It was a good day. Some breakthroughs.

During a walk with Tulea I couldn’t resist photographing some roots. I love interesting roots.

And I just had to take another picture of the Gehry building, from a slightly different angle. It never fails to move me.

This was a short day for me so I came home and worked with Jen Weinstein, Paula’s niece, running lines for two hours.

About the time we finished, the sun was setting and I found that irresistible too. Believe it or not, this is the view from the room I write in.

For “33 Variations” info and tickets:

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  1. Beautiful photography. Love your view from the Writing Room. Bravo~

  2. beautiful. loved the roots.

  3. Hello Jane,
    Good photo works, I find the pavement interesting as subject matters . The grays line and trash it never is the same in ones mind or place.Sidewalks ,walkways paved surfaces endless subject matter. Roots good views as well.
    A few nice weather days in the southland ,makes a change in the mind ,after the rains come a clear head. Been reading or re-reading the last script sent for your view. I have not read back in a time , and found that I liked it ,keeped me interesting in the story and I cared about the people in the script. I’m starting to see you in the part more , or with a clearness development of the part. I is the Actors work to find the balance of self and role that is there for them to play. I feel good about the script ,it would make a good film ,maybe even even more that good. Don’t forget that you can paint good as well, never seen any drawing,but I would be sure that they would be good as well or better than good.

  4. Nice photos. I love to think about the time it takes for roots to grow the way they do and if they could talk what they would say about their surroundings.

  5. Beautiful thank you for sharing! I love trees with entangled roots. On a different note….please pray for the people and species along the New Madrid Fault line (Tennessee, Arkansas) where thousands of birds and millions of fish are dying

    Many feel a HAARP related event is causing this and could soon trigger a major New Madrid Earthquake. Course there are also simultaneous deaths of wild life (thousands of dead crabs in England yesterday as well as thousands of dead Doves in Italy)

    Thanks Jane. Power of Intent. Power of Prayer. More who are aware….the Greater our chances to Overcome not just this but all evil on this beautiful planet.

  6. The music center and Bilbao by Gehry are breathtaking. Gehry had been hacking away with this type of design for years until computer design technology made it possible. Welcome back to LA Jane

  7. Wow Jane, those are some roots! I think they are bigger than most of the *trees* up here!

  8. I wish you a happy new year and especially a very healthy. xxx
    this picture is excellent roots !

  9. What’s the secret to becoming whole? Just living an examined life? What do you think our purpose in life is? I believe problems come into your life to help you grow into a wiser human being, but sometimes, people get stuck within their problems and this hurts their personal growth. Therefore, one must face their problems head-on. Do you agree? I’m just a 21 year old in Los Angeles who is trying to figure life out and I strongly believe you know what life is all about, Jane.

  10. On adore et moi aussi j’adore l’ambiance.. trop trop bien ! !! rt: comment on arrive au troisième “pic” qui est maghifique ! !! – après les roots – c trop trop class ! !! + music ritnow : “sporto kantes “confused” @ “act 1” CD ) )) .°

  11. me justa mucho

  12. Hi Jane,

    Met your father privately many moons ago in a tiny village in Ontario: Seagrave. He was fabulous. We spoke of you, oddly enough. Anyway, you are truly a marvel. I still cannot get enough of Monster InLaw…will instantly bring me out of any Blue mood not that there are many. Love your work.

    A couple of year’s ago I had the pleasure of visiting Spain for the first time. I took a picture of a Gehry building that just about everybody and his/her brother must photograph…the silver wavy building. My picture tured out like a movable sea. Really nice. The post you did of your home and leaving it behind was fabulous. Looking forward to your next book. Get a leg up girl. Thanks!

  13. The first picture of tree roots is amazing! Think of all of the things that tree has witnessed! I find it beautiful, yet I can also imagine that tree grabbing people and swallowing them whole!

  14. Hi Jane,
    I too cried in front of a building by Frank Gehry, the Guggenheim Bilbao.
    Then I took a few pictures I would now like to share with you:[email protected]/sets/72157625696997573/
    Loved your “roots” photos. Nature is an endless inspiration.
    And I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s an inspiration too.
    All the best,

  15. Jane,
    I love the beautiful photos in this entry.
    Continuing to read your book, “My Life So Far”. Now, I’m into your life with Tom. Similar experiences in my own life shows me that being a movie star didn’t make your life easier than mine own.
    Your life is testament to the fact that experiences and connections are what makes life rich and full. You were able to have it both ways and yet, you seemed happier in the “shack” than you were in your previous more glamorous lifestyle.

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