Book Tour is Getting Underway

First thing this morning I went to a sweet, one-story house in Los Angeles where I was interviewed by Mike Cuthbert who was in Washington, DC. It was for the AARP radio show. It will air next week and they tell me I should be able to post a link to the show here on my website. It was a fun conversation. Tulea slept at my feet and I had a nice view out a small window onto a garden.

Then I did 45 solid minutes of cardio. I started on the recumbent bike, then to the elliptical and finally to the treadmill. I wore a heart monitor so I could be sure I got my heart rate up into my ‘training zone,’ where I know I am burning fat. While I did that I watched a video that Richard’s been watching about the historical Jesus. It was shown on the History channel a long time ago. It was very interesting.

Then I decided what clothes to bring to New York for all the appearances. That took a few hours. Most of them are things I’ve had for ages and several are shiny, colorful fabrics that I tend to wear more and more as I get older. My up-coming events are posted on my website. Check me out on Regis and Kelly and The Joy Behar Show. I’ll be all shiny. Colorful but less shiny on Good Morning America on Monday the 8th.

Anyhow, comments and reviews are starting to come in from those who have read my new book which has its official release this Tuesday. The feedback makes me feel wonderful because what I hoped would happen seems to be happening. Here, for instance is what Susan Korzetz wrote me yesterday: “Thank you so much for the autographed book! I am enjoying every second of reading it, though I am taking it nice and slow so that I can truly reflect on my own self as I read it. I am already hooked. I think people of every age should read it. At 41 years of age, I am able to reflect on how I am living my life at this moment and how I wish to carry on in the future. I think this is just the book to help direct me to the right path of life!”

During the radio interview with Mike Cuthbert this morning, he asked a good question (I am paraphrasing here): “you are famous, priviledged, etc etc. Why do you think you have anything to say to people who are none of these things?” I told him that when I began writing my memoirs in 2000, I had a feeling that despite these differences, if I dug deep and told my truth, it would resonate with other women. There are so many things that are universal. Many of them things we’re not supposed to talk about. What I heard back most often from my readers (and what I continue to hear…and from people all over the world) is “I feel you are writing about me. So much of what you say is true of me too!” And what surprised me even more, is how many men have written me these same words.

I feel the same is true with my new book. And, for sure, this one is for men as well as women.

I have been blogging, tweeting, facebooking (is that a verb?) for almost 3 years now and I learn so much from my friends who write me via one or another of these social media forms. I would appreciate hearing from those of you who read my book about your thoughts: what it brings up for you; what you have found useful and what is less useful. What inspires you the most and what leaves you cold. BTW, there are several chapters about sex…quite detailed. I say at the beginning of that part of the book that many older people have closed the chapter on this part of their lives and that is just fine. One can live an exciting, thrilling even, third act with friends, grandchildren, hobbies, traveling, whatever. Sex doesn’t have to be part of it. For those of you in this category, just skip the sex chapters. I’ll tell you one thing though, you may be in your 40s like Susan Korzetz, but don’t think those chapters about sex aren’t for you cause you’re not old yet. I wish I had known at 40 what I’ve written about sex. Especially the parts about how knowing who you are, becoming a whole, authentic person, makes intimacy (of all kinds, including sexual) deeper and better.

Okay, time to wind down for the day and make something for Richard and me for dinner.

I’ll be sending updates throughout the week, and hope to see you if I’m in your neck of the woods.

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  1. I will just miss you in NYC. Will pick up the book while I’m there for my mother. Enjoy the trip!

  2. One doesn´t have to be“famous, priviledged, etc” to conect with you!I wrote you about the joy of grandchildren that I will never have,because my only son passed away in 1993,but I enjoy seen the picture of you and yours!Just because you shared it with us in the most simple way.That´s the diference between you and others “famous priviledged etc..” By being all that,and have had such a diferent life from the rest of us, you have a lot of interesting thing to say to us, and I apreciate that.Big hug from your Brazian “friend”, and fan.Keep going and telling.

  3. If you do a book signing in the deep south I will try my best to be there. New Orleans would be optimal. I live on the Mississippi coast. Have fun on the book tour…I’ll try to keep up with your TV appearances. Best wishes!

