We held it at the Paley Center in New York. Jewelle Bickford hosted a VIP party beforehand which I missed because my plane from Jacksonville was 3 hours late!

Some, but not all of out board members, from left to right: Our executive director/CEO Julie Burton, Carol Jenkins, me, Robin Morgan, Jewelle Bickford, Gloria Steinem and board chair, Jodie Evans

With my friend, Jewelle Bickford, who is on the WMC board

Gabby was really amazing. I wish I had recorded some of the things she said. So wise and strong.

Board members with Gabby, Marlo and some of our staff

At the Paley Center for the screening of the documentary 'Jane,' benefitting the Women's Media Center. There's Marlo Thomas, Gloria Steinem ad Gabby Sidibe in the front

more about the appearance here and viist The Women’s Media Center web site here

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  1. Hello Jane, wanted to comment on the Women’s Media Center.
    Big fan of Marlo Thomas, she comes across as a most real person. As a media specialist with degrees and on the wall,and with a long interest in the subject. In my script you do play a smart journalist, centered on the importance of real news INVESTIVEGATIVE reporting, and have a Sunday news talk show. The Supreme Court Decision [1973]
    The highest court in the US affirms a woman’s right to control her body.The past questions of the infallibility of man, his laws, and his interpretation of a woman place in creation, and media is a interesting subject. To recognize woman as a component part of humanity, whose power of development and influence upon civilization are at least the equal to man,is more a realistic view.
    Women first created for herself, as an independent being to whom all the opportunities of the world should be open, and media in just one more. All people everywhere should be looking to anyone and anything stepping upon advancing civilization.

  2. Dear Jane,

    Great work. Am too busy to comment on anything in your blogs, but just wanted to say Happy Easter.
    Take care

  3. Dear Jane

    Thought you would want to know that we Obama supporters have begun a Twitter campaign to promote the choice of Elizabeth Warren as the preferred Keynote Speaker for the DNC Convention in Charlotte NC.

    Responses to date on Twitter have been 100% supportive and incredibly enthusiastic.

    A letter proposing Elizabeth as Keynote was sent to President Obama on February 7th by Professor Barbara Burkett of Shelby North Carolina.

    Email: [email protected]

    Am certain you would agree that Elizabeth is just so right for your country especially in such trying times for so many American families.

    May I ask that you spread the word re Elizabeth via Twitter, Facebook or by any means available to you. Jane, Your word means so much to so many!

    Thank you Jane,

    My Best Wishes

    John Hay / Australia
    @jollyswagman1 on Twitter
    email: [email protected]

  4. Please tell me how I can get my mom’s musical read. Elena Laudati (mom) died yesterday at Age 74 on my twin boys 8th birthday from battling Alzheimers since 2006. Her story is about my grandparents coming from Ellis Island, raised 7 kids behind their Brooklyn Italian Grocery store, that upon the death of my grandfather, my grandmother at age 92 is steadfast about keeping her store of 68 years open. Grandma lived to be 100, and mom without a single music lesson produced this and many other shows at the Catskills (I was raised 5 minutes from the Bethel Woods Museum). All of mom’ticket proceeds always went to her community and church, her legacy – she would love to help find a cure for Alzheimers and support the Catholic schools on Staten Island.
    Mom attended the same high school as NYS Senator, Chuck Schumer, Sheepshead Bay High School, and here are examples of her songs:

    This Land America – (Grandma’s voyage to America, hoping what she would find here would be people that would be nice to her)

    “America, America” my husband said to me,
    “America, America that’s where we ought to be.”
    A land where we can live our dreams,
    Rays of hope that always beam,
    A place of opportunity,
    … And rid ourselves of poverty,
    America, America – a land God truly blessed,
    America, America – that’s where are hearts will rest.

    But America was so FAR away,
    So Far Across the Sea,
    And to leave my homeland, Italy…
    I cried and cried all day…

    For I did not know what I would find…
    When I would reach its shores,
    Would the people there be nice and kind,
    Or would they slam their doors?

    Yet I had to take that chance you see,
    Trust in God, his will for me,
    And Kissed Goodbye my family,
    For this land that promised “Liberty”.

    America, America…how clear my memory 😉

    Working Together as One – Grandma’s famous Italian Meatballs could never be replicated by anyone by their tenderness, mom describes Grandma’s cultural spices as a way the world could blend together something delicious and plentiful, with no one hungry.

    Papa – My dear Uncle Tommy cries, tries so hard to keep Grandma’s store open, it’s hard to be a carbon copy to his dear beloved father, Gaetano. Uncle Tommy cries how much he misses his dad, and how his hands cannot rest.

    I remember – Aunt Marie describes how she remembers riding subways for a nickel, today wouldn’t even buy a pickle, how she loves to ride the subways, shopping gallour, never a bore…

    I Can’t Believe This – Uncle Anthony cannot believe that Grandma didn’t bother to renew their Store Insurance policy (no claims in 60 years – what for?), and now the electrical wiring, roof and plumbing, would never pass the inspection!

