QVC Cancelled My Appearance!!

I was to have been on QVC today to introduce my book, “Prime Time,” about aging and the life cycle. The network said they got a lot of calls yesterday criticizing me for my opposition to the Vietnam War and threatening to boycott the show if I was allowed to appear. I am, to say the least, deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure by some well funded and organized political extremist groups. And that they did it without talking to me first. I have never shied away from talking about this as I have nothing to hide. I could have pointed out that threats of boycotts are nothing new for me and have never prevented me from having best selling books and exercise DVDs, films, and a Broadway play. Most people don’t buy into the far right lies. Many people have reached out to express how excited they were about my going onto QVC and hearing about my book.

Bottom line, this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us. I do not understand what the far right stands to gain by continuing with these myths. In this case, they denied a lot of people the chance to hear about a book that can help make life better, easier and more fulfilling. I am deeply grateful for all of the support I have been getting since this happened, including from my Vietnam Veterans friends.

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  1. Dear Jane,

    As a veteran, I’ve come to understand some things about the Right. Most of those who are ultra-nationalist, have never served. They love to speak of American exceptionalism, to celebrate our military might, to wage war – so long as it is not they or their family who will wear that uniform and be at risk.

    These people don’t mind that there are civilian casualties in any war – it’s just part of the price we pay. The same people don’t really seem to mind that innocent people are put to death with capital punishment – it’s all the price of keeping us safe. Many of these are those who are pro-life – from conception to birth.

    I applaud your stance, and think it shameful that for political purposes, you are still being shunned for your legitimate stance on what is right and what is wrong. Here, where the struggle has been to build a country that was ruled – at least largely – by consensus, but which honored all opinions, to be muffled by an imposed orthodoxy is antithetical to the goals of our founding fathers. Sadly, that seems to be the goal of conservatism.

    What I’ve noticed though is this: The more the insane right pounds their fists and stomps their feet, the more ridiculous they appear. I think that the Right have done more to promote things like same-sex marriage and civil rights for the LGBT community, gays in the military and other liberal causes than any of us ever could. They open their mouths and speak, and their insanity is instantly heard. It still takes some time to turn that ship, but they are helping despite themselves.

    Keep standing for what is right – we know who is motivated by love and who isn’t.

  2. Jane –

    I am saddened to hear you were hurt by the QVC cancellation. It is too bad that they resorted to covering up their real reasons for cancelling your appearance when the truth is obvious and they are not fooling anyone. Having said this, I do believe you want to move on but the unfortunate thing is that what you did, whether on purpose or by accident, deeply offended and hurt many people. Many people in my age group remember the hurt. Although I do not support QVC’s cancellation, I also do understand why the outcry is present. It would be much better, I believe, if instead of constantly defending yourself when things like this happen, it would serve you better to always acknowledge you were wrong and apologize each and every time. I think that if you did that, rather than take the defensive attitude, this would possibly eventually go away. People, for the most part, are forgiving when a heartfelt regret is expressed. Perhaps you might want to look at a different way to react. I do not hold anything against you, btw. And I would probably be considered part of the right you refer to. Lumping all of us together is not advantageous either. Just trying to help here….thanks.

    • Pam, I did something that was a terrible lapse of judgement and I have been apologizing for it for the last 35-40 years…sitting on that gun site. I will go to my grave regretting that.

  3. I have been using QVC since its creation- but I will gladly BOYCOTT is.. as bad as things were in the 60’s at least we still had freedom of speech. Its gone now and our children are brainwashed at an early age to go along with the crowd.
    The justice system is corroded and people no longer think for themselves.
    I really think the country is going to implode-

    I didn’t agree with everything you did or do- but I certainly defend your right to do and say what you please.

    Read about the Kids for Cash scandal- and Sandy Fonza who’s son committed suicide because of it..I’m losing my home because of judicial corruption.

    We need to go back to the sixties where you had a right to freedom and justice!

