We stayed in the fabulous Hotel du Cap. I hadn't stayed there in 30 years! I could see the snow still on the distance southern alps.

The view from our window looking toward the Mediterranean

Rosario Dawson was having lunch on the terrace. We're on the board of Eve Ensler's V-Day, a global effort to stop violence against women and girls. Rosario is one swell, fierce lady!!

Looking down on the Hotel du Cap pool

The place where we had lunch most days.

Looking toward the Hotel from the restaurant

The first morning in Cannes I hit the ground running with back-to-back interviews, mostly in French. I was there as a brand ambassador (that's what they call us) for L'Oreal. Here I am on L'Oreal's roof terrace with my manager, Jason Weinberg, trying to ignor my jet lag.

Views from the L'Oreal terrace over the beach and harbor of Cannes.

Views from the L'Oreal terrace over the beach and harbor of Cannes.

The man in the center, wearing a camouflaged moo moo, is Jean Pigozzi who was the host of a party we went to one afternoon.

A view of the ocean from Jean's pool area

The pool (while you could still see it. Soon there would be so many people i couldn't have gotten this picture.)

I couldn't resist snapping these beautiful succulents which lined the path to Jean's pool

Peter is Pucci designer. I wore a stunning , pink Pucci dress the first evening on the red carpet. and another gold one when I presented the Palme D'Or to Terry Mallick's film, 'Tree of Life' at the closing ceremony.

A lot of shoes looked like torture chambers...or maybe it's just that, as an older woman, I wince when I think of putting my feet in them. As Ted Turner's father used to say, 'what's the use of money if your feet hurt?'

Henry Hopper (Dennis Hopper's son), talking to Mick Jaggar. Henry had a film there, 'The Restless,' directed by Gus Van Zant.

Me with Henry Hopper and his lovely co-star

Naomi Campbell asked me to take part in her Fashion for Relief fashion show to benefit Japan. I closed the show with a long white, beaded Marquesa gown but don't have any pictures of it. Lots of backstage pics though.

Peggy Siegal was a good friend to us during the festival.

That is Saint Paul de Vence up on the hill. A lovely little town with a reknown restraurant where i used to go with Simone Signoret and Vadim. Stupendous food.

The Colombe d'Or. Picasso and many other artists would give their paintings to the owner and the walls are adorned with great art to go along with the food.

We ate outside, a fun group of us.

It is actually a small hotel. I stayed only once.

Not too shabby having an Alexander Calder mobile by the pool!

This is what you see when you step out of the restaurant.

We went to a great party on board Paul Allen's boat. That's Paul on the right playing guitar (which he does very well) with his band. I got the dancing started

Looking down from the other side of the waterfall onto the nose of Paul's yellow submarine. He likes to explore the ocean depths and has discovered a number of shipwrecks.

It's hard to see but this is the view looking into the back of Paul's boat when you enter. It was like entering a science fiction dream.

Ran into my brother at Paul Haggis' fundraiser for Haiti

Paul raised a lot of money. Sean Penn had a Haiti fundraiser the same night. They both did well.

With Aimee Mullins on the right and model Doutzen Kroes on the left. They are both L'Oreal brand ambassadors. This was before we went to the AmFar event. I didn't get to know Doutzen, but Aimee is a wonderful woman. She has no legs and wears different prosthetics depending on what shoes, etc she's wearing. This day she told me she had her 4 inch pradas on. You may have seen the awesome picture of her running on a beach in a bathing suit with high tech metal prosthetics on that are shaped in a large curve. I didn't know who she was when I first saw (and cut out) this photo.

At the huge Amfar dinner and auction. They raised over 10 million euros!! AmFar was started by Liz Taylor and the evening was also a homage to her.

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, the stars of 'Slumdog Millionaire,' were at our table.

Uma Thurman with designer Lagerfeld

Sean Penn and others walking up the red carpet at the Palais for the screening of his film, 'This Must Be The Place.'

Pedro Almodovar at the screening. I adore him and his work!! He had a film at the festival, 'The Skin I''m In' with Antonio Banderas but, alas, i did not see it.

We sat next to the gorgeous Gwen Stefani!

Here I am on the final evening when I presented the Palme d'Or (Best Picture) to 'The Tree of Life.' I wanted to have my picture taken with the team that made me look so glam. They were all great...and nice! Fred, Frederique and, behind, Vanessa, who ran everything for L’Oreal.

I'm posing next to a poster of me taken when I was in my early twenties. It hangs in the entry to the Festival Palais along with some of Marilyn, Eva Gardner, Bardot. Talk about being in good company!

