While I was doing the reading of the excerpt from my memoirs about the making of “On Golden Pond” a few days ago in Thomasville, it hit me with a thud: I am now the same age as Katharine Hepburn was then!!!!!!

I feel worlds apart from how she seemed then, on and off camera. I can’t imagine her being shacked up with a man then. I don’t think she felt yearning for romance. I’m glad I’m how I am but I sure did learn a lot from her.

On another note, I am at Ted’s farm outside of Atlanta with 4 children, 2 are my grandkids, the other 2 are friends of theirs. Just about all the furniture is what I brought from my ranch in California when Ted and I married in 1991. The bed is the same one (from my ranch) that Malcolm was born in. It’s a unique bed, like a bird nest. Now, I have to get them into bed. They’ve made a fort upstairs in the loft where they plan on sleeping. I will get up early to hide the Easter eggs and then get into my bunny suit. Stay tuned for pictures.

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Thank you for sharing those thoughts with us. I always admired you as an actress and as an activist. Thanks to twitter I can talk to you.
    I just turned 50 this year and you are a model to me. You’re always very interesting and beautiful.
    I read your memoirs and I’ll keep on reading your blog. Yours truly, Lyne

  2. Hello Jane,

    A Happy Easter to you and your loved ones Jane.
    I understand and recall reading your book concerning Katharine Hepburn. I understood that see liked to take very cold showers in the morning, that could explan alot. I have to say that nobody is like some other person. She was a interesting person, and as you are Jane, maybe she even learned something from you, but keep that to herself. Being open and willing to learn, maybe the mark of wisdom as we age, a real enlightenment.

    with love and care,

  3. It is almost impossible to believe. The difference in the age you look now and the age Katherine looked then are remarkable. Katherine was a beautiful women, but you look closer to the age you were when you made “On Golden Pond” Your zest for living shines through!

  4. You and Katharine Hepburn both are/were talented, wise, strong, independent women, yet you seem to carry yourself in a very energetic, youthful way. I guess the 70s are the new 50s. 🙂 Happy Easter!

  5. Jane, when you posted this picture last year I thought you look like Katharine Hebburn…

  6. I love that little farm…I drove out there just yesterday to breathe some fresh air and watched the baby turtles play in the lake – while Aroo and Bandit romped in the water…a very special place indeed…V & P were there enjoying the solitude it provides we busy folks.


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  8. Just saw a rare interview done with Katherine Hepburn by Dick Cavett in 1973 (on TCM), and all through the interview I was cracking up, thinking that Dick probably felt as you did, when the interview was over, and was looking for a curb to sit down on, and a stiff drink, to go with it. He was rattled, and charmed by her, exactly the same way you were. When I finished watching, I went back to your book and re-read the chapter regarding “On Golden Pond” – and then wanted to come here and comment. I hope that your new book covers this relationship with Hepburn again, mainly to see if your feelings changed at all, how do the last 32 years of additional life experience factor into all that she told you then, all that you shared and discussed together? Is it the same take you had then, or has your impression of her changed with your own journey? I really do believe she liked you and appreciated who you were, when the filming was over. Those extra touches and words of wisdom, cheering from the sidelines on days she wasn’t needed for filming…I think when she read the script, she took it to heart, and did so because she could read into it, and what it meant personally, to you. Anyhow, don’t want to get too long winded about it, but you were the person I was thinking of, all during the interview, and it was very interesting to hear her in talk in such a frank-no nonsense way (she even talks about liking to intimidate and tower over, with the higher heeled shoes…!) Go back and have a look, I think you’ll laugh out loud and nearly fall out of your chair during some of it. A real treat, as are you, with your continuing commitment to being the best you can be, for yourself, and for others. Both of you are examples of people that don’t give up or quit, that I continue to look up to. Just thought I’d share my thoughts..


  9. Hepburn is cool, but I want to be like you when I grow up!

  10. I’m outside of Atlanta in the (sort of) country on the north side. Use to see you around Atlanta. Love that you and Ted Turner are friends.

  11. Dear Jane, you really look like Kathrine Hepburn, but I think you mean more than her to the world. We are so glad you exist, and my dearest dream is to meet you one day. I’m aware that this is almost impossible, taking into account that I live in a remote country you’ve probably never heard about, whose name is Romania… But, I still remain confident, as life is full of surprises… God bless you !

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