  4. Jane,
    I e-mailed QVC and registered my outrage. Please know that you have supporters/admirers who applaud your strength, courage, talent, and intelligence. Unlike some people, you have truly walked the walk. I remember when you had a clothing line and used only unionized labor. How many others can make the same claim? Would they give up a higher profit margin to do the right thing? You have heart and moxie – love that combination. Always been a huge fan, and when the opportunity arose, I took a 6:00 am bus from DC to NYC just to see you on B’way. I also loved your book and have recommended it to many people. Can’t wait to read your latest efforts. Don’t ever stop being the incredible force of good that you always have been. We need you more than ever.

  5. I am very disaponted with the attitude of QVC! As a Brazilian who left my Coutry in the the “dictatorship” era, I found myself happy to go live in a Country that “freedom”, especially of thinking,speaking or acting was the n.1 item, even in the begining of my days in New York, when I was an “ilegal alien”!I am an American Citizien now too,and cannot understand such act from a big enterprise like QVC! If there is a lot of Americans that do not agree with you, there is millions of others that do, and those deserved some respect! I will buy your book with Amazon anyway, cause it is the only way for me away in Brazil! Congratulations with the Website.We, yours trylly fans, will follow you anywhere!And I myself, already started to find the best way to bring you to visit Bahia! Lots of love and best regards from Brazil.

  6. I am saddened and angered by this ridiculous cancelation of your appearance on QVC.

    For 2 days this past week, thousands of people – mainly women – sat and stood on NYC streets and sidewalks in 90-degree heat to catch a glimpse of a performance by a “musical artist” (I use both words very loosely here) who severely beat his talented girlfriend. Just about everybody on that line had seen the photos that demonstrated his pugilistic talent. (Certainly, 1 television studio that he recently had trashed in anger, realized that his temper still could get the best of him.) A major network on a major morning program aired his live performance. The show boasted, via its Twitter account, that this appearance generated its biggest crowd ever. The “artist,” undoubtedly helped by this appearance, will sell millions of dollars worth of CDs and music downloads. Good for him. This is America, isn’t it? America, where even abusers of dogs and beaters of women get another chance.

    This morning QVC, a network whose audience comprises mainly women, cancelled an appearance by Jane Fonda. Why? As far as I know, she never beat anyone, she never abused her cute dog or cat, she didn’t trash a TV or movie set or utter sexist or racist remarks or speak unkindly about anyone or try to harm anybody in anyway. What was she guilty of? SPEAKING! She acted like an American — she spoke. Some 40 or so years ago, she voiced an opinion against a war that many believed back then, and even more so today, was unnecessary. History, with its hindsight, is on the side of her opinion. So, Jane Fonda said something 40 years ago and a few unenlightened malcontents called QVC to complain. Or, perhaps as Jane surmises, it was a right-wing organization that complained. No matter the culprits, did they call NBC or ABC? Perhaps a male celebrity who beat a woman is not as threatening as a woman who expressed an opinion – even when such opinion was expressed decades ago.

    What exactly has Jane Fonda done? Although I don’t know her personally, by all accounts, she has been a caring mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. She has devoted her life to charitable causes. She pours honesty and excellence and passion into everything she does – her books, her physical fitness DVDs, and her films. Her work has informed, entertained and inspired generations. It still does. Ask anyone who saw her in “33 Variations.” She works hard. She doesn’t give up. She is feisty. She has guts. She is elegant. She is smart. She speaks.

    In April, I attended a Jane Fonda fundraiser for the Women’s Media Center in New York City. This organization’s mission is to give women visibility and to expose sexism in the media. How ironic that QVC, a network that caters to women, chose to silence Jane Fonda. This decision does not bode well for QVC.

    Jane, your fans – and they are many – will boycott QVC. Posts on message boards already attest to this. Your new book will be a bestseller for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I will not buy your book from QVC. I look forward to hearing you speak at the 92Y in August and buying your book when you appear at Barnes and Noble.