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  1. Hello Jane,

    Wonderful photos, and I have to say you look relaxed or is that the everything L’Oreal ?. I did read that Milla Jovovich said she repps for L’Oreal as well and seen you in CANNES, Milla has been very supportive at times a twitter friend.
    I wanted to say how strange it is about my scritp and CAA that I wrote for you and Marlee Matlin in mind. The first thing I wanted you to understnd is that I had no pre-knowlege . It seems my Script and Arnold Schwarzenegger has hit close to home- I wrote it last year and know nothing about how this reflects some personel events in real life, I had no before knowledge. it So close to home for Arnold with the housekeep and the script it gets a little to close to ontopic even if only a subplot element. I see how it make the line read very funny and ironic, I was floored it made me laugh, but I feel concern over Maria Shriver and want to be respectful, for I do feel much respect for Maria and all she stand for. I would like any feedback you feel would be right other than what I had sent to CAA on the subject, what do you think?

    with love and care

    • Timothy, alas, I cannot read a script if it doesn’t come though my agent. There are legal reasons. I have learned the hard way.

  2. You are a true beauty! So is Catherine Deneuve! How come Sharon Stone did not take part at the AMFAR?

    • Per, I understand that Saron Stine doesn’t work with AmFar any more.

  3. Jane, you are a total rock star! I love following your blog, and I can’t wait to read your new book. At age 46, I see it as a primer for my upcoming Prime Time! Thanks for everything you do.

    • Lyn, your forties is a greAt time to read my book, Prime Time”

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures . . . . and of course you look beautiful as always. I love the fact that you attend so many important fundraisers and are involved with so many important causes. That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing! I’m going to buy a lottery ticket right now so that perhaps I can go to beautiful Cannes!

  5. Wow, Jane. Thanks for posting these photos. You look fantastic. I love the gowns. The one you wore to the Awards ceremony is to die for!

    I was at the festival in 2006. Wish I could have gone this year, too. Looks like you had a fab trip.

  6. Great post, Jane! Made me feel like an insider!

  7. I’ve been waiting for days to get your take on it all. There was so much media coverage of you over here in the UK and Germany. When you were in that white dress you were even compared (in a very serious newspaper) to Pippa Middleton. You looked fantastic. You really raise the bar.

    Don’t you just love the Cote d’azur? I went there for years to the TV festivals MIPTV and MIPCOM. You probably know of them through Ted Turner. I had some of the best parties there (and the worst hangovers!). I never went to Colombe D’or though, sadly. But one day, maybe.

    Can’t wait for your book to come out. Am 41 and am having no problems with age so far 😉 But will certainly read it to see what’s instore. Is it also a book for men??

    Take care

  8. JANE , you were ESPECTACULAR as it’s said in Spain
    A big huge from Madrid

  9. lack of time and 7 hours away so I could come to Cannes … and without knowing whether it was possible to see you! What a pity !
    for another time perhaps
    your dress is reminiscent worn by Marilyn Monroe !!

  10. Great photos, Ms. Fonda. I feel like I was there! (Incidentally, Henry Hopper’s “lovely costar” is Mia Wasikowska.)

  11. Jane !

    j’aimerai vous rencontrer 🙂

    pour un cafe ou a dejeuner…. je vis a new york et je vais souvent a los angeles…. ce serait sympa de papoter avec vous 🙂

    ca vous dit ?

    je suis libanaise, j’ai 26 ans et je suis completement folle… but other than that you should be safe ! :p

  12. Only now I had the courage to write you.I am a forever Brazilian fan,and am very happy that by following your Blog since I found it,i feel like I am a “friend”,and know a little of your “day by day”.God bless the Internet!You have been a great inspiration to all of us woman from every Country, for everything you did and still do.You look “maravilhosa” as we say in Portuguese, as always.A big hug from Brazil…Come to Brazil someday!

  13. Yes last time I was traveled in Florida with my family. This is one my best place and love to stay forever, Thanks dude you get me back those happy moment. 😉

    Your post is showing another fantastic place. Some people wearing what an excellent dress. Everyt6hing is perfect of your post. Thanks for shearing!

  14. Jane,
    What a fabulous jet-set life you lead.Thanks for taking the time and effort(I know this kind of blogging takes time!)to give us a peek into a lifestyle most of us can only imagine.
    More important, thanks for showing us how to live a life of grace and affirmation and an appreciation of the world around you. Too many people in your position just don’t care. You are the exception and that’s why I’ve admired you all of my years. In a way, you are like my “other mother.”

  15. Dear Jane, thanks for posting these lovely pictures from Côte d’Azur. Now I really want to go to La Colombe d’Or!

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