Yesterday I said I was speaking at the YMCA. Wrong. It was very much the YWCA and I was absolutely blown away by the work they are doing with girls and women. The luncheon was 2500 strong and the speakers (besides me) made me cry on numerous occasions. I am so happy that I was asked and went because I learned a lot about what is possible if there is the will. The Y could not have accomplished what they’ve accomplished were it not for corporate support (Boeing, Microsoft, Key Bank, Cost Co and many more), political support and really smart, caring, citizens and a great board. WOW!!! what a chance to be reminded of people’s capacity for change and growth.

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  1. Sound like you have had a blown away lunch.
    Being a child development specialist and media educator, life in general make me wonder. The Y is a important place, and for many the only place to find some input to a often meaningless way of Social engineering. The manipulating of people into performing actions, not living. I been reading about Student loans, they are a big business. In fact, student debt now exceeds $895 billion which is more than the total Americans owe on their credit cards. Institutions that help unqualified applicants get loans, do quite well. After all, they’re paid in full by the government. If this sounds like it might be a scam; it’s because it is. All the recruiters need to do is find a credulous subject, bamboozle him into signing on the dotted line.

    with love and care,

  2. Jane,
    I was not at your event in Seattle, but am sitting in my home in Seattle reading your book today. I realized that I wanted to tell you about my upcoming ‘Act 3 Debut.’ I was inspired by your comments on Oprah this past Fall to embrace the reality of turning 60 as a time to celebrate the future…to ‘bring it on!’ My 60th is coming up on April 22 (sharing Good Friday which is also meaningful for me). The best part is that I am having an Act 3 Debut retreat on May 5-7 with the women in my life…21 of them..who have blessed me and with whom I have shared life, love, and laughs over the years. We are reading (ahead of time) a book by Evelyn Underhill called The Spiritual Life. For our gathering times, we will share about three keys: Adoration of God, Adherence to God, and Cooperation with God. (I think you would love the book!) The question we will ponder is “What Now?” and how do we move into Act 3 (most of them are around my same age) with calling and confidence? I can’t think of a better way to open the curtain on my Act 3!! So, thank you for your inspiration, your honest and reflective book, and for calling others to wholeness. Marilyn Vancil

  3. I read the previous posting and suspected that you meant the YWCA. Such things happen. What matters is all of the wonderful things you are DOING. I am your adoring fan and defender always.

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