  7. Ms. Fonda..I am so sorry about the horrendous actions of QVC and have repeatedly voiced my anger and disgust on their facebook page. It greatly concerns me that QVC would crumble to the threats of these right wing tea party type groups. You are a wonderful person who has done so much for women, the arts and many other causes..How QVC could do this to you is just terrible! I am sure that you arranged a contract to appear..Isn’t this breach of contract? I’m just so outraged..Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am behind you 110% and will look to get your book elsewhere. I hate injustice and this is a prime example driven by fear from uninformed radical and intolerant groups, the same groups that are destroying our country. Keep the are an inspiration to me and I want to thank you for all you have done for so many..Hang in there There are many behind you! Amy Leddy

  8. Jane, I read your post and the “official” response from QVC aloud to my spouse and grew angrier as I digested the full implication of how the far-right continues to fuel their agenda on lies and vitriol. What an utter waste of time and energy.

    Though I’m sure you needn’t hear this from a digital stranger . . . your activism and contributions to the arts are immeasurable. You’re a role model to women and all citizens of this country indeed.

    Oh, and a positive outcome from all of this headline grabbing fodder: I now plan to buy your book (from my local bookstore) and mug-shot tshirts for all of my closest friends and family–QVC be damned!

  9. The execs at QVC should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling your appearance, Jane. I will not be watching that channel anymore.

  10. I bought your book ‘My Life So Far’ and enjoyed reading it. I will buy your new book ‘Prime Time’ regardless of QVC.

    You have inspired, and encouraged, countless people. I am positive your new book will affect many more people.

  11. But Jane you did oppose the war,(I remember you standing next to the “war hero” John Kerry). We all make choices in life and live with the consequences. So why all the fuss? They made a business decission just like you and I have done many times in the past. We both know that your position at the time was unpopular and the backlash to the current “progressive” movement has made it unpopular again. I opposed the way the war was run too, but I was for a more agressive approach. Following the Gen. Patton philosphy, either fight a full scale war or get out. So we were at odds then and I´m sure we would disagee on many issues today, but I do believe that this sort of action on the part of QVC is nothing short of ” the white stuff”. When we as business people have to sucumb to the presures of any political group to do business, when Americans cannot accept the fact that we will all disagree on many things and let our votes decide the direction we as a nation go and live with each other as citizens knowing we all share a common goal, seeking what´s best for the country, then we have lost one of the most important aspects of our culture. Without this we are no better than the 3rd World nations that show no tolerance for the opposition. I disagree with you on probably just about every issue, but I will fight with you against those who say you should be punished for those beliefs.
    Signed, A Right-wing, Bible carrying, gun toating fanantic that knows right from wrong.
    PS Good Luck I know you are a tough person and this won´t set you back and will only make you angry for about as long as it takes you to realize that it was probably for the best not to work with folks that have no more backbone than that to begin with. giveém hell!

  12. Dear Jane,

    I got up this morning to check my e-mail only to find this horrible story about you and the QVC. I am so sorry that our country has been so mislead by the men in power who have literally brainwashed these poor souls.

    I admired your courage in the 60’s and 70’s and I continue to admire your courage when facing these scared,psedo-Christians.

    As a 4th grade teacher, I want you to know that I teach free thinking along with ethics in my classroom on a weekly basis. When teaching ethics and core virtues,students in my classroom learn about Mahatma Gandhi, Maya Angelou, Jerry Brown, John Lennon,Cesar Chavez,Eleanor Roosevelt and of course, Jane Fonda!

    Please come back to California and sit as a panalist on Realtime with Bill Maher.

    You are an inspiration!
    Que dios te bendiga!

    Con carino,

  13. And yet the wars rage. QVC has no spine. I don’t think you need them to sell anything.

  14. I certainly know how unpleasant it feels to be shut out, rejected, censored as my heartfelt post from last night clearly disappeared. Perhaps it was a bit wordy and brought up too much of the past, but I have always felt that you have been judged far too severely and have been made a political lightning rod for far too long. Thanks for the amazing charity work you have done through the years and for having the courage of your convictions to speak your heart. As humans we often go about things in ways that may not be best, but we live and learn. We DO better when we KNOW better. It is my greatest hope people with true Christian values will finally put down the stones, forgive, and move on. All the very best to you.

