It has been a madhouse! Rehearsals for the play, award shows, rehearsals for awards shows, parties for nominees, family stuff. Whew! But all’s going well. Part of the reason may perhaps be because I have started having acupuncture with a very talented doctor. I have used acupuncture many times in the past—to reduce fever, heal broken bones, relieve pain…it really works if the doctor is skilled. I have felt I needed to have my energy system balanced. I think, with the cancer surgery, I got out of whack. I could feel the difference after just one treatment. I can only do once a week, my day off. Richard has started as well. I am full of energy in spite of all that’s going on.

Rehearsals are going very well. Moises is making subtle (and some not so subtle) changes to both the script and the way we play some scenes. I like this. It keeps me on my toes. Keeps it fresh. I am as excited and enthusiastic about the play and my character and what she represents as I was first time around. I am also discovering new things. I find it amazing that after all this time, there are still things to unearth in the script.

More this weekend.

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  1. Glad it’s going well for you. Hope you are on the Golden Globes Sunday. Ricky was fun last year and I expect no less from him this year. Apparently he had a Nazi joke pulled from the show so he did it on Conan. My computer doesn’t have sound (it crashed and I can’t seem to restore it) so I don’t know if it’s funny or lame. A lot of celebrities were tweeting during the show which only added to the fun. 🙂

  2. Hello Jane, good to hear that your feeling well and having what some would call a very full lifestlye. You sound right about energy system balanced or unbalance due to medications or human physical events , that what I’m starting to call thinks human events. Having acupuncture often treats or alleviates the syptoms. You saying that your finding things unearthed in the scrip about your character. I know just how that feel, If you read my script sent to you by CAA, I was rereading it the other day ,and was found more things about the character. I wonder ,way I wrote that? and than I just got it, I care about the characters as if they are real people. It hit me like that.
    with love and care Jane,

  3. Hello gorgeous Eco conference in Atlanta Much Love!

  4. Watched your presentation at the awards. You looked terrific!

  5. I saw you as a presenter on the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. You looked fantastic! Beautiful dress! I can’t imagine how celebrities make it through this time of year with all of the red carpets, award shows, and parties, smiling at the cameras with every move. (I don’t even have the energy to make it through the holiday season, yet alone have a smile on my face!) As a movie lover, though, it is my absolute favorite time of the year and I thank you folks for giving me the gift of entertainment. There’s nothing like stepping into the magic of the movie theater (or play theater), being able to escape the daily grind of life for two hours or so. Will we be seeing your presence at any of the other award shows?

    • Susan, I am presenting at the Golden Globes tomorrow.

      • I loved seeing you as a presenter on both the Critics’ Choice Awards AND the Golden Globe Awards! I can’t remember how long ago you appeared on an awards show, but I’m guessing it has been quite awhile. (Sorry if it was recently and I’m not remembering it.) It was fun to see someone like you on the show. You are an important part of Hollywood, both past and present. You are that “classy” part of Hollywood that I love. I would really enjoy seeing you at the Academy Awards, but I’m guessing you will be too busy with your play. Anyways, thanks for appearing on the shows.

  6. You looked very beautiful last night.

  7. This Jan. 14th post is a ‘gem’!! Sharing your acupuncture experience about a more healthful way to regain energy and a feeling of well-being instead of popping pill after pill for same result is priceless! Thank you Jane. Your past blogs have shown us the value you put on good food choices, exercise, fresh air, meditation and now acupuncture along with staying interested in life!xx

  8. Boy, you must really be BUSY Jane! The show you did last night was LIVE. I know because I came across it flipping channels. (didn’t get much publicity) Anyway you looked fab and did just fine. 🙂

  9. When you say this:
    ” I am also discovering new things. I find it amazing that after all this time, there are still things to unearth in the script.”
    I know the play will mirror the music. It is among the great amazements that Beethoven’s score will continually reveal itself as new.
    You will reveal new dimensions to yourself and your audience.

  10. Fantastic dress at the Golden Globes tonight. Bet you had a good time catching up with your former co-stars.

  11. Oh how I wish I could see you!

  12. You looked beautiful last night, and thank-you, for being a friend to Cher, and giving “Burlesque” such a great build up. A bit shocked by some of Ricky’s comments, but people like you, Tom Hanks, and Robert Downey, Jr.,and even the Golden Globes President, fired back, and were pretty damn funny, while putting Ricky in his place in a classy way. I also like that Mr. D gave you a nod from the stage when he mentioned “Stanley & Iris” (I loved that movie!) Anyhow, just wanted to check in and say good luck with all the projects you’ve got in the works and “Happy New Year”

  13. You were wonderful & looked lovely on the Golden Globes last night….in honor of her life, any thoughts on your experiences working with Susannah York in “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”

  14. You looked and sounded so fantastic at the Globes!

    I recently began acupuncture for the first time in my life. I am seeing woman who is a PhD with a joint practice in counseling and acupuncture. I have no means of comparison against other practitioners but so far I feel much calmer. I’m so glad you are feeling some relief also.

  15. Funny, I had just come here after seeing you present and wanting to ask where the heck you get your radiant energy – and here you are, already answering!

    I enjoy your blog. You’ve always been so open to life and to talking about your experiences and feelings; it’s inspiring to me.

  16. Did you have a lumpectomy? All surgery throws one out of whack but nothing seems to slow you down 🙂
    You looked gorgeous at the GG’s!

  17. I had the same question as Beevsie. Am content to remain clueless.

  18. With regards to the acupuncture, I don’t buy it. Placebo is a powerful thing, that is, if you truly believe that a treatment will help then it usually does irrespective of the treatment itself. A way to test this would be for a control group to get acupuncture and believe they’re getting the supposedly ‘healing accupuncture’ from the very best technician in the world, but in a way that the accupuncture technician thinks has no effect (in other words, on purpose a ‘wrongly’ executed treatment). Then compare how the test and control groups feel after their treatments. If both feel just as good afterwards, then this has nothing to do with the acupuncture and all to do with the placebo effect. Until such studies come out I wouldn’t waste my money in these miracle treatments, and would certainly not recommend it to others.

    • Sorry, Anon, but a therapy that has worked for 1000s of years deserves recognition, don’t you thin. I have experience much help thru acupuncture and, while placebos can cause some effect, I feel confident that those needles, properly administered are helpful

      • Actually I looked it up out of curiosity, and it has been shown that “neuromodulator adenosine, which is produced when tissue is injured and has pain-dulling effects, is involved in the purported pain-relieving effects of acupuncture.” (Nature 2010). However, experts say that while this mechanism is credible, “If the clinical effect is not beyond placebo, which most of the well-controlled clinical trials seem to suggest, the mechanism is irrelevant and the true mechanism is placebo” (from same Nature article). Anyhow, I should stop being such a nay-sayer to you! I love you Jane, and I have posted a few nay-sayer posts just to keep you on your toes and counterbalance the yay-sayers (I’m also ‘bill’ who has annoyed so in a different thread about Hollywood and money). Anyhow, I’ll leave you alone for the rest of the year!!! Good luck with your play!!!

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