Our three final cast members, Don Amendolia, Michael Winther and Diane Walsh, have arrived! The family is complete!

Don plays Diabelli, the famous music publisher in Vienna in the mid 1800s, who wrote the original waltz that inspired Beethovan to compose the 33 Variations. Don has been on tour all year as the Wizard of Oz in “Wicked” and Diane is the classical pianist who plays the 33 Variations during the play. It is one of the special things about this play–having her accompany us–as we perform.

Don's back!!!!

Michael Winther covers for Beethoven and is a talented singer. It was he who, in Spring of ’09, wrote the skit for our play to perform at the Broadway Cares Easter Bonnet contest. We won best skit, best bonnet and the prize for raising the most money.

That's Michael Winther talking with our music director. Diane Walsh at the piano

We walked across the street this afternoon to the Ahmanson so we could experience that stage. It’s a bigger theatre than the Eugene O’Neil where we were in NY. We’ll be performing for around 400 to 500 more people every night. That will be an interesting challenge.

It was a good rehearsal day, helped by my having run lines for 2 hours yesterday. I pretty much did my scenes today without holding the script which helped me feel myself getting back into Katherine (my character’s) skin.

I am on a gurney when I sing the Kyrie. Tulea isn't usually there though!

Sam and me.

Then, for the final 2 hours we rehearsed singing the kyrie all together. It still moves me deeply.

Here we all are practicing the Kyrie

I’d like to go home and run lines some more tonight then fall into bed but, instead, we’ll stop by a pre-birthday party dinner for Rod Taylor . . . hey, somebody’s gotta do it!! I can still get in my 8 hours. Can’t function on less.

For “33 Variations” info and tickets:

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  1. Hello Jane ,
    That is another thing about 33 variations, the music. The ideas, character and story are one with the play, but it is about music in the end.
    Music is and has been a social or part of our culture, even Anti-Social Music is Social.
    Been in deep studies about my research on Sir Roger Casement and the Congo brings me back to Francis Ford Coppola Apocalypse Now and the music for the film- The Doors. Of course the story was based on “Heart of Darkness” was a novella written by Joseph Conrad. Before its 1902 publication, it appeared as a three-part series (1899). The horrors that Casement found in the Congo is still part of the social issues in that country today.
    I have been seeing the film script I wrote with you in mind ,more and more as a dark comedy and with comedy and darkness there can be truth told that otherwise people would not be able to see in or understand , as maybe as 33 variations does. Anyways sounds like things are good with you.

  2. Rod Taylor!!! Loved Sunday in New York, I think you kind of dissed it once, but you and Rod had great screen chemistry.

  3. My admiration is long and deep, Ms. Fonda!! AS your peer, I am in awe of your dedication to marching to the rhythm of your heart (with with I identify – not always an eay parade)!

    Jane, your continued stretching of your talents and aspirations is beyond inspirational (I write as a person who’s surmounted significant challenges – in the midst of yet another – only one?? – not given to drivvel), it is a unique perspective to view someone with such depth of character and dedication, yet who never denies her humanity…(the picture of you on a gurney when you sing the Kyrie, with Tulea who isn’t usually there though, is adorable)!

    I wish you every success & a surrounding of positive energy!

  4. Jane,
    I just found your blog and you look wonderful, Darling! I’ve followed your career as it evolved from Barefoot in the Park to work-out tapes and books on wellness in the 80’s. As a silent supporter, I went through youthful protest years and then mature years with a healthy mind and body before I lost sight of your work.
    After many years and a lot of water under the bridge, my daughter just found your recent biography, “My Life So far”! Now she and I are both reading it. I love it!
    Good work and more than that it’s a reflection of where we have been. I’m only half-way through the book. I’m slowly enjoying it. Reading a few pages before I go to bed is like eating a bite of chocolate, one of those delightful moments in the day that I look forward to.
    I’m so pleased with your honesty and reflection recorded in this book. It opens the door to many of us to look at where we have been. It certainly has been interesting times!
    Just another fan rooting from the sidelines,

  5. I was a big fan of your Fitness Book and plan yeas ago and I am now using your new DVD. I just love it and and feel that it is really helping me stay strong and my muscles in good shape.
    I do try and go to 24 Hour Fitness at least twice a week walking the treadmill for 35 minutes and then do the circuit. The other days I walk the treadmill at home and then watch and follow your new DVD.
    I love your gentle presentation and instruction on the DVD and sharing your challenges as well.
    Balance is a problem for me so it helps that you share your struggle as well but show how the excercises that will help improve my balance.

    Thanks for the new program and your inspiration. Your look great and since I am 71 you encourag me to stay strong and fit.

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