  4. Hello Jane,
    I wish you to have a successful, I should say amazingly successful book tour. I hope you do “The View” your always very good within a interaction with a number of people. I also think, it would make a interesting Documentary films. The back stage view of your book tour. Your Book covers that nonfictional aspect of reality. I am sure the book will be just a successful.

    with love and care,

  5. Love to read your book ,you must be excited touring for your book now.

  6. Huge Fan. I missed out winning the contest to win a copy of “Prime Time” and looking forward to another chance!

  7. First, what a delightful surprise to see that you used my comment in your blog entry! How fun to read! 🙂 As I am reading your book, I am curious about your other book, Women Coming of Age. Do you still find what you wrote in that book relevant? I think that may be the next book I read.
    By the way, every time I think that you started doing your aerobic videos at the age of 45 I have to smile! I don’t think my body could do half of the things yours did . . . . at least not yet! 🙂

  8. Jane, very interesting to read that the feedback suggested that people of every age should read the book. I’ve actually been wondering what age group it’s primarily focused on – I’m 21 yrs old – but now I think I’m gonna order it as it should be released on Aug 16 in my country.

    ps. Have to say you look fierce in the Stella McCartney dress in Harper’s Bazaar! xx

  9. Wow, interesting. Is there no chance that you come to Eastern Europe to promote your book once? This question is quite useless, I know the answer but I wish you well and send my love and support! 🙂

  10. Hello Jane, wishing you health and beautiful surprises on your book tour. You’ve really done a great work with your book, addressed some important topics. I’m excited to see all of the good things that are going to come from this book.

    A few posts ago you posted about the older generations passing the torch to the new generations (Way to Go Marlo) and the day before you posted that I was having a prayer/meditation time and I had a picture of older generations passing a baton to younger generations and it was a bit of a fumble and I came away from my prayer time with the desire to really be ready to grab that baton and run a good race, and I’m thinking that there are a lot of others that are ready to do that too.

    My husband and I have just returned to live in the USA after over 12 years living and working in Europe. We were there doing christian missionary/charity work and now are starting all over from scratch in the USA. It is fun reconnecting with my old culture and friends from the past, and family. I was wishing in the last few weeks that I would be able to reconnect and learn so much more from you and that wish has amazingly come true with the checking out of your previous books from the library, reading of your blog, and now the generous and beautiful gift of your new book. I feel like my wish of learning more from you has been given to me in an overabundant way! thank you! I would like to share a bit of me with you and so I include a link to some songs I have been writing and working on this last year. maybe you will get a chance while traveling or waiting to go on television to have a listen. hope you enjoy. much love, Heather

  11. Where is my comment? Do you censor comments? What was wrong with me expressing my opinion that you look too tbin in this picture ? Maybe it’s a positive comment, in that it would do you good to take heed

  12. Enjoy an exciting tour. I will look to see if you will be in Portland/Salem/Eugene… (I love this picture of you and Tulea; you both look beautiful.)

    My reason for stopping by today, Jane, was because in a past blog post you mentioned having visited Richard’s mother in Salem, Oregon. When all of our Oregon newspapers and TV broke the news today of the death of Mark Hatfield — and I read the article in the Statesman Journal — I thought you would appreciate the timeline of this wonderful man’s political career. Perhaps Richard’s mother has already shared it with you…but in case not, here is the link:
    a href=””>TIMELINE-Mark-O-Hatfield.

    I am a lifelong Democrat, but admired Senator Hatfield and heard him speak at Mount Angel Abbey in the 80s. His topic was PEACE. I have never forgotten it.

    Of special note in the career of this remarkable moderate Republican are his activities in 1944-46, 1964, 1965–“1965 (this specifically)
    Was lone governor at National Governors Association conference to oppose resolution backing Vietnam War policies of Johnson: “I knew Vietnam was no threat.”, 1966, and 1982 (specifically) “1982 Joined Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy to propose a freeze on nuclear testing.”

    I apologize for the length of this comment.

    Travel safely and happily!

  13. I am so excited for the publication of your new book, Jane.

    Joyful Aging is a subject I feel passionate about and I am glad to see you taking the lead in this important conversation.

    While reading and researching Mary Catherine Bateson’s book, Composing a Further Life, I came across the interview that you conducted with one another while at Upaya.

    That led me to buy your book,’My Life Until Now’ which I am enjoying so much.

    As an early feminist myself, I have been re-ignited to empower women with purpose and joy as they age.

    To that end, I’ve created a special program for women at mid-life and beyond known as ‘Wisdom of the 8 Bowls’.

    I’ll be watching you tonight on Nightline and hope to connect again after reading your book.

