Just so my blog readers know, yesterday’s story about my friends Diana Dunn and Sue Sally is not finished. For some reason, the ending got left off. I have been trying to deal with it via my pal, JJ, in Detroit, who worked with me to design the blog look and does my postings for me. But it may have to wait till I get home to my computer to refined it. ( actually, JJ just emailed me to say it has been fixed. I will check. Thanks, JJ.)

Anyway, it is 2 minutes to half hour. I just got word from the box-office that the theatre is jammed, that people are coming back to see the play 2 and 3 times and that they ( the box office folks) have rarely heard such buzz about a play. That makes me so happy. This matinee will be signed for the hearing impaired.

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  1. Your story not being finished reminds me of an anecdote Uta Hagen told in class once. As a very young actress, she worked with a famous older actor, and she was quite intimidated. In particular, she was worried about saying her lines too early and somehow “interrupting” his performance or cutting him off. When he inquired after the reasons for her palpaple hesitation, she answered, “I’m sorry, but I never know when you’re through.” Whereupon the older actor answered, “My dear, I am never through.”

  2. My wife and I flew in today from San Francisco to see your performance in 33 Variations for my birthday. It was a terrific experience! Thanks for your artistry and for hanging in there through your recent sickness. We wish you well. We fly out in the morning, home in time for the Oscars!

  3. Saw your performance tonight, and WOW! You were stunning! My husband and I had fifth row seats and we were so happy to see you so closely – what a treat it was. The cast was spectacular, and the story itself was cleverly woven – just like one of Beethoven’s masterpieces. Bravo!

  4. I’m so happy about your success! Congratulations!

  5. I was wondering why this fascinating story ended abruptly. Now I know. Looking forward to part two.

    I wonder, now with the Oscars happening, whether you could write something about what happens as an actor/actress in the ‘typical’ run-up to the event. The day itself. Interviews, dresses, designers, hopes, dreams, aspirations, nerves…etc. All that eclectic mix. Would be fascinating to hear from a 2 time Oscar winner. 🙂

    Jason xx

  6. I would see “33 Variations” several more times if it was possible. What an incredible performance by an outstanding cast.


  7. Congratulations on your continued success Jane. Love your Blog, great to have found your site

  8. Congratulations on your success. May you enjoy good health and have a wonderful time for the remainder of the run, and be strong when it’s all over. Am always pleased and impressed that you take the time to blog, etc. Thank you!
    Votre admiratrice dévouee,


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