    I’m an Artist – Uncle Peter proclaims, what could be wrong with that?

    Tomatos – So ripe, so juicy, why can’t our kids eat more of them?


    My three older brothers are all successful, including Michael Laudati, who has been a special effects make-up artist for Harrison Ford, Robert Denaro, Jeff Bridges, Chaz Palmieri, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruz, even was head make-up artist in the 1980’s for NBC.

    I don’t want mom to be forgotten…she even did her own play, “Our Lady of Fatima” in 1980, this and other shows in 2000 and her last show in 2002 at SUNY Loch Sheldrake, not far from where the Concord in Monticello used to be.

    Thank you for Prime Time! It’s my favorite book of all time! I can’t put it down, and shared it with all my Facebook friends including my first boss from 1982 – she got me hooked on the Jane Fonda workout back then, such a blessing 😀

    I appreciate your time.

    Rosemarie Madeline Petraglia
    (347) 524-1915

    • Rosemarie, I am sorry but I do not know how to help you get your mother’s musical read.

  5. my fingers a stiff , sorry about the spelling , is there a difference from being a doctor writing a mediacl report (Agnes of God ) and being a news reporter (China syndrome ) ???when your exposing the truth and hopefully providing a cure , Georgia rule was course in some ways but very candid about what has become the twisted norm in this country , that movie will become a cult classis some day , hopefully it will wake women up ,

    • The differenves are not so much in what he character does but who the character is. The doctor in “Agnes” was so different from the character in “China Syndrome”

      • Dear Ms. Fonda
        I’m 43 years old and I and my family have grown up with your work and with your image. My mom and I liked very much what you were doing. You have inspired us not only to care but also to be a better person.
        My mom and I are involved in social services projects because we care too for the others. She taught me to ask, ask the neighbors, ask to God, but not for you ask for others, and now I’m going around the world asking for the others.
        I work in a foundation called Global Humanitaria which helps children around the world Bolivia. We are currently involved in a project called School Garden in Bolivia where farmer’s children are taught to plant and to care for their own garden market for their canteen since it is there where they are suffering from high degrees of malnutrition.
        Form our experience we believe that teaching and helping them with their own land is the best way to help them in the future.

        I appreciate your time


  6. Dear Mrs. Fonda, I am Lili, a Romanian mother. I am involved in my country in a support group for eating disorders treatment (here: http://www.anorexie-bulimie.ro/ – is the one and only ED support group in Romania, with the help of a specialist psychotherapist, with a forum oriented toward recovery, with presence on national television and in media…we do our best). I have a teenage daughter who is also very active in supporting the teens in our group, she herself being a former anorectic. Now, me and her, completely recovered both from the ordeal, want to share some of the good things coming with good health and a renewed spirit. And more than a year ago I have discovered your blog and …your charming personality and openness. Being yourself so active and preoccupied in women’s health and well being, would you please make us a huge favor and wright something for the girls in Romania who suffer from an eating disorder? If you don’t mind, you can put a text here, and with your permission I will link to it (and I will cry, and make a huge fuss, and brag, off course 🙂 ) As we speak, we are in in the process of putting together an Association for ED treatment (APPTA is the short name, in Romanian) and – I am warning you 🙂 – if you are so generous to give us a word, we will use it for the cause (awareness about eating disorder in Romania, getting specific treatment, removing the stigma of needing specialized psychiatric help…and the final goal is to create a special ED treatment center, because we don’t have one). So, would you be so kind and help us with a word of encouragement to use it for the cause here in Romania? Thank you very much for your time and for giving me the opportunity of asking, with your blog! We send you kisses and good thoughts from Bucharest and wish you health and good luck!

    • I am writing to APPTA in Romania to tell you how thrilled I am that you are bringing help to those in Romania who suffer from eating disorders. I suffered for many years from anorexia and bulimia so I know the toll it takes on your life and how hard it is to stop. I assumed I was a weak, awful, undisciplined person. I didn’t know that eating disorders, like alcoholism, are a disease, not a sign of personal weakness. In fact, interestingly, so many– maybe a majority– of people who suffer with eating disorders are disciplined, high achievers, get good grades in school and are popular. Heads up: Perhaps it’s the ones who want to please others too much who are most vulnerable to this addiction.

      It is difficult to get over an eating disorder without the help of a trained professional—alone or in a group. Many people benefit a lot from meeting with a therapist in groups of other people. Talking about it with others who also suffer with food addictions helps to understand the triggers, the feelings, that cause it. That is why I am so happy there is APPTA in Romania. There, professionals can help you develop the tools, the skills, to face your feelings that have lead to your addiction.

      And how important it is to not feel that you are weak and worthless if you seek help! What getting help shows, instead, is that you are a smart person who wants to be good to herself. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. But it DOES HAPPEN! I recently read an article that questioned whether it was possible to recover from bulimia or anorexia. I am here to tell you it is…100%!! I am able to have a normal, healthy relationship to food for the last 35 years. I have learned to work out, eat healthy and my metabolism is absolutely normal. IT CAN BE DONE.

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