    In gratitude for your thoughts, Flo

  14. Thanks, Jane,
    I went to the PO today and your book “Prime Time” was there. Mrs. H. is looking forward to reading it. I ain’t got ’nuff brains tu reed anymo’…though
    Anycurly or Anylarry or Anyshemp I can read.

    If you’d like an autographed CD of me wee films, well…’d be in a wee, teeniest, tiny minority.

    Stay on groovin’ safari,
    Tor & Mrs. H.

  15. Ms. Fonda, PLEASE bring your book signing tour to St. Louis! You weren’t here for your other tour, so please include us in this one. I would love to meet you. I’ve been a fan since “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They”. PLEASE!

  16. Hello, Ms. Fonda. Would you please come visit Boston with your new book? You have so many
    devoted fans here. I have been an admirer of your work since “Julia” which I have seen — no word of a lie! — 27 times!!! Also, are you familiar with M.F.K. Fisher’s “Sister Age”, or Fisher herself?

    Best wishes to you,


  17. Hi Jane – I saw you last night at the 92nd St Y. I enjoyed your lecture immensely. You are so insightful and personable. I would have loved to buy the book to have signed and get to say hello to you, but I had a great seat all the way up front and by the time we got out of the auditorium the lines were tremendous and I’d probably still be waiting now! So I am going on my lunch hour right to buy it at B&N. Thanks and good luck – you’re amazing!

  18. Dear Jane,

    I do not know if you’ll actually be able to read this or not, but I wanted you to know that I was the owner of your horse, Call Of Autumn, for the last several years of her life. I also still own her second Barbary son, Beyfield. He is 23 this year and still looks like he is 7 or 8 years old. I also have Autumn’s last foal, a Half-Arabian, National Show Horse mare foaled on May 9,1997. Her sire is a Saddlebred stallion named Night Of Roses, a very beautiful boy!

    I rescued Autumn and Beyfield from an owner who abused both of them terribly. The good part is that I was able to give both of them a good, safe life. Autumn died at age 27 at my friend’s ranch in Colorado. She lived there because she always had a hard time with the heat in Texas. I guess she was always a California horse.

    I know that you had her first foal, Calla Lily, but do not know if she is still living.

    If you would like to know more about Autumn and Beyfield you can e-mail me at [email protected]. I loved Autumn very much and will always consider owning her one of the best things in my life. And Beyfield… he is such a great horse; very much my best little boy.I
    hope you get a kick out of knowing that someone owned and loved them.

  19. I totally enjoyed the interview with Joy Behar. In two weeks I begin the year long celebration of my 80th birthday. This year it will be a 6 hour line dance party, raising funds for breast cancer. I have finally come of age, to indulge in my passion, which is teaching line dancing. It has become very easy for me to choose what I want to do, because mostly “I would rather dance!” With over 56,000 different line dances, I do not lose interest.
    Thank you Jane! Only hope that you may be coming to St. Petersburg for a book signing.

  20. Hello Ms Fonda,

    I just have to say that I am inspired by you, particularly your concept of taking stock of each Act of one’s life. I have been similarly considering this since I turned fifty – two years ago. In the past year I lost both my parents and this set me on a course of beginning to life differently, perhaps a bit more freely, in middle age.

    So, I have been getting back into my own writing and putting into perspective aspects of the past which I no longer want to live with, I want to live beyond, with these issues in their proper place.

    I’m looking forward to reading PrimeTime. Will you be coming to Canada at all, Toronto specifically?

    All the best,

  21. Jane -I’ve enjoyed each book you’re written and am looking forward to reading this one. They are always full of great, useful information. I always hoped to “run into” you while you lived in Atlanta. Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us.

  22. Hi Jane! I happened to catch your interview on the Joy Behar Show last night, and was again inspired by your articulate, positive, and often amusing reflections on life and spirit. I hope to read your book even though I’m in my 40s; given my own inner struggles, particularly with keeping the faith, I was brightened and encouraged that the best could be yet ahead of me. I know you’ve just finished this book and are out on the tiring book-promotion circuit, but I was curious if you have an idea for your next book or lengthy writing project, and what that might be?

  23. Florence, how would one find out about your 8 bowls program? Sounds interesting.

  24. Jane, People seem to know where you will be going. Is there a schedule somewhere? Also, Commenters: What is a good method to find ou exactly when Jane will be (or was) on the TV shows/radio mentioned?

