Whoa, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I blogged—since Burlesque. I’ve been so swamped doing all the PR for my new exercise DVDs. You understand, it’s not just showing up at a studio and doing Leno or Ellen or Ferguson, or …It’s a team effort (and if I look good on the shows it is the team that is responsible: Matthew for the hair, Karen or Elan for the makeup)…it takes a village. Then driving in L.A. Traffic to the various studios—that whole process from beginning to end is, like, 4 hours or more. Yesterday I did a photo shoot and interview for PEOPLE-that was 4 hours and change. Plus, I gotta get my daily workout in, and answer my mail and polish the book here and there (man! It’s hard to just let it go!)

And there’s work-related meetings—that part I love, especially story meetings with a group of talented people who leave their egos at the door. You feel free to make all sorts of suggestions knowing that if they’re not good, someone will tell you and visa versa. My BBF, film producer Paula Weinstein and I had one of those story brainstorming sessions with some wonderful writers last week. What fun!! Hopefully I can reveal more when the time is ripe. Stay tuned!

Then there was Lisa Nova. I got so many comments on my blog telling me I just had to have lunch with Lisa Nova, a major Youtube/social media maven. So I checked it out. Rather I had my blogmeister, the awesome social media entrepreneur, James Andrews, check her out. Of course he knew all about Lisa and was , like, OMG…you gotta do this. So I did. It wasn’t lunch. I was doing Leno and she was—well, busy doing her myriad things involving her company, videos, etc etc.

I didn’t know what to expect, though James assured me she wasn’t psycho. Around 7:30pm, in walks this gorgeous blonde—I mean movie star beautiful, but in a 100% natural way—with her brother who filmed everything from the first moment on a flip and a camera man with lights and regular camera. We moved some of Richard’s furniture, sat down in front of a roaring fire and began talking. No food (sorry Lisa) but my favorite polish vodka. She is very smart, easy to be with, someone I hope to stay friends with.

In a week or so, she is going to interview me on camera about my new DVDs. It’ll be live on Ustream. If you are a blogger interested please reach out to James Andrews ([email protected])

Tonight I’m going to a Christmas party at Jennifer Aniston’s. I will try to remember to bring a camera and then get a feel for the vibe—if it’s camera friendly.

I have one and a half more weeks of heavy duty press stuff and then, whew, I will collapse and have fun…walk more, read more, wrap Christmas presents (I shop all year so don’t have to hustle for gifts in Dec). xxxxxxx

P.S. Looking for a nanny for your kids? Laura Masseur was nanny for my 2 grandchildren in Atlanta and I was very impressed. You can contact her at [email protected]

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  1. I simply adore you Ms. Fonda.Your book “my Life So Far” was fabulous. Thanks for blogging with us.

  2. hello Jane, you do have some real Hollywood lifestyle going on ,now-a-days.
    Talk about Paula Weinstein, real fine producer, nice to see a woman who knows what she is doing and is doing it good. I think that her Filmography shows a good choice of material, looks like she learns and gets better on each production,that the type of person I like to know. I wish someone like that could have a real interest in my script, and she understands you and your one ot the a main person that I wrote script for. I have a few ideas been working on for a few years, funny I always get this feeling and tell myself ” This has to be make into a film”. Mybe it is ego or self importance on my part, but the projects I feel to have importance have social concerns. Maybe a few great films stand out and a few great words can say so much about life and the human conditions, when you put the right people to say them, it last and can change people.

  3. Jane, I enjoy your blog so much. I feel like you write it yourself…which means I can comment directly to you. I just watched the Tonight Show you were on and I have to put in my two-cents worth. I was shocked by Jay Leno’s sleazy attitude! Seriously. I haven’t watched him for years, but I felt like he was disrespectful to you. If you felt that way inside, you managed to hide it well. I applaud you for that. Shame on him. Perhaps he was sexually attracted to you in that moment, but his behavior reminded me of a high school boy. Stupid. You were lovely, gracious.

