in poverty. What is most ironic about the situation is when these people need assistance the most is when it is taken away from them! During this time of extreme distress, our governor gave huge tax breaks to large corporations. To do this, he reduced education funding by $908 million, taxed seniors on their pensions, and so much more. Direct attacks are being taken on senior citizens, unions, middle class, and the poor all over the country. For those who think it doesn’t effect them, think again. When social security, health insurance, and pensions disappear for many of us, ask yourself what the American Dream stands for then. It sure is a great time to be rich, though!

  3. looks like a house of Harlow printed leopard dress… did you photo outside of your car window?

  4. Hello Jane,
    I do the same thing when I want to scratch my back. Sound like the sex for teenage girls will be interest, being a child development specialist I see the need, and I hope some of the links I send you may have given you some ideas. The Curried Chicken Stew looks just like the Curried Chicken and rice mix that I eat in London. They have the best Samosa’s just next to the London Victoria Coach Station. They have to be 6″by 4″ long for only One Pound. Anyways my life move on…

    with love and care,

  5. Hi Jane,

    Apropos of nothing, it’s reunification day in Germany today (3rd October). It reminds us that we, the people, will always have the ability and the power to literally bring down the highest and mightiest of walls.

    Have a great Monday.:-)
    Take care

  6. Hello Jane
    Is there a way to write to you by email?
    Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    • Karen…Fonda, Inc., c/o Debra Tucker, PO Box 5840, Atlanta, GA, 31107

  7. Hello Jane..I just watched you on Rosie and was touched by your openess and not being afraid to show emotion. It was very touching! I wish you the happiest of New Year’s. I will be turning 61 this coming March and I am going to try to come to terms with my past and hopefully can forgive others but mostly myself. I need to make changes now..I owe it to myself. Sometimes I just feel like I’m drifting into oblivion. Best wishes to you and yours 🙂

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