  15. What a shame that ignorant, bigoted and unhappy people, who are a small majority of Americans can create change such as this. You are definetly too damned classy to be featured on QVC, since these folks obviously make up a majority of their viewers. Keep up the good work!

  16. Yes, I must agree with all the supportive comments. It’s time people stopped this nonsense. Seriously.

    You have my admiration for all you do!


  17. Hello Jane,

    I am almost 60 and have always been a fan of yours. I also have had an account with QVC for many years. Well, no longer. I sent them an email today informing them that I support you and will no longer buy from them. Who knows if they actually get the emails from customer service.

    I have your first book and will definitely purchase your new one.

    Thank you for all that you do and who you are.

    Deborah Miles

    • Thanks, Deborah. You will enjoy it I am sure. Let me know. xx

    • Thank you Deborah, for expressing my sentiments.
      I too, have contacted QVC with a similar message…by e-mail as well as telephone, with a follow up that I planned to buy ‘Prime Time’ after the Saturday interview, which I shall now purchase from!

  18. Jane, I have been an admirer of yours for years. I worked out with your videos way back in the 80s and as a result I still work out everyday. You are my workout guru and I am 71 years old. For QVC to decide not to market your new work and deprive others of your knowledge and inspriation is totally nuts. People need to stop churning about the past and past lies and try to start making our now a better place to live. As long as you are in this world I know you will do that.
    Besides I think you love Big Sur as much as I do. You are the best.
    With admiration and thanks.

  19. A fine star you are, Jane; a fine actor and I would venture to guess, without having read any of your works, a fine author. I believe anyone of your “stature”, being, Jane Fonda and anyone of very lowly stature, perhaps being, Jane Doe, has a right to express her/his opinion as long as they realize it may be their opinion only, not everyone’s and that everyone is wrong in his opinion some place along the line. You have a right to do a wrong thing, just as I do. If you see the wrong in it and apologize, and avoid doing similar things over and over, you have the right of forgiveness and having no one bring up that one mistake again. I am happy that you are big enough, intelligent enough and tough enough to take it, just as you can dish it out without calling those who dis you any of the names that your comforters use in speaking of those who can’t forgive and can’t forget. I know that many on the left labor under the same malady. They have not forgotten Hoover because, “He caused the Great depression “ and they believe that FDR brought us out of it single handedly with no one the worse off for it.

    I am a very right wing, Limbaugh-ish person. I am not ignorant, small minded nor jealous of you or anyone else, even Alan Colmes. I also have no fear of either the republican’s or democrat’s fear mongering, such as the President’s suggesting that Medicare and Social Security checks won’t be mailed out or will be diminished if the debt limit is not raised. I simply don’t believe everything I hear or read a politician says and go my merry way. I hear and read other people who give me good, logical reasons to believe otherwise. I think Obama is a very smart man with the strange idea that if we all work for each other, ie. The Government, we will all pay each other and everybody will wind up either rich or broke, let’s find out which with a little experiment called “socialism”, American style.

    I have never heard of QVC. It must be a small channel that doesn’t dare offend anyone. But, it must be important to its listeners or you would not have bothered with it. So, talk to them nicely. Explain that you were not intending to be offensive either; that you had been of a mind to talk about a book that some have declared helpful in their lives. That you had not intended to discuss the evil that you personally perceive in war. Let them know that you would do nothing to threaten their commercial interests and that, in fact, you know your interests, like theirs, is both commercial and beneficial to their public. But, no one can please every one all the time, not you and not QVC.

  20. Cee Lo has a good song for QVC!
    I have always been inspired by your courage, honesty, and compassion. You have many more fans and have helped many more people than QVC ever has.

  21. Just called QVC and emailed them that I will order the book from Amazon and they were wrong to cancel your appearance. Last time I looked it was still a free country with freedom of speech. We all have done things in the past that we wished we would have done differently, however, it is the totality of how you live your life that counts.