  4. Thanks once again for your wonderful blogs.
    Thanks for sharing your life Jane.

    Love Derek

  5. I love u!!!!Your biography was the best one i have EVER read..what a life!

  6. My sweet Lord,
    I didn’t know you blogged!?!?
    You are my idol!!!!


    I have to start reading back.

    When did you start blogging now!?!?

    *faints again*

  7. Jane,

    Your new Walk Out DVD arrived right on time. I pre-ordered it from Amazon.

    I haven’t watched it yet, but plan to get started next week. I’m having my 66th birthday on December 21st, and am looking forward to using it.


  8. Since you don’t like watching yourself on television, I have to tell you, you did an awesome job on Jay Leno. You had that quick wit and humor that makes an interview with a comedian so good! Now that I realize that your two new exercise videos (DVDs) are meant for older people, I have to ask what DVD you suggest for a 40 year old who has exercised in the past, but not as intensly as she should. (That’s me.) In the past I have given up on exercise videos too quickly, because I always felt I couldn’t keep up with the instructor, therefore I would get frustrated. Suggestions? I want to get fit or at least healthy quick!

  9. SO sweet to recommend the nanny. You sound busy and happy. I just finished your autobiography, My Life Until Now, I think was the title. I was impressed by many of your insights about your examined life, as you called it. Thank you for writing so well and so deeply. I made many connections to my own life while reading, which is one of the things good writers do so well.

    After reading your book, I can honestly say I respect you for your courage and for continuing to follow your convictions. How many times in my own life have I simply done what was expected of me and lost myself in the process? Yet, for me as well, there has always been a day of reckoning when those who sought to control me found I had found my voice, had found my courage, and had moved on in my attempt to be true to myself.

    Thank you for writing one of the most insightful books I have ever read, (and I’ve read plenty :)) and best wishes towards your future endeavors.

  10. Missed you! Am going too buy your DVD’s and book when it come sout!!!

  11. When you retired from acting in the 1990s, did you find your life to be as busy as it seems to be now? By the way, I missed the years you were absent from films and am thrilled you are back. My mom took me to see “On Golden Pond” when I was 11 and my love of film began.

  12. Dear Jane,
    Know that you are an inspiration to SO MANY WOMEN and I am so proud of you.
    I have admired you for many years and continue to do so.
    As we all move through the ‘Gift of Life’ and the challenges that we meet along the way, like you, I remain focused and driven. My focus is also to acknowledge the aspects and strengths of our femininity, and always with kindness to all.

    I loved your book, “My life so far”. Many of your readers can see themselves, within the experiences that you have bravely shared with us all. As one of my friends said to me; it is called LIFE!

    I share your philosophy of caring for your body and you just look fantastic! I certainly appreciate the dedication that health requires and you are well researched within your approach, and your videos are excellent. WELL DONE and thank you for inspiring us all again, to be the best that we can be!

    May I conclude Jane, by thanking you for your continuing empowerment of women.
    I wish you and your family and friends, and Richard, a ‘Joyous Christmas’
    Happy holidays, as they say in the states.
    All the very best, Kathy Nobilo
    {New Zealand}

  13. Saw your interview on Oprah. You look magnificent! Read your book “My Life So Far”. It was released the same year as my accident, 2005. There were so many touchpoints in your writing that named a quality or experience I’ve noted, but have not been able to explain. For example, the differences between midwestern & southern women – an explanation of why I sometimes stick out like a sore thumb living in the south! Also, your comment about Ted Turner needing the presence of a partner to affirm his existence – an astute observation applicable to many men & women I’ve known. Thank you for your writing – one of the most interesting books I’ve read in a long time!

    • Donna, what was your question? I do not answer all questions, only the ones I feel I can respond to in a helpful way. Some I do not know how to respond to but I post the questions any way.xx jane

  14. Thank you so much for the mention Jane! It’s been such a pleasure knowing you all 🙂 If anyone is interested I am currently looking for another extended family!

