Bummer! I was to be at the Toronto Film Festival today and tomorrow to support my newest film, “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,” which co-stars the wonderful Catherine Keener and was directed by Bruce Beresford (” Tender Mercies”, “Driving Miss Daisy,”) but I have been sick with a persistent bug for the last 5 days and had to cancel the trip. The talented newcomer, Lizzie Olsen (younger sister of the Olsen twins), and “Gossip Girl’s'” Chace Crawford are also in this film of love and forgiveness.

Over the weekend a friend sent me this photo of my new book “Prime Time” from the Virgin America terminal at JFK, how cool! Wednesday I was going to be on “The View” to discuss “Prime Time” but had to cancel that as well. The book is a bestseller, I am happy to say and I am getting fantastic feedback from men as well as women. #2 last week on NYT best sellers list (the How To/Self Help section) and #4 yesterday. It has been especially fun doing the enhanced ebook version, using rarely seen home movies and photos. When “My Life So Far” came out almost 6 years ago, ebooks were in their infancy. Now it seems they’re almost as popular as real books.

One thing being sick has afforded me is the down time to watch college football and the U.S. Open. The University of Michigan versus Notre Dame game–the first night game in Michigan’s stadium– was extraordinary. With 3 minutes remaining and Notre Dame up by a considerable lead, I emailed my friend Frank Belatti who is a Notre Dame alum and runs a program there, to congratulate him on his team’s win. No sooner had i hit send, than Michigan scored 3 touchdowns in a row (in the last 3 minutes!!) The amazing Denard Robinson threw the winning pass with 2 seconds to go. Richard is a U of M alum so you can imagine the jubilation.

Yesterday, though, things were glum when Serena Williams lost. We both adore her.

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  1. I hope the power of your book being a bestseller (congratulations!) will knock that bug out flat before it ruins any more of your engagements. Get well, Jane!

    On to read Robert Redford’s commentary (love him everever).

  2. Hope you get better soon, Jane! Get plenty of rest!

  3. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Me too–bronchitis. Eight days now and coughed all nite last nite, so finally saw doctor today. She said lots of folks with upper respiratory ailments since Hurricane Irene. Love you, Jane. Always have. Feel better soon.

  4. So sorry you are ill.

    I purchased Mary Catherine Bateson’s book after you and she spoke at Upaya, and look forward to reading yours now.

    Glad to be a Santa Fe Neighbor!

    Honey Ward

  5. So sorry to hear Jane that you are under the weather and had to miss the film festival.
    We are also sports fans.Didn’t see the football game,but did see the opening.I was saying to my husband Ronnie that US college football has thousands more fans that the NF,where the Patriots are my fav team,followed by the Steelers.Guess that is because I am an eastcoaster.
    Serena is also my fav female tennis player.I saw some of the highlights last night as was unable to catch the game.It was dis-appointing she lost.It was amusing at the press conference to see her amusement at her temper tatrum.Some competitors are so passionate that this happens to them from time to time.Roger Fedderor is my Fav male player and he also lost.He had several chances to put it away,but it wasen’t his day!
    Feel better soon,and hope it’s nothing too serious.being sick is never fun!
    PS:I am still waiting for youe signed copy of Prime Time.I ordered it from Barnes and Noble on the 26th of August.I have a query into them.Can’t wait to read it.
    Take Care

  6. I hope you get well. I have some problems, too at the moment so I know how it is. 🙁 But keep up the good spirit! 🙂

    I hope that the movie becomes a huge success. I hope to see more of your brilliant movie performances. The movie looks so fine and I hope it gets recognition come Oscar time.I feel you deserve at least 10 Oscars (not exaggerating actually).

    BTW I’m going to rewatch Klute next week and I’m planning to write a long review on your performance so be prepared. It’s sort of special for me, that was the first movie I saw you in (and it will be my 200th review to emphasise how special it is). I hope I can show it to you (on my blog) once I’m ready. I really want to make it big and to make it please you. 🙂 You’re more than worthy of it. 🙂 And I would be so honored if you read it (once it’s ready).

  7. Get well soon, Jane!

  8. The U of M game was amazing! I could hear neighbors cheering all around! I don’t quite understand all of the rules of football, but love the excitement that the sport can bring. One day I would love to go to a U of M football game. There is nothing like U of M fans to keep the spirits high. Actually, all sport teams in Michigan are highly regarded by loyal fans.
    As for your book, how exciting! I am not surprised by the success it has found though. It truly is a masterpiece. So easy to read, so informative, and so personal.
    I hope that you are feeling better real soon. Let me know if you want me to drop off some chicken noodle soup . . . . or bug spray. 🙂 I’ll be in LA this weekend. :)(Can’t wait for my weekend getaway to your neck of the woods! Sunny California will cure my back to school blues.)

  9. I/my company are in Toronto. Google my name. On a completely different subject: Great 8 mm. film from the summer of ’65 taken by Roddy McDowall up in Malibu ( in the Colony from the look of things) of you and Paul Newman, Natalie Wood, Tony Perkins, Judy Garland, Lauren Bacall, Polly Bergen, Tuesday Weld and others on YouTube. I got to it from A Continuous Lean, a men’s fashion blog I follow.

  10. Get well soon, Jane. I hope Tulea is keeping you company 🙂

  11. Sorry to hear you’re sick Jane! Hope you get well soon! I heard you were sick a couple of days ago via my daughter who is currently working at the Moroccan Oil hair product booth at the Toronto Film Festival. She told me she was supposed to meet you but then found out you were ill. I’m a big fan of your’s and saw you went you came to speak at Place des Arts in Montreal. Take it easy! Congratulations on your new book!

  12. Hello Jane,
    “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,” is a not the FRench film you had done, but the hippy story if think. But “Paix, amour et d’incompréhension,” would read very nice en français. My best for you on beating this un-wellness or pas de bien-être.
    You have been burning the oils at both ends, me-thinks or think I.

    With love and care,

  13. So sorry to hear you are sick 🙁 I have tickets to see Peace, Love and Misunderstanding at TIFF tonight and was hoping to see you!!! I hope you feel better very soon.

    • Vanessa, will you let me know what you think about the film. I have not seen it completed but had such fun making it.

  14. Hi Jane,

    I’m sorry you’re sick.

    I just finished Prime Time and absolutely loved it. I’ve never read anything like it. I blogged about it here

    and also on SFGate.

    Brava! You rock.


  15. Get well REAL SOON, Jane! Will your movie, PL&M be released nationwide? I have been trying to find out lately and had no luck. What about your other new movie you did in France?

    • Patty, Peace, Love, etc will be released nationwide just don’t know when nor do I know when the Frwnch movie will come to the US

  16. I was at the Toronto film festival last night and saw Peace, Love , Misunderstanding. It was a very warm, funny, entertaining movie. I loved it. Jane you were wonderful in it. You brought real truth and energy to your character. She is a very unusual grandmother but you can feel the love and emotion she feels for everyday living and her family. Even my husband enjoyed this movie, and he doesn’t usually like any movie I do. Hope to see you in more movies.

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