    • Shirley,
      This is, I think, still a free country and, just as importantly, a “free market” nation as well. QVC is not an individual nor is it part of a representative government. It is a business that must make decisions that are in the best interest of its shareholders and are not idealogical.

      As an individual, you have every right to base your purchasing decisions on whatever criteria you wish – product value or a company’s business motives. I don’t commend or condem QVC’s decision to cancel Ms. Fonda’s appearance. They may benefit or they may suffer economically from their choice but either way it will be the consumer who has the final say.

  22. Jane, try not to let it upset you. You’re an intelligent, deep, and talented woman who has led a very accomplished life. I’ve always liked you, and I’m going to look forward to whatever you do next. Lots and lots of people feel the same way. Forget about the ones who don’t understand and appreciate you, and just move on. Some people are fearful and live their lives out of fear, and it sounds like that’s where QVC was coming from, but you know better. QVC already has their own reward. Better things are ahead for you than a QCV appearance, I’m sure.

  23. Don’t be bothered by these right-wingers. You’ll always have the support of the people. And they know what kind of awesome person you are.

  24. LOVE you Jane! you inspired me and my two adult daughters to workout and regularly! I cannot believe these so-called people “calling” QVC to complain. Why did they gripe> Because you had/have free speech? Well, I am so glad to hear that you (as well as I)are against these current wars (invasions)…I support you Jane, 100% !! You are a very special woman! I emailed QVC and told them how I feel about what they did. Love you Jane!

    • Thank you, Jackie. I appreciate your support. xx

      • ****UPDATE***HI AGAIN JANE! It is now September 28, 2011 and I have not purchased one thing from QVC since my last post~ I do not watch them on TV. My life is just fine-fabulous without QVC! to others: try it, you’ll like it! 😀
        always my best to you Jane!~~jackie

  25. Well, I have taken the time this weekend to seek out every possible piece of real information that I can verify and I even more dismayed than ever before.

    The one piece of your passion that I am grateful for is your constant attempts to stop war, even though I do not like the levels you chose to go to make that consistent statement. I am a veteran, my sons are military intelligence, and I fervently believe that in spite of all of this we will one day not need a war machine to protect the oppressed, (no sides taken on this statement here as oppressed is oppressed no matter where)but that day is a very long way down the road.

    Why can you not use your incredible power that the rest of us do not have at our fingertips to further a good anti-ware agenda in ways that the rootstock people of this world can rally with you on?

    Who in the hell is your mentor that has led you down this particular path?

    Michial Trayler

  26. You are a national treasure! Thank you for sharing yourself and your journey with us!


    My comments on to Melissa Silverstein:

    It is QVC’s stupidity and loss and a loss for everyone who would only have gotten exposure to this book via QVC.

    Jane Fonda is one of the most highly evolved humans and specifically women in our still male-centric society. Her introspection and personal growth are important and inspiring.

    She has gone from sex symbol to sex symbol AND role model. Long live Jane Fonda and long may she be helpful to women (and men) everywhere!

    Shame on QVC. I am going to give them feedback on that right now and I suggest you do, too.

    By Alison M. Swann on July 18, 2011

  27. OH!JANE!!!
    You’ve done it again!!
    Good for you!You’ve got everyone’s attention.
    I have ALWAYS admired you and your compassion for others.I do believe that the QVC people have made a grave mistake.Should you ever be in middle Tennessee you have a standing invitation to my home.All the best to you.Your a beautiful human being!

  28. In my opinion you will get more press from QVC cancelling your appearance than you ever would have from being on their program.
    They have, as a company, made their decision. They will have to deal with the media repercussions of that proverbial bed.
    You may simply go on being you.

  29. Jane, if you’re so innocent, why don’t you invite your accusers to a televised sit down, face to face question and answer session. Whether these accusations are true or not it will either prove you are guilty as charged or innocent as you claim.

