Got up at 5am to be ready. Filmed all day. For a face cream for night time. It’s what I use. I love it so that part was easy. The hours were challenging.

Here are some photos my son, Troy, took. He stopped by the studio yesterday to bring me Valentine roses and took these pictures.

Then, at 7pm I went to the Museum of Modern Art to speak to 500 people. They have had a retrospective of my films. Last night was “Klute” and a conversation with me. It was fun.

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  1. Bonjour !

    Très sympathiques photos ! Merci à votre fils ! Pas facile de se lever si tôt !!!
    Vous utilisez donc vraiment les crèmes de chez L’Oréal ?
    Moi je suis plutôt pour la cosmétique biologique.
    Avez vous des conseils beauté a me/nous conseiller ? J’adorerai avoir une aussi belle peau que vous tout au long de ma vie !

    Au plaisir **
    (Désolée mon anglais n’est pas bon, j’espère que vous lisez un peu le français ;))

  2. I love your behind-the-scenes photos and tid bits..always interesting..YOU LOOK FABULOUS ! X

  3. Cute as a button. That’s an elaborate photo shoot.

  4. JANE!

    Will we be lucky enough to see this ad in the US?

    Jan x

    • No. Diane Keaton does L’Oreal in the US. I am everywhere else

  5. hello Jane,
    Looks like the days of the a person with a Camera is over, looks like technology his create a total system. Good to see the long overdue film retrospective at MoMA , been too a few of them ,even was seated next to King Vidor one time ,did we viewed “Our Daily Bread” and than they ask for the director to stand up and I looked about and wonder were he was, I was surprised. Been thinking about my script ,for you and Marlee Matlin as well, and reading more about Bertolt Brecht’s Hollywood and writings. I was using my auditory faclty over radio program from 1938-39 “Good News” from MGM- very good found a show that high lighted John Carradine playing Abraham Lincoln in “Of Human Hearts” (1938)scene with James Stewart and after the short radio scene was over James Stewart went on and on how Carradine was the real thing and how he was the best Lincoln and his humanity and the role ,he had to interuped my the host.
    with love and care,

  6. Speaking of 2/15/11…..Ms. Fonda, I had the great pleasure of seeing “33 Variations” last night. I was captivated. Such power and passion with such ease. You took us on a difficult, yet wonderful adventure. It was an evening of exquisite theatre.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Jane! Love your Blog. I saw you on Saturday at the play and what a delight. I laughed and cried and was so moved by the entire experience. When all the characters break out in song it was like ahhh, simple and wonderful. Great cast and I am simply in love with Beethoven!
    I must say that I was so blown away by the lighting of this play. In a way it was a character in the play. Has anyone else gushed over this? (Maybe b/c I love chiaroscuro lighting technique in great paintings perhaps?)Anyway, thanks so much for putting yourself thru all the hard work that goes into this production! Bravo!!

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  9. Jane you look stunning (as always) ! One of the most beautiful actresses out there.

    Speaking of your films, I just ordered Sunday in New York after finding out it was FINALLY released on DVD last week. Saw that one on TCM a few years back and absolutely loved it. But there are still a few that are only on VHS….do you have any input on getting the rest of your films available on DVD?

  10. Amazing! Your energy…it has been always so stimulating. Merci pour partager tout ça avec qui vous admire depuis des annees. Did I get it right that u are writing a booking about age? And sorry my english and my french…the best would be to write in Italian 🙂 !

  11. Great pictures Jane. Your appearance @ lacma was amazing – glad I was able to go. HH(:

  12. Great pix Jane. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  13. Jane,you look wonderful ! your energy is amazing…I’m doing your Walk Out every morning and feel great. Lots of love

  14. Your Beauty astounds me Ms. Fonda.
    I am grateful to have role models like yourself and my Mother, life never looked so good!

  15. ms. fonda, as usual you look sensational – you do not only have looks = you have charm as well – your are intelligent and witty
    you are a wonderful person, and you are my role model for a very long time

  16. Jane,
    Just went to the last night of the retrospective of films at LACMA. I managed to get to five of them and wish I could have seen them all. What an amazing transformation from a talented, beautiful young woman to a fully dimensional, transcendent human being. Inspirational. And what a career! It brings tears to my eyes. Amazing things you’ve done with your life. You are inspiring. That said, nothing prepared me for your live talk. You were SO FRICKIN’ FUNNY! (My friends and I went out after and toasted you with martinis by the way.) So alive, so present and you spoke so movingly about your life, your struggles, and your amazing achievements. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a night I’ll never forget. Jane Fonda — WE LOVE YOU!

  17. Jane, that’s the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA, and you were great. Here’s my write up of your talk:

    Cheers, Debra Levine

  18. Your performance in Klute made a huge impression on me. It’s that performance that made me appreciate you as an actor. I love you and Donald Sutherland together. The unusual chemistry between you worked for me. 🙂

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