Today I stopped by the 91st birthday party for Stanley Sheinbaum, a man beloved by all straight-thinking people who know him.

Stanley coming out the front door to greet the gathered throng of well wishers, past the cut out of him as King and one of his glam admirers. Age hasn’t dimmed his humor.

When I first became an activist against the Vietnam War, Stanley was the 2nd person to give me money to start the GI Office in DC which helped GIs with problems they faced, helped get them attention in Congress. (By the way, the 1st person to give me money for this was Hannah Weinstein, the mother of my BFF, Paula.)

Now I am home studying a script I hope to do soon. Then I will do some research on my news book(s)–a “basket” of 3 short books about adolescent sexuality and gender: One for young teens, one for older teens and one for the parents (and grandparents) of teens.

Then Richard and I will watch the NBA playoffs (it may be the last) and then the Tony Awards. My friend, the amazing Eve Ensler, is receiving a Tony Award for the work she is doing globally to stop violence against women—all of which started with her play, “The Vagina Monologues.” I missed her birthday bash and board meeting last week because I was sick. Then I’ll check out the new Lifetime series, “The Protector.” Gotta keep on top of these things now!

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  1. hello once again Jane,
    Your blog has some life within it, can’t help adding my self to it . Stanley Sheinbaum, is some person, has interest or elements of human care and the right of people, when people talked he was doing. Like I said you have interesting friends, maybe in the end that can be the best part of who we are, our friends. Sounds like some long time interest in the adolescent sexuality and gender, is up and showing now in the form of a books. As a Child Development specialist I find the subject adolescent sexuality and gender a very timely subject area.

    my love and care,

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