Graduates lined up for the processional at Harvard-Westlake's graduation. My goddaughter, Hannah Rosenberg, graduated. And there was a big cheering crowd of friends and family to congratulate her...and her mom, Paula Weinstein, for making it through as a single, working mother. Her husband, film producer Mark Rosenberg, died just as Hannah came into the world.

Here the grads come, as the traditional processional played and we all cried!!

A huge turnout for the grads

...So big we had to watch it on the big screen

With her mom, showing off the diploma.

Paula hugging her happy daughter as my son, Troy, watches on. He flew in from Chicago for the ceremony.

Delmi, next to Hannah, who is almost as proud as Hannah's mom. Delmi helped look after Hannah when Paula was working, making her wonderful films and TV shows. (Her latest is HBO's 'Too Big To Fail.'!!! Don’t miss it)

Troy and Simone flanking Hannah

Yours truly hugging the beauty!

left to right is Doug Wick, cousin Jenny, Aunt Lisa.

Doug Wick, Hannah, Pat Newcombe, me

I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures of the post graduation party because it was really fun and great food…Hannah’s favorite: meat loaf, spare ribs and fried chicken. I had the best time catching up with old friends and watching Hannah and Paula basking in the great joy, wonder and relief that she is all grown up (well…almost) and still in one piece, It is so hard being an adolescent these days and even harder being a parent, knowing when to step in and when to keep your mouth shut. (The topic of one of my next books. I didn’t do a great job of it so I am studying this parenting issue. Teach what you need to learn, right?).

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  1. Love the hat! SP40 or more. A good idea for us mature women, or women — or people — of any age. But try to tell the kids that. My childhood pals and I spent our lazy summers broiling ourselves in baby oil.

  2. Hello Jane,
    I love to comment on your friends and family events, like I said before you do have interesting friends. Paula Weinstein is one interesting person, and you are lucky to have a close friend like Paula, and your goddaughter your, Hannah Rosenberg. Nice looking young lady, and Tory is looking well, good you were feeling up to the event.
    Anyway, what id bring my eye was your last comment “Teach what you need to learn” and your interest in parenting issue. Having taugh graduate courses on teaching and beside my educational media degree, I have a child development degree and lifetime teaching credential in Communication, the Subject area is a interesting one, not just for woman. This weekend been going over my Twitter talk on Educational Design and twitt on that subject. It a great area for study and research, if you look at the media side of suject or in that view. Also concerning CAA and script, I wrote with you in mind and Marlee Matlin, who could use a film about now, in mind. I feel CAA may have a conflict of interest in the script because of the subject of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who CAA also REPs, in that light. I looking at your Brother Peter’s Agent’s co. and Marlee’s and of couse it your prerogative as on individual to do as you wish on this subject. I only wanted to showcase the older man and worman and someone with a preconceived notion of disability. As a outsider, I have done what I have done just to promote the project,with with fortitude and calm and with respect.

    with love and care,

  3. Congratulations Hannah! Enjoy the new adventures in your life!
    Jane, I think it would be wonderful for you to write a book on adolescents. I’m guessing parents have a tendency to continue the cycle of parenting, raising their children like their parents raised them, even if they didn’t feel that was the best way. Or I suppose they may have a tendency to do the extreme opposite of how their parents raised them. Finding that happy medium is very challenging. That’s why I choose to teach children at school, then go home to just my dog! 🙂

  4. Ah, graduations are such joyous occasions and the photos from Hannah’s made me smile. The shot of you two together is marvelous…you are *both* beauties!

  5. Jane
    I just read your biography and I must tell you, I loved it so much! My Mother and I have always had a emotionally charged relationship. She had a very hard upbringing with abandonment and sexual abuse in her early years. She loved me dearly, but as you talk about in the book, she had a hard time understanding the type of intimate love a child needs from its Mother as she had never experienced it herself. I am now a mother of two children and I will say, in my early years of raising my children, I fought the same issues. With the help of therapy (both my Mother and I) and now your book- I have come to understand why my Mom had such a hard time with the day to day emotional strength it takes to raise kids. I am constantly working on myself and my relationship with my son and daughter, I don’t want to pass along the patterns that affected our family for generations. Your book, along with therapy has helped me understand how having a loved one who has suffered past trama can affect how they love others, and how those patterns if not broken can hurt many more generations. I am now officially breaking that destructive pattern!
    Cheers to you.
    PS I live in LA- please find me on twitter -myshutterrocks or contact me via email and let me know when you have a speaking engagement near, as I would love to attend!

    • Elaina, thanks for sharing your story. It means a lot to me when I learn that my memoir has helped others. I will try to remember to let you know when and if I speak in these environs. Usually my speaking engagements are away.

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