Amanda de Cadenet, Demi Moore and me

Yesterday I was interviewed by Amanda de Cadenet for a new show called ‘Conversations” that Demi is producing. It was great to see Demi, A long time ago, pre-Bruce, we spent time together. I was married to Tom Hayden and she was among the other young rising stars who were interested in getting involved in environmental activism. She is so nice We promised to try and get together some time soon for lunch and a real talk. Not that the interview wasn’t real talk but…you know what I mean.

Today…right now…Ted Turner is pacing around behind me, wanting me to stop writing this so he and I can talk. He’s here with girlfriend Sally Ranney. We all get along great. It is always fun to see him and spend time with him.

I better get going. We’re off to lunch and some good times. More tomorrow. We’ll maybe not. I spend most of tomorrow doing an interview with Nightline. They will shoot me taking a tennis lesson (yes, I’m taking up tennis. Never too late to try), walking, cooking, dancing, working out.

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  1. That is so cool

  2. hello Jane,
    Must be a interesting thing to have a Ted Turner behind you. If one looks at the educational problems in child development one can find a likness in aging. The effect of aging and tennis playing on coincidence-timing accuracy, is one. The eye hand moter skills. The Visual Motor Skills, in Tennis would be for maintaining basic perceptuomotor and perceptual processes or of some possible compensation strategy. You right, if you think tennis is beneficial to older adults, your accurate, despite less efficient perceptuomotor processes in older people. Leaning someone new or something new could be important factors as well.

    with love and care,

  3. How exciting!! You will be GREAT! Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. When do we get to watch these interviews?

  5. I love Demi, I follow her and Ashton on Twitter. I think it’s great that they are involved in helping young girls and trying to end sex slavery.

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