The Thomasville Community Resource Center

We made sure it was environmentally built with a lot of light!

The children plant and harvest

Often seniors work with them in the garden and help cook

They have stretch class sometimes before gardening

The kitchen

Sharon Maxwell Fergusen and Eda Garcia. Eda is the executive director of TCRC. Sharon is an invaluable board member (or both TCRC and GCAPP!!)

These raised beds make it easier for seniors to work in the garden

The classrooms are bright and cheerful

They came out to present me with flowers and ask more questions. I always enjoy that

more about appearance here and Thomasville Community Resource Center web site here

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  1. Beautiful pictures! What a wonderful, bright, warm, safe place for these children! I would love to see it one day!

  2. Hello Jane
    it’s nice center ! Thomasville is near Atlanta ?
    I admire everything you do!… it’s really awesome
    Take care of yourself
    Happy Easter to you xxx

  3. These photos are really terrific! … All of them
    especially what looks to be a berry cobbler/crisp!!

  4. While in Thomasville you recommended a book on understanding depression in men. What was the title?
    Your insights that evening have lead to many interesting family conversations! Thanks for all you do!!


  5. It was great meeting you Ms. Jane Fonda! Thank you for everything you do! Robin Manning.

  6. hi from Tokyo.
    I’ve always wanted to say thank you.
    especially today.
    I was frowning this morning – uni-brow, and
    your photos instantly made me warm and happy.
    Eyebrows are now apart, and I can be nicer to my coworkers.

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