It is nice having 2 new cast members–adds unexpected relish.

We got onto our feet today. I remember the blocking (where we are supposed to go within the scenes) but I am surprised by the extent to which I have to work at relearning the lines. I will find someone to run lines with me every evening after rehearsals.

Moises has made some changes –small perhaps, but they make a difference. I am pleased with what they promise… raising the tension between my daughter and me. She (the character) is becoming more of a force on her own. Samantha and I are excited. Moises is such a collaborator. I know when he goes back to NY after we open to mount “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo” with Robin Williams, I will be jealous!

But right now, it’s 4pm and we’ve been at it since 10am and I am wiped. I know, it doesn’t seem long compared to most people’s work hours but it drains.

for more info and tickets visit:

Getting the essential things ready for us to rehearse on our feet

discussing the scene with Moises. (I didn't realize that the stripes on my sleeves are dayglow)

Moises, Zach Grenier who plays Beethoven, Susan Kellerman who is Gertie, the archivist of Beethoven's manuscripts and me

Scott Barrow, actor who stands in for MIke Clark and Anton Schindler

Greg Keller, who plays the nurse Mike, and Samantha Mathis...on their first date

A billboard outside the rehearsal hall

Frank Gehry's Disney Hall!!!!!

Actor Caitlin O'Connell, who is standin for me and Susan

Tulea got groomed yesterday so today was her first day backwith the cast and crew who were all very happy to see her again

And at 7p I have to fulfill a commitment to go to a screening in someone’s home. These are the days when the Oscar ballots are arriving and we all make every effort to see every possible contender.

Actors nominate actors. But in the “general election” for the final winners, we all vote for just about every category.

Any thoughts on best song? Love to hear from you on this.

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  1. I’ve been racking my brain, and no film song really stands out! You could go the easy way and just vote for “Country Strong.” I haven’t seen the movie, but the song is all over TV.

  2. Life is strange, I feel at times that things are connected or joined together because of the greater
    alarm system of the human association. Minds are being related or wired together for some larger idea. The play (33 Variations) examines the creative process, the journey to discover meaning. Moving from the past time and the present. I been writing on Time and the Art and concepts of it, just a few days ago.
    Katherine Brandt ,and Jane Fonda has changed because of growths as Artor and person that is the creative process or the real journey. Sounds like you can add somethng special to this role in at this period of time. I see Katherine and the development of your distinct part in my script, the undercurrent, wanting to learn more ,to understand, a Journalist at heart. I see myself , and my life as a Artist wanted to learn more to understand …. interesting Jane , thanks

  3. It must be great to see all Oscar contenders. I wonder if there aren’t a few films which actually stink, but for some reason, got a nomination. Do you think actors tend to be overly sympathetic or overly critical of others performances?

    I absolutely love your films!

  4. hi Jane,

    I’m now senior flight attendant at Lufthansa and had a ’33 Variations’ moment the other day. I now have to make the on-board announcements and we were actually flying to Cologne/Bonn airport. In your play you fly to Bonn and the audience hears a Lufthansa flight announcement to Bonn. I felt like I was part of the play. πŸ™‚

    As an old actor, I know about re-learning lines and blocking. Did it once for Durang’s The Actor’s Nightmare. It was an interesting experience revisiting a play again.

    Anyway, have fun and I’m trying to get to work an LAX flight in Feb so that I can come and watch the play again.


  5. The play sounds very interesting. I might just have to take a journey out to LA to see it. As for the Oscars, I just love this time of year. I rush out to see any possible Oscar contenders. So far in performance, Natalie Portman is my favorite for Best Actress, Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor, Amy Adams for Best Supporting Actress, and it’s a toss up for Best Actor – James Franco or Colin Firth. Best Picture is a hard call. There are several on the top of my list this year. As for Best Song, I’m going to have to get back to you on that one! Tough, tough call.

  6. Do you like the idea that the Academy Awards now has 10 Best Picture nominations, or did you prefer when it was 5?

  7. Jane, I will be happy to run lines with you, anytime.

  8. I love the song from “Tangled” that the villain mother sings, “Mother Knows Best”. I like it when the songs are used in the movie and not just to play over the credits at the end.

  9. Haven’t seen the movie but I love the soundtract!
    How about Cher: You haven’t seen the last of me…

  10. Very excited to see the play (and happy you are posting about it).

    After being “in lights” for so many years, what do you feel/think when you see your name and face on signs and marquees?

  11. I’m so glad to see you back at what you love. I used to work in TV (behind the camera)and a workout isn’t a workout till you put yourself out there like is done in theatre. Any live event is draining and exhilarating at the same time. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

  12. Regarding Best Song – I really like John Legend’s Shine from Waiting for Superman.

    PS – I am from Troy, NY and knew Maureen Stapleton, who was also from Troy. I actually held the Oscar that she won for Reds. I remember you were nominated with her that year.

  13. It is very exciting to be able to follow this venture from inside your blog – Thank you for the commitment. & wishing you all good energy and alertness to deliver your message to the fullest.

  14. I can’t wait to see the show. thank you for sharing with us your rehearsal process, you are truly my Idol Ms. Fonda!
    Break a leg!!!

  15. Congrats on one year of blogging!

  16. I meant congrats on “2” years! Where does time go??!!

  17. Little One by Lucy Schwartz for “Mother and Child”. Amazing song from a moving film. Here’s a link in case you can’t remember the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0pQSxiPjrA

  18. Whatever song plays during the closing credits of True Grit.
    I can’t stop humming it.
    Just got my parents “33” tickets today. I may fly down from San Francisco to see it again. I was at closing night in NYC.
    An evening of theater and a performance I’ll never forget.
    Someone isn’t getting soggy…ever!

  19. Best Song? “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” by Cher!

  20. Jane, I note from these photos that the set-up in the rehearsal studio references Derek McLane’s fantastic sets for the Broadway production. He is such a brilliant artist, and I had the opportunity to work with him when he visited Harvard University last fall to participate in a workshop I put together for students interested in designing for the stage. He used “33 Variations” as a case study, taking the students through the process of analyzing the script, conferring with the director, developing initial concepts and working with his team to realize his vision of the world of the play. How great that you’re now recreating that world in Los Angeles…best wishes and break a leg! P.S. Oscar for Best Song: “We Belong Together” by Randy Newman, from “Toy Story 3” (I’d vote for anything Randy Newman composes).

  21. Tulea,
    You’ve got to have a talk with your Mom. I know she’s busy, busy, busy with the play and all, but she’s not been updating your blog. So I’m writing on her blog hoping my message will get to you!

    You’ve got to check out my new greeting cards starring, who else but me…and since you and I are so much alike, almost identical, in my humble opinion, I know you are going to want some to send out. (I’ll even give you permission to say the pictures are of you.)

    My cards are both on my blog http://www.theroxiewag.com and also on http://www.etsy.com (my shop is called The Roxie Wag)

    You’ve got to go have a look both on
    theroxiewag.com and now also on etsy.com.

    Roxie xox

    Maybe someday we can meet. I think we may have a few friends in common…you know the whole ‘9 Degrees’ of separation thing…works for us dogs as to you know…and I imagine that, there are ’33 Variations’ of that as well. &:)

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