Whew!!! They loved it! We got a standing O! Clare Elfman, Danny’s mother (Bridget Fonda’s mother-in-law) was there and writes an online review, really loved the play and said, “Los Angeles is hungry for really good theatre and this was really good theatre.”

I felt so much better tonight than last night. Partly cause I got enough sleep. (Thanks again to all my online friends for their sleep advice!) Both last night and during dinner break. You see, when a play is in previews, we continue to rehearse during the day and perform at night-which is grueling, but it’s how we work out the kinks in this technically challenging play. Which means I am in the theatre for dinner and just sleep on my couch.

A number of old friends came backstage to say hello and that was nice. People I haven’t seen since the 70s!!

I’m writing this in the car going home and we’re about there so I’ll say goodnight. Tomorrow’s our day off so no blogging. Just got to tie up loose ends on my book. Xx

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  1. So glad it went well. I expected as much. Loved you and the play when I saw it on Broadway.
    Have a good rest. Am desparately trying to get to LA to see it. Might be able to work the flight on 6th March which arrives from Munich 2 hours before the last performance starts. Just have to get out of my uniform, into a taxi and across to the Ahmanson clutching my flight kit, suitcase, theatre ticket and my bearings. 🙂
    Take care

  2. Congratulations Jane on a successful jan. 31 show with a good auidience!.

  3. Hi Jane…..I wrote you a while back when you were planning your move to LA. I am from Illinois and came out to LA because of love as well. we actually got married in August so things are great. I am coming tomorrow night with my next door neighbor and her mother. I just bought my ticket today so I am not sitting with them but whatever. Anyway….would love to say hi to you if possible. I am excited to see it. My friend Janet saw it in New York and I was jealous!! thanks, julie

  4. Coming to see the play Friday night. You are an inspiration as always. I’m 61 and just began studying acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse this fall. I love your sharing about the whole stage experience, and now that I am doing scenes, I can relate. Bravo Ms. Fonda–you are a national treasure!

  5. You are an inspiration and a testament to the beneficial effects of working out!

  6. Congratulations, Jane! You have risen to a huge challenge in your own gutsy way and made a huge success. Standing O from the rest of your fans who couldn’t physically be in your audience!
    Looking forward to your next book!
    Garda Parker, your age and working on regaining strength, thanks to you!

  7. Hello Jane,
    Technically challenging play and technically challenging sleep, good to see that your dealing well with both. Good Reviews , I’m sure that will be the general case,good theatre is good that is why the coverage of the people in Egypt makes good news. The book I recomened is worth the read , “Reframing screen performance” by Cynthia Baron and Sharon Marie. A good look at the subject of Theare acting and screen actiong. The book had a few quotes from Henry Fonda ,that was interesting-Directors who start with the camera but leave actors alone to do their
    creative work often see film actors as experts who bring specialized knowl-
    edge and talents to the enterprise. Henry Fonda explains that “they hire the
    best actors they can find and expect a performance from them.” Describing his experience with director Fritz Lang,
    Fonda explains that Lang “would actually manipulate you with his hands” to
    achieve the image that he desired. Anyways have a good day off.

    with love and care,

  8. I’m so happy about your success. It’s quite impossible for me to watch it from Hungary. 🙁 I would be so interested. You’re my one of my favorite actresses and I would love to see you on stage. Is there a DVD or something?

    Jane, are you going to appear at the Oscar this year? I SO want you to. I was so ecstatic to see you at the Globes.

  9. Yay, Jane, a triumph!! I’m so happy for you and the production. Now, about that movie version…

  10. Sounds like you’re on your way to success with this role. Love the ‘play by play’ feel of the actor’s life in this blog. Also, your brain sure is getting a workout with all the memorizing required. I can’t use ‘age’ as an excuse for being ‘lazy’!! Thanks Jane!

  11. I was at the dress rehearsal for “33 Variations” and I loved it! You are the consummate artist/performer. A real thrill to watch you on stage. To go from fully-able-bodied to a cane, then a walker, then a wheel-chair and then your death – a truly amazing performance! I cried, I laughed and I gasped. This is truly a piece of brilliant theatre and I think it would make a great movie and I see “Oscar” written all over it for you. No one but you can play Katherine. You own the role. Thank you so much for your artistry and bringing such quality work to L.A.

  12. Hello Jane,

    Great performace Sunday! The creek flowed well for you…

    It was also an unbelievable performance by Zach Grenier! I loved at the end of the play how he transformed to where you could feel and see Beethoven’s madness.

    The play is brilliant and touches on real topics (ALS)performed with true human emotion!

    Thanks for a great evening….

  13. I just read your profile in the insert advertising 33 Variations from Sunday NYTimes. I am also 71 and have watched your career with interest over the years. After reading about your journey, I felt you were a woman I would really like to know. I am a California girl that has been a movie fan starting with Saturday matinees at age 5.

    I have never had any particular interest in knowing anyone I saw on the screen, but you sound like such an interesting person and your continual efforts to improve your relationships and the world around you is exemplary. Although you have often been an object of scorn, there seems to be a real yearning to grow and help others to do the same.

    Thanks for all the years of enjoyment from you and your acting family.

  14. I am going to your show this Friday and very excited to see you perform. I have heard amazing things about the show. See you soon:)

    • Linda Perry? Richard’s first wife is Linda Perry. Might that be you? If so, let me know.

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