I have been sick but doing the play anyway. I am getting better and probably by tomorrow will be all well but it has been hard, plus I have fallen so far behind in EVERYTHING– bills, letters, blogs, calls. I feel like holy hell, if you wanna know the truth.

And so much has been going on. I will do a big catch up blog probably tomorrow. If I can remember everything that has happened…like today, 2000 highschoolers saw the play. They were the best audience ever. I took pictures but my computer is not working right so I can’t post them. Fingers crossed can do tomorrow. My Mac will get well along with me.

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  1. It sounds like a comfy robe, an Earl Grey with a spot added and an easy chair would serve you well. I love to read your blog posts, but your health is more important. Feel better soon.

  2. I saw you on Sat nite and no one would ever know you were sick! The play is AMAZING. Feel better. xo

  3. Get well very soon. I so enjoy little snippets of your life. I’ve been a fan of yours for decades!

  4. Get better soon!

  5. Sorry that you are not feeling well. You are an extremely busy person. You need to take time to take care of yourself. Tell Mac he needs to get better too. We miss reading your daily blogs.

  6. Oh get well soon. Relax, take it easy…breathe.

    Talking of schoolchildren, when I came to see 33 Variations in NY a lot of people were waiting at the stage door after the show to see you. A huge group of teenagers, with their teacher, (orobably in NY for a school outing) passed by and were really interested in who was going to come out. They kept looking up at the poster and you could hear them murmering things like ‘Jane Who?’ ‘Jane Fonda, who’? etc. etc. This went on for ages. I couldn’t believe it. Then someone said “Oh she was the mother in Monster-in-Law”, then this chorus of “Oh coool!’ Yeah she was great” etc etc. swept amongst the entire group. Unfortunately, they then moved on. It would have been great to see how that huge group of teenagers would have greeted you when you came out.

    Take care

  7. Well Jane,
    You have been doing alot, keep safe and well.
    As Thomas Alva Edison said: “The perils of overwork are slight compared with the dangers of inactivity” . I was just reading about that may be of interest -YogaVision: How Yoga is Transforming a Kenyan City | Vision | AlterNet

    In Nairobi, the Africa Yoga Project is training HIV+, poor, and disabled citizens to be yoga instructors, creating jobs and changing lives.
    The center of the program’s outreach, and by making explicit connections to the acrobatic and dance arts many potential yoga students are already doing on street corners, AYP hosts 200 free classes a week, reaching 3,000 students with 42 local yoga instructors. Most students are aged 16-30, living on about $2 a day, and many live with HIV/AIDS. The project’s origins come from the camps for the hundreds of thousands of Kenyans who were displaced in the wake of the fierce 2007 post-election violence.

    With love and care,

  8. Hi Jane,

    I’ve been reading your blog since you’ve started and enjoy following your adventures. You’re an inspiration to me and I saw 33 Variations on Broadway last year. You were amazing!!!! Hope that you feel better soon and I’m sending good thoughts your way.

  9. Sending you positive energy, Ms. Fonda. This flu seems to be going around LA right now and lasts about a week.

    Much love,

    Tim, Floyd and the family

  10. Dear Miss Fonda,

    I may not have the right venue to contact you, but I’m hoping you can help.

    Earlier this year my school (Brownell-Talbot School in Omaha, NE) received as a gift a 18″ x 24″ print painted and signed by your father. The scene is a “city-scape,” looking out a window into an alley. Close to the window is a chair on which is placed a lovely potted geranium. The print is numbered 300 of 350 and signed.

    The donors are sure the signature is authentic, but I have not been able to find another piece of art signed by your father or verify it in any other way.

    We like to think Omaha and the Fonda family had some memories in common. In fact, we have a photo of Peter with some of our students taken in the 1960s. The story goes that he was visiting your aunt, Mrs. Peabody, during a summer and was trying to catch up on some course work.

    We would like to offer this print at our upcoming School fundraiser/auction on May 6, and would like to verify the signature. It would mean a lot to us if you might be able to send us a copy of Mr. Fonda’s signature so we could verify it.

    You can reach me at 402-556-3772, ext. 1014 or via e-mail at [email protected]. Thank you very much.


    Linda Zimmerman
    Director of Development

    • Linda, I know that picture well, and quarantee it is my father’s artwork. Wasn’t he something as an artist??

  11. Awww. Poor Jane. Sorry you’re sick. I’m a real cry-baby when I’m sick; I get scared, I think, so really panic when I’m ill. Hope you’re better as soon as ever can be and don’t worry about us; blog again when the spirit (and body) moves and take good care of yourself in the meantime. Maybe a mini-rest is in order?

    I haven’t posted before; it’s nice to see how many interesting people are here and how loyal they seem to be. Hello everyone. My avatar shows me on the last horse I rode; Slimmy and far too long ago, when I refect. What a lovely horse he was with such a long stride, too; a real effort to sit that trot! I can’t wait to get back onto a horse as gentlemanly as he was, now that I am older and wiser about injuries. Bless his kind heart and all those beasties like him.

    Again, Jane, take good care, and have a nice rest while you get better.

    • Janet, thanks. I will be back on my horse, an Arab mare named Gitane, before March is over.

  12. Kudos to you for continuing on in the play…hope you get well soon (and your Mac too)!

  13. i lol when i read your post (feel better soon), but the high schoolers captured my imagination. thanks for sharing, jane.

  14. Hope you are feeling better. I might have been projecting but wondered if your very full schedule last week might have done you in.
    Take care.

  15. Dear Jane,
    I met you many years ago at Women’s event in West LA. I will never forget how kind you were to me – I was a bit scared to be there. I saw you tonight in 33 Variations and it was the finest piece of theater I have seen in years. You are, in a word, superb. I love your spirit and the fact that you’re a trooper. I could tell that you had quite a beastly cold and was even more impressed with your performance. Thank you for a wonderful, magical night of entertainment.

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