    • Dear Sir, do you really think that if I was “guilty as charged” the Nixon Administration would not have tried me? I have gone into the archives, I have read how hard that administration tried, how they pressured the Justice Department, to find something to try me for and they couldn’t. You may not agree with me but I never broke the law or did anything treasonous. I will soon post a detailed blog about exactly what went on during my trip. I would like to believe you are a man who can hear the truth and realize that your assumptions have been misplaced. It seems there are a few vocal extremists who, for whatever reason, cannot move from their place of hate. I feel badly for them because it is they, not I, who suffer as a result. Perhaps they need a focus for their hate because they are unable to accept the facts about who was really responsible for the war, the killings, the lies. At least Robert McNamara had the guts to admit “they” were wrong about the war. I thanked him personally for his courage. Few of the others who were architects of that war have had the guts to admit their mistakes. I have admitted mine: I was photographed in a North Vietnamese gun site. It was not active, there were no planes overhead, no American soldiers were harmed because of this, but it represented a total lack of judgement and it is something I will die regretting. I have apologized repeatedly for almost 40 years for this act on my part. I will be writing more about this soon.

  30. What is wrong with your “appearance”, your appearance is obviously fine.

    They’re not afraid of that, they’re afraid of what’s in your head.

    Don’t ever change.

    Lotsa love from France

  31. Screw QVC. You are (and were) always DECADES before your time. It’s rough to be a trail blazer but for some it is their calling. Please know we send you are love and support for all you have endured and overcome.

    The Goddess In Me Honors The Goddess In You!

  32. I feel sad for my country. After all these years, so many still believe the far right lies about what happened in Vietnam. What is wrong with people?!

  33. Jane to me and more than half of the country and Vietnam Vets you are and always will be Hanoi Jane.

    • Dixie, not half the country, no, afraid you are wrong there. and, by the way, I have a lot of Vietnam Veterans who are my friends.

  34. Jane: I was a baby when my future husband entered the service. I was not directly affected by the events of the Vietnam War or what you did those many years ago. I have been educated by many veterans (my husband included) as to how painful the experience was. However I will never fully understand what it was like to live through a war. I will never know what it feels like to have my country hate me for doing my job. I find it ironic however that your actions have resulted in your understanding of that same hatred. You made the choice to follow your convictions and I am certain you have paid a high price for doing so. You have accomplished so much in your life (far more than most) and that will be your legacy. However, you must face the fact that your actions “then” are also a part of your legacy and complaining that a Cable Home Shopping Channel cancelled your spotlight seems petty and only reinforces the belief that you “just don’t get it.” Your book will be a success; as is everything you do. Perhaps, quietly, and anonymously you could donate all proceeds from your book to veteran organizations. It won’t change them much, but it just might change you.

  35. Hello, QVC had every right to cancel your appearance on their show. If you are as popular as you think your book will sell. Whether you thought you were right or wrong, it is only my opinion but I think you were wrong. We were fighting and dieing while you were posing for pictures and publicity. Excuse me if there is miss spelling on this, I have PTSD and that is what I got out of the war, no welcome home, no nothing. You say you don’t know why people don’t believe you or forgive your mistakes, then why does the American people treat us like baby killers, a bomb ticking and ready to go off. You have lived with your regrets for 40 years, try walking in our shoes for a change.

    P.S. I did enjoy your movie On Golden Pond. The scenery was beautiful and you got that back flip.
    Thank you for reading this.

    • Carlos, actually, I have tried “walking in your shoes.” That is why I made “Coming Home.” That film was my idea, motivated by the stories I heard from vets in the VA hospital and from what I heard Ron Kovak say at a rally where we spoke together. He re-upped 3 times for Vietnam and came back from the 3rd tour paralyzed from the waist down. I am sorry there was no welcome home for you who fought in combat. I am sorry that you are suffering.

  36. “While American Soldiers were fighting and dying in the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda, the daughter of Henry Fonda, was using her money and influence at colleges and universities to gather support to advocate communism and encourage rebellion and anarchy against the United States Government.”

    “On November 21, 1970 she told a University of Michigan audience of some two thousand students, “If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist.” At Duke University in North Carolina she repeated what she had said in Michigan, adding “I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism. ” Washington Times July 7, 2000.”

