Jane Fonda on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Click here to watch the full episode Available Until: 12/18/2010

episode aired 12/02/10

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  1. I imagine being interviewed by a comedian is the most difficult type of interview to do since they probably are very unpredictable, yet you did a FANTASTIC job! You looked great AND sounded great! Just curious, in your lifetime, what interview made you the most nervous? (Though I can’t imagine you being nervous at all.)

  2. Hello Jane,
    Very good Jay Leno Tonight Show, enjoyed it
    Jay and I are the same age, has a interesting view of life.
    Sounds like things are going well, with the projects , I hope that
    CAA Ben Dey come up with a good producer for the film project.
    Having written the script with you in mind and seeing how well your
    doing and looking , you do fit the part as written ,very well.
    Over The Tweeted script that ran 100 pages, I did come up with a few new
    lines that pull the story even tighter ,little things.
    I have not heard if a producer is interested in this project from CAA ,yet
    I could see the fact sheets running up some dollars , not a cheap production.
    action and drama going on , and a good producer is hat the heart.
    good to see you doing so well,


  3. Wish they had mentioned your blog. You have worked very hard to keep it up. Love it. Thank you.

  4. I taped your appearance on the Jay Leno Show, and couldnt get over how “scary startling skinny” you looked. I hope that you are okay-cause it was alarming to my mom and I who who watched it, and are great admirers of you and your work. Hope you are truly healthy, because you looked very gaunt. There is just a difference I noticed from a year ago when you did other appearances and etc, and you looked great and natural then. And then this year of 2010 you sort of changed all together….in your overall look and got much skinnier looking. Just concerned being a former person who has struggled with eating disorder issues myself. Hope all is well ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I thought the interview was very uncomfortable. Nothing to do with you but with him. I’ve been to the show and have met him, know he is a nice guy…but…the whole — I’ll be hard when we come back from this commercial — & other things he said were truly embarrasing. But you handled it like the pro that you are. BTW, Regis seems to be having the same problem! There seems to be an epidemic going around.

  6. I agree with Julia’s comment. I thought Jay’s comments were crude and out-of-place. You handled yourself beautifully.

  7. Hi Jane (Richard too,)

    You were totally awesome on Leno! I almost called to let you know how much I enjoyed it, but of course, it was late.

    And, Coach, I loved the movie clip of you and Leno. Sylvia told me all about it!!!!!


  8. you have the most greatest sense of humour I always liked, ms. fonda
    thank you for sharing these pictures
    you are

  9. OUPS, wrong button

    I was going to add, you are a real lady, and I have admired you for a very long time

  10. Beauty and grace, polish and finesse, and so nimble with those whacky questions – thank you for a great show of prowess in a “woman” power sort of way, with respect and candor all mixed in, so as to let him have a fair interview, and never let your self lose patience nor be trod upon.
    xox si c’est permis!

  11. I mostly watch Conan (is that on your press junket?) but I think many stars today can learn from you regarding how to handle a bad interviewer without losing class and dignity.

  12. I havent watched the jay leno clip but i just watched an opera interview after 30 minutes in. I was born in 73. I was not turned on to home work out vids yet but even I being raised on a farm in the middle of no where had heard of you.
    Many years later you are a testimony of all that you have accomplished in health and beauty practices. I just have to say, your hair style is stunning great choice. I am a yoga teacher I teach only privately. My background formally is Iynegar based. However I began informally as a child driven by the desire to be a gymnist so everyday i was my own coach. later was an athlete and then personal trainer and now teacher.
    I am amazed that you are 73 recently Happy birthday!!! seriously though your posture is regal and strong. What you have said in the brief time I have listened just now is transformational about about embodiment. I can totally relate with the process of learning now to accept oneself and in due time the embodiment happens. For me I have been leaving my body abandoning me when I get really strung out on survival needs.
    so When I feel that process happening in my body its hard to stay present but breathing takes me on the journey of integration. your chair exercise is a great tantric exercise to do with your partner…if you want to know more about that i will dish my secret. I am learning from you about intimacy and what you mean by being at a place where you can put your whole self out there. A movie clip was moving and I found myself totally relating. Connected to forgiveness…the choice not to be a victim anymore..to choose not to be a victim for the rest of life..but to resurrect from the ashes into a new being empowered and strong relearning and rethinking life like a child again.
    everything fresh thanks for keeping it real yo… ๐Ÿ™‚ i also love that you and your partner dance every night..so thank you for your time and thank you for being a bright light in the universe.

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