I was in Thomasville GA last night for a Fundraiser to benefit the Thomasville Community Resource Center (TCRC). When I reconnect with my computer I will post photos. I arrived with my friends, Sharon and Howell following a good GCAPP board meeting. Sharon is on the board and they live in Thomasville. Sharon is on the TCRC board and very involved in that community. We went to the YWCA and spent time with about 30 oncology patients who participate in an exercise program there. Hearing from them about the many ways the class has helped them heal (developing a social network of other women cancer survivors was a biggie) was very moving. One woman said when she got the diagnosis and went though chemo she completely shut down. Her doctor recommended the class but she didn’t want to go. The women said she never spoke. Now she is glad she did and has become very social again. The program has allowed her to regain her life. Once agIng, the “Y” comes through!!!

I spent quite a bit of time in Thomasville when I was married to Ted as he has several plantations in nearby Capps and many friends in Thomasville who became my friends. So last night was a lot of fun reconnecting after several years absence.

BUT, I am supposed to be at a VIP event hosted NY my friend, Jewelle Bickford, in NY at 5:30 and the plane has been delayed 2 1/2 hours!!! I am helpless and anxious because this event is important to me and to the Women’s Media Center. Following the VIP event, Gabby Sidebe, Gloria Steinem and I will dialogue at the Paley Center post a screening of the documentary, “Jane”, that I wrote about in a previous blog.

I’m on the plane now. Later.

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  1. Hope your safe Jane,
    I did have some real concern over the storms that has affected areas north Carolina, other states, in the southern United States.
    Good to know that your up in the air, or on another plane.
    Was reading The Dore Lectures on Mental Science, by Thomas Troward, “We all know the meaning of this phrase in our everyday life. The Spirit is that which gives life and movement to anything, in fact it is that which causes it to exist at all. The thought of the author, the impression of the painter, the feeling of the musician, is that without which their works could never have come into being, and so it is only as we enter into the IDEA which gives rise to the work, that we can derive all the enjoyment and benefit from it which it is able to bestow.” Good way to view live and Art, as an idea.

    with love and care,

  2. Ms. Fonda.
    My name is John. I have to laugh initially at the barbed wire I had to swim through to leave this message. I’ve never in my life desired or put the effort forth to join a fan club because it is not my personal style, however, in viewing the Yahoo homepage this morning (05/27/2011) I was completely fired up at the ridiculous and nonsensical comments that followed your remarkable photograph.
    My point here is that you look incredible and I’m proud of you as an American in contrast to the disappointing, unforgiving, uneducated, and sorry individuals that found the time to post their nonsense. Grrrrr.
    To the point. You were young and maybe off the hook with your message at a time. Just imagine what you would have to say today Jane and what would the aforementioned idiots would think – eeek. Not funny, I know. I was off the hook in my youth along with many others – more than we can imagine – including the idiots provoking me to invest the time on this one when I’d rather call it a night.
    In my opinion (in opposition to the stupid, unable to speak proper English, internet only educated fools with the inability to understand common sense and human plight) you have done very well and your beautiful photo brought me joy at the end of a tough day until I just had to notice the moronic anecdotes. I’m not going to join your fan club (or have I, lol) nor beg for an autograph, but I do appreciate you Jane and you have taken incredible care of your family, friends, and yourself in addition to supporting your government. Keep being Jane.
    Thank you,
    John, MD
    P.S.\To the public
    If this post is made public and even one moron responds in the contrary, I will pursue every resource to undermine your internet accessibility via ISP provider, governmental and legal resources indefinitely. Remember, the 5th amendment is now in question so be careful. I dare you. I, like Ms. Fonda, love my country and have faith that honor, dignity and liberty will prevail even if not in my lifetime. The people that find the time to post their poison are ugly, overweight, misguided, loser conspiracy theorists with no hope and nothing better to do with their time. While I’d love nothing more to ramble on as a means of catharsis for the ignorance in society, I must call it a night.
    Am I going to get in trouble for this?

    Please say hi if you get a minute and I would not turn down an autograph if offered for the record. 😉

    I posted this to the Yahoo page. I’ll write again if I need help. lol

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