Lunch with Keener

Over the weekend, I had lunch with Catherine Keener… in her bed cause that’s what she wanted, besides it a beautiful, sunny room. I love that woman. I sign my emails to her, ‘Ma’, cause I was her mother in “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding”– Which, BTW, got fantastic audience reaction in Toronto. “A real crowd pleaser” as one reviewer said.

Her BFF, Jen Regenstreich, is very cool. She’s staying with Catherine, and I wanted her to be in the picture too (along with Tulea, hidden among the sheets). Jen was a frequent visitor to Catherine’s house on location in Woodstock while we were filming which is how I got to know her. I think we’ll have some interesting news from Keener soon.

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  1. I loved Keener in “Capote”. I am certainly looking forward to seeing the two of you in “Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding”. When will we be able to see the movie in local theaters?
    By the way, your last sentence is quite the tease.

    • “I think we’ll have some interesting news from Keener soon” – quite the tease, you’re right. Seeing as she’s so private (a good thing), the only “interesting” thing for her to announce is that she’s “coming out”? or running for president!

  2. is that a antique Zuni choker?

    • Wow, Bill, yes it is. Antique, and mobile –the wing move -and silver on the back

  3. giant, semi-submersible oil rig en route from Singapore will probably be drilling in the Florida Straits between Key West and Cuba in mid-December. The rig could arrive earlier, but Repsol, the Spanish oil company, wants to wait until after hurricane season ends before it begins drilling.

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  4. Did Keener play Harper Lee in Capote? Jane, I read your first book and enjoyed it and I enjoy your outlook on the different stages in life. What you said on Oprah the last time your were on her show about being in your 40’s (I am currently) and the things you experience, it resonated with me. Thanks for being a great role model to me. I am proud to say that my mom is your age and is active and as beautiful as you are, I am very thankful.

    • Try my new book “Prime Time” (or get your mom to). It is really helpful as you age to know about the things I wrote about.

  5. This picture moves me. I envy Catherine in this picture. Actually, I envy Jane as well.

  6. Awesome pictures!! Tulea looks so comfy in bed with you all!

    I received the mugshot clutch today and it is very cute. I love it so much. Thank you!!


  7. My only thought….I can’t think of a better bed to be in. jealous!!!

  8. Jane – love the fedora over scarf. Any tips on how to do that?


    • Telma, the scarf was to cover a bad hair day. It looked back in the picture so Keener put a cowboy hat on top. Not bad. A wee wierd but who cares.

  9. I’m willing to bet everything I have that Catherine Keener is going to start Directing! She’s so wonderful with people…and the love and positive energy that emanate from her is remarkable and contagious. What a truly beautiful soul!

  10. Hi Jane – I was very lucky to see Peace, Love & Misunderstanding at TIFF. Really missed seeing you at the Visa Screening Room, but did catch you a few weeks earlier when you spoke at Bell Light Box.

    The movie was great, in large part because of your superb performance (great voice, energy and charisma!) which has been noted in many of the reviews I’ve read. Really enjoyed it. And it was a reminder of how missed you are on the big screen. Hope there are several more movies in your future.

    The director Bruce Beresford was there (very personable!), Kyle MacLachlan, Nat Wolff and Marissa O’Donnell who particpated in an entertaining Q & A after the film.

  11. Both nature and the written Word speak of God’s love for us. The Father in heaven is the source of life, wisdom and joy. When I see the beautiful things in nature—the sunshine, the rain, the hills, seas and plains—and I think of their use supplying not only my needs but also the needs of all creatures, I see the love of my Creator. It is God who supplies the daily needs for all His creatures. David said: “The eyes of all look to You, and You give them their food at the proper time. You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” (Psalm 145:15, 16)

  12. Just came across your blog tonight for the first time. Don’t know how I’ve missed it up till now. Am reading the Bosworth bio, and am blown away by your consistent bravery. You’ve lived many lives and I’ve been a fan of all of them!

  13. Hi Jane,
    I don’t know if this will ever get too you but giving it another try.
    You have more family. Tina Fonda who went to Cazenovia college used to ride with my Mother, Patricia Fonda. Mother gave her a horse as a matter of fact. This was quite awhile ago. My grandfather George Fonda was in touch with your uncle doing the family history. We are 8th cousins. What is strange about it is that while I was a stewardess in the 60’s, many passengers said I look just like you. We are both 76 with a few months part. My brother George Fonda in Marco Island , Fl. is the same age as your brother Peter.
    I enjoy reading about you. I am also very active and the Gods have been good about my face.
    I was an avid horsewoman and now an avid gardener.
    Send me an e-mail if you get this. Patricia Fonda Sawyer

    • I got both your emails, Patricia. Thanks so much. Fascinating.

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