    • Cambrian, I think there is a list of events where I will be on the homepage

  25. Thanks Jane,
    I think im *supposed* to read this latest book of yours, as it keeps *coming up* for me.. alas, the Universe speaks, so i must heed the call.
    Looking forward to your thoughts on paper..Thank you for posting the three quick excercise moves for us super busy folks! xx Peace xx

  26. Hi Jane,
    I’m looking forward to reading Prime Time. You were great last night on Joy Behar’s program. I loved when you talked about the importance of attitude as we get older. (Oh and yes, you did look shiny! Loved your blouse.)
    Thanks for the update on Troy’s upcoming roles on the NBC show The Playboy Club and also The Boss, which from what I see will be on the Starz channel in October. Since you told us about his role on House a few years ago, I have tried to catch him whenever he is on.
    Good luck with the rest of the book tour.

  27. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and have been reading your blog almost since the beginning. Saw you last night on Joy’s show. You were wonderful and beautiful as always.

  28. Hi, I tried to make it to Barnes and Noble – Union Square only I found out to late and I missed the Staten Island train to the ferry – I never would have gotten their in time. I always wanted to bring to you the letter I recieved from
    your DAD! I met him at the stage door – I gave him
    a scrapbook – after the show – I was told he wanted to see me. He had looked at the book! I was
    taken to his dressing room there HE was, and Mrs.
    Fonda – he was so nice to me. It ended up that I was invited to his house, it was a rainy day – am
    I remembering right – I’m 55 so bear with me – 151 East 74th st.? I had brought with me a mini
    scrapbook for him to keep. I think he was pleased
    and I sent him many clippings to add to it. I got to see him one more time – The Showdown at the
    Adobe Motel in Connecticut. My boyfriend at the time, John drove me and we went backstage before the show. I gave your dad a red velvet heart –
    Bacci – it was right before Valentines day. He
    gave me a hug – I can still feel it – and he said
    “Thank you boyfriend for bringing her hear”. I remember it was bitter sweet cause I wondered
    would I ever see him again. I would love to send
    or scan for you the letter. It was a note – with
    the painting of the 3 hats he wore in On Golden
    Pond. I’m sorry I missed you at the book store –
    I have always wanted to meet you! Take care – stay
    well and happy!

  29. Saw your interview on the Joy Behar show on Wednesday. Really good! I watched the entire hour . . . .and it did not come on until midnight!

    Also watched another interview but I’m not sure which host it might have been.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to read your book. Looked last night but it was not there.

    Hugs to Richard for me!


  30. I have followed Ms. Fonda’s career/life over the years and have always thought she was such a strong and interesting woman…the kind you would love to sit down and chat w/for hours! I have enjoyed watching her appearances recently as she does her book tour and have once again been moved and inspired by this lovely lady…can’t wait to read “Primetime”! I am in need of some words of optimism and wisdom for what i hope will be a positive stage in my life, and from everything I’ve heard, I think it is the perfect book for me at this moment in time…thank you for giving us all this gift! 🙂

  31. Dear Jane:

    I just picked up the last copy of your book, Prime Time at Walmart on this rainy Sunday in Connecticut and can’t put it down!

    I am 54 years old and in the midst of reclaiming my health and physical fitness after battling breast cancer. Your words, “Letting Go of What’s No Longer Needed” resonates with me since that was the only way I could get through cancer treatment.

    You have inspired me since I was in my ’20s with your exercise movement. I would pop into one of your studios in Los Angeles on my layovers from NYC as a flight attendant. I bought all your workout videos, and had the pleasure of serving you on a flight with your son and second husband back in the ’80s.

    I must admit, there are days when I feel middle age stinks. Cancer has left me so out of shape. But the emotional, physical and spiritual tools you offer in your new book empowers me to jump over the hurdles and move forward. Thank you for inspiring by example.

    Marcy Bruch

  32. I heard your interview early this morning while I was driving. Wonderful and inspiring. I am buying the book asap. Am 56 yrs old and have been working on trying to honor the real me for several years. Definitely a work in progress. Saw the Velveteen Rabbit quote as well. One of my favorites. Have you read the Velveteen Principles? It is great. This is such an exciting time of life. A time to grow spiritually. Can’t wait to read the book!!!

  33. Well, fiddlesticks. I cannot find a schedule of book signings anywhere. I did sign up for the “latest new,” however, so hopefully I’ll hear something about the L.A. area. Best of luck – you’ve earned it!

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