Roger Perry just sent me more photos from our weekend with Sylvia in Salem, Oregon

Richard with his brother Fred who I spent time with when I was filming in Woodstock, NY, this summer. He lives there and has a music store there

Caroline, partner of brother Roger, Mark, cousin to the Perry brothers who flew in from Florida for the occasion, and Heidi, Fred’s partner

Heidi and Fred

Erin and Sylvia. Erin is Richard’s niece, daughter of Andrew. She is on my blog from last year, only then she had bright orange and purple hair. This looks better, I think. But that’s just ol me.

Mark and Fred

Sylvia showing us her Peripole musical instrument factory

Sylvia playing the piano for us with Caroline in background.

Can’t resist this picture of Andrew, the brother who runs the company now, in partnership with Sylvia

me fooling around with Randy Gurule’s braid

Mo, the woman who is the main caