Flew to L.A. From D.C. Where I did The Diane Rehm Show and started the next day with a line up of phone interviews. Then Valerie Bertinelli came over and interviewed me for the AARP TV show called, My Generation, which airs on PBS. That was fun. We hadn’t seen each other in ages and it was like having a catch up conversation with an old friend. She filmed me making a smoothie for her…like what I often have for breakfast…apple juice, whole banana, blueberries, strawberries, soy protein power, Blue Agave sweetener and ice. Yum.

with Jay Leno

I did the final Jay Leno Show before their summer break.  Jay’s show is always fun. Before going on I surprised Jamie Foxx as he came off stage after singing. I am a total J Foxx fan!!!

with Jamie Foxx

Elizabeth Banks joined me for the second segment on Leno and I was happy to have had the chance to meet her. She is really nice, a talented actress and when I have some down time I look forward to seeing her new film.

with Elizabeth Banks

The next day I started a series of phone interviews from the UK at 6a.m. Calif time, then a few more interviews, then went to the big Barnes and Noble bookstore at the Grove where I gave a talk (about my book) and signed people’s copies. Then Richard took me to a wonderful dinner a deux at Cecconi’s.

Barnes & Noble

I can’t remember what I  did the next morning but by the afternoon I was in Pasadena doing a talk and book signing at Vroman’s. I remembered that last time I was there, 6 years ago when I did an event for my memoir, my friend, John Phillip Law who played Pygar, the blind angel in Barbarella, came to see me with his daughter. He’s gone now. Died of cancer two years or so ago. I sent up a prayer for him before I went in.

From Pasadena I flew to San Francisco where, the next day I began a really hectic 2-day schedule of radio and TV interviews, bookstore appearances and signings. One night we had 800 people in the First Congregational Church of Berkeley. The most wonderful crowd! The next day there were about 150 people at Book Passage for breakfast and  200 or more at lunch at the Left Bank and 400 that night at Kepler’s in Corte Madera. Ran into many old friends and was cheered by the sight of  my cousins, Alex and Cameron Fonda Dabney.

with Ronn Owens

A very blurry photo of First Congressional Church

Lunch at the Left Bank

Book Passage Breakfast

Keplers in Corte Madera

In Berkeley, Alice Waters treated us to a scrumptious dinner at Chez Panisse. (their 40th anniversary is coming very soon). Alice really pioneered the local, fresh food movement and her foundation supports the expansion of the Edible School yard movement– students growing, harvesting, eating, cooking, selling their produce.

The final night in San Francisco, I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner with dear friends Vivian Schneider and her partner Ruth. Did we laugh!!!!!!!! Viv is Lily Tomlin’s lawyer and every bit as funny as Lil. I still haven’t quite recovered, truth be known, but now I’m en route to Toronto, one of my favorite cities. I spent a lot of time there making movies and, back in the day, I was a major cyclist…when I wasn’t filming I’d go 50-100 miles at a time. Toronto and it’s environs has the best, most beautiful bike paths…through parks, past rivers and waterfalls. Broke my nose coming around a corner too fast  in the rain and collided with another cyclist but it was near the end of the filming and they made it work though I lost a few close ups as a result. (That was ” Stanley and Iris,” i am referring to).

Toronto is my last book tour stop for awhile. I will do more later in the fall. When I go home on Tuesday, I won’t have to leave again till Sept 13th when my last film, “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding” premieres at the Toronto Film Festival.

I am looking forward to resting, starting tap dancing lessons, continuing tennis lessons and working on my next book(s) about adolescence and sexuality.

Stay tuned

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  1. I have 2 questions to ask you.

    When will the show (with you and Valerie) be airing on TV? I’m sure that your fans would like to know.

    Do you have the receipe for the smoothie that you made for Valerie? It sounds yummy to me. 🙂


    • Patricia, not sure when the MY GEN with Valerie will air. Stay tuned. I thought I essentially gave the smoothie ingredients. Just throw them all in the blender. No special amounts. Alter to suit your tastes. Agave is good as a weetner

  2. Hi Jane,

    Great that it’s all going so well. I’m out of breath reading it all…!

    I had no idea that John Phillip Law had died. What an iconic couple you were! I was recently somewhere here in Germany and saw a poster of the two of you. My God that picture where you’re clinging to him must have a 100% popularity rating. Who doesn’t know that photo!

    Re Chez Panisse. I think the whole movement is great. The entire Edible Schoolyard thing is wonderful, however, although in Europe fast food is becoming a problem, real food is still cheap enough for everyone to eat. I find, unfortunately, that Alice Waters is somewhat snobby about this whole ‘real food’ thing. She was on Arte (a Franco/German TV channel) not too long ago and she was asked whether she would allow those schoolchildren to eat at her restaurant and she said something to the effect that no because their families wouldn’t be able to afford it. I almost gasped. I think it’s a shame that basic foods like tomatoes, olive oil, feta cheese, some fish and some rosemary can be made into an $80,00 menu.

    Real food i.e. fruit and vegetables should be cheaper than junk foods otherwise we’re all doomed. 😉 Sorry about this rant but we’re trying to make children eat REAL food and we’re getting so snobby about it.

    Didn’t want to burden you with this, but it’s important.
    Take care

  3. Hello Jane,
    Toronto major cyclist city, interesting. “Toronto and it’s environs has the best, most beautiful bike paths” Sounds wonderfull, That what I enjoy about Amsterdam where the cyclist has the right of way. Nice quaility of experience with common sense and insight in you story on the Book drive. I always wonder what type of dialogues you must have in you interactions with so many people in your day to day life, must be interesting to step-back and put a ear to what take place as pure audio input.
    good health to you Jane,
    and with love and care

  4. It looks like your book is an incredible success! Congratulations! Your book has certainly guided me on how to look at my life in a totally different way. I feel refreshed and energized. I can’t wait to read your next books when they come out!
    The Toronto Film Festival sounds fantastic. That is only a short 4 to 5 hour drive from me! I would have gone, but I will actually be heading to LA for the weekend of September 17th! And here we could have had lunch together in LA! 🙂 Okay, I guess that wouldn’t have happened anyway. 🙂
    Enjoy your few weeks to relax.

  5. Jane your are busier than a one legged woman at a butt kicking contest…read the article about insurance won’t cover it for the man in the boat..probably would save some marriages…my calculations show that that you keep at least five people employed..assistants, ranch hands contractors and such

  6. Beautiful Jane, Is Chicago a book tour destination?

    • Zorica, alas, no. I wont be going to Chicago this time.

  7. Jane are you coming to San Diego? I just bought your book for my mom as a Birthday present.

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