    • Just for the record, Kay, that never happened. I never said that. More lies being spread, This one for decades

  37. Just in case: Communism

    2 capitalized : a system of government in which a single party controls state-owned means of production with the aim of establishing a stateless society.

  38. dear jane…there are many horses at the human society that came from desperate situations.I see you care for animals, so do I..all of them…but did I read you branded a cow????ouch!why?I can’t seem to get that vision out of my head..ouch!

    • Vicki, I was portraying a woman who ran her own cattle ranch, alone. I had to do all those things and more

    • Vickie, I portrayed a woman who ran her own cAttle ranch and had to do all those things herself. That was “Comes a Horeman” with James Caan.

  39. Rose and Carlos…i went through vietnam,too.we all did growing up in the 60’s…your government owes you, not me..I watched the last plane come in with vietnam vets and I cried…i can’t seem to get you people to understand this.Just because i am against the war doesn’t mean I am against the soldiers..same with Iraq and afghanistan…I am against the war but I want the soldiers safe..GET IT??The reason some of you were spit on is because what was said on the news(and lets face it babies and children were killed)that’s a fact..accident?maybe…I will give you the benefit of doubt.The whole world war one and two only lasted 3 years..when a war starts to enter its 10th year…its not worth it..and vietnam was not!!!

  40. I just watched your intervbiew on Public TV, and rethought the situation involving your actione in Viet Nam. I’m a Viet Nam era veteran, but my enlistment was up in 1962 before things got realy hot. I never supported the war, but your actions turned me off completely at the time. Anyway, back to my thoughts. I have watched you over the years, but still have the unease regarding your deplorable actions in North Vieet Nam many years ago. At age 74, I guess I can see some benefit in your new book, but I just can not buy something that has your name on it, nor can my wife even though she has never voiced that opinion. Your products have never been in our home and will never be I guess. Your interview was interesting, but I still, unfortunately, feel a repugnance when it comes to the bottom line. I’m not comfortable with that, but that’s the way it goes like it or not. You have had a great career, but as I think you admit, your personal life is definitely lacking in long term quality. I honestly hope it is good now, and you have matured enough in your 70 plus years to have a fantastic, happy, remaining life.

  41. I just watched your intervbiew on Public TV, and rethought the situation involving your actione in Viet Nam. I’m a Viet Nam era veteran, but my enlistment was up in 1962 before things got realy hot. I never supported the war, but your actions turned me off completely at the time. Anyway, back to my thoughts. I have watched you over the years, but still have the unease regarding your deplorable actions in North Vieet Nam many years ago. At age 74, I guess I can see some benefit in your new book, but I just can not buy something that has your name on it, nor can my wife even though she has never voiced that opinion. Your products have never been in our home and will never be I guess. Your interview was interesting, but I still, unfortunately, feel a repugnance when it comes to the bottom line. I’m not comfortable with that, but that’s the way it goes like it or not. You have had a great career, but as I think you admit, your personal life is definitely lacking in long term quality. I honestly hope it is good now, and you have matured enough in your 70 plus years to have a fantastic, happy, remaining life.

    • Edward, if you haven’t already, please read my blog called, “The Truth About My Trip to HIanoi.” it may not change the way you feel, but at least you would see what really happened there and what is myth. Thank you.

  42. Jane:

    I was a teen when you went to Hanoi and I remember thinking what an incredible person you were. That war and, of course, the killings of Jack, Bobby and Martin, were the beginnings of all the insanity we deal with today. Politics is the sick sick shame of America. You bravely tried to reason with it all and for that you have unjustly suffered. QVC is the proverbial last straw, I’m sure, for you. But, the truth is it is their loss…and obviously all the millions you would have reached.

    I KNOW you are, and always have been, an amazing inspiration to anyone with a brain. You are beautiful, intelligent, honest and courageous. We out here NEED you to keep thinking and letting us in on your life and discoveries.

    I’m DONE with QVC after now reading this and will be RUNNING out to get your book. Saw you on Piers Morgan a few months ago and was sooo impressed with EVERYTHING JANE!!

    Thank you.

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