  15. Jane,

    I know you travel a lot and I was curious and hoping you would comment on your feelings about the new screening procedures at our airports – have you had to undergo the patdown procedure? Thank you!

    • I get wander every time I go thru security because of my new knee and hip. It doesn’t bother me.

  16. When is the movie you made in France coming out in the USA?

  17. I sure hope you are actually considering a television series!!! That would be fantastic!!! Movie star greats such as Sally Field and Glenn Close have made television viewing a whole lot better! You would be the icing on the cake!

  18. Dear Jane, I am so happy that you are back in movies also! We did so enjoy “Monster-in Law” You were so great. I bet you enjoyed making that with Jen Lopez!! Thank you for caring for older ladies also. You must be a very nice person! I AM 75 years old, but feel like I am 35, because I have danced all my life. Just stopped teaching last year, because I broke my foot, but it is better and I still tap dance.
    I was a childhood entertainer, and on the stage 75 times, before I was 7 yrs old. I just finished my book, telling how my Mother made me practice 5 hours a day starting at 2 1/5 years old. I have had 3 nervous breakdowns, 3 husbands, almost raped and murdered, and how my
    Guardian Angels have saved my life many times. I tell all the details and I would love for you to read it, as I think it would be a good TV series. All there is on TV now is detective programs galore!! I have my book registered with the Writers Guild of America. PLEASE HELP ME AND MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE. PLEASE Thank You!! Mary T. Hennings

  19. Jane,
    I love what you are doing for the baby boomers… that’s me. I just turned 60. I decided a few months before that by my 60th birthday I will be teaching spin classes at my gym. I have taken spin classes for 15 or more years so I knew I was ready. I did my certification and started teaching. It was my goal to show the younger group that being older doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and stay fit side by side with them. We have a great time in class. I LOVE working hard and pushing my class.
    I find that my age group has given up… they think that if they aren’t fit now it’s not going to happen. That was part of my plan – to be an example of what we can do at any age.

    Once again you are in touch with what’s going on around you.
    You have always been an inspiration to me. I could see myself in you many years ago.

    I would love to be apart of what your doing at some point.


  20. Jane,

    I’m SO looking forward to meeting you once again today at your relaunch event. I first met you about 30 years ago when you still had the Workout on Robertson and I was in an aerobics class that you were teaching. I guess that dates me to be in my early 20s way back then, LOL.

    Today I’m bringing my 13 year-old triplets to meet you so they can be inspired by the woman who started to aerobics craze! Welcome back and I look forward to seeing all the new products you’re rolling out.


  21. Katharine Hepburn always said that she lived for work and that work keeps you going. Obviously you know that, but its amazing what she was able to do and how that rubbed off on you. You are a role model not only to women, Miss Fonda.

  22. Today we started an exercise program in our retirement village. We all come to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas to get away from the severe weather in our home states.
    We had about 12 people show up at 9:00 am. That gives us a good start for the day. Our blood is pumping, muscles pliable and our minds are more alert, now.
    We do have a few suggestions for exercise in our age group. A few things should be stressed. I noticed you did stress going at you own pace. However, my doctor said you should NEVER come to a complete stop suddenly in the middle of an active session. It can cause your heart to stop. He said to walk around, slowly, until your heart beat slows. Again, though you checked the rate at the beginning, you did not stress taking it in the middle of the session. That is a good indicator of your bodies handling of the session. Wearing a monitor is, also, a good idea. We have women between 60 and 85. Some of these women have not been physical active for several years.
    One more suggestion and I will quit. In this generation, exercising should always be done with flexed knees. It can ruin the knee joints if they are completed with the knees stiff.
    It was a very thorough workout. We all felt more alive after the session. We meet again on Thursday. If we have carried on at home in-between, we should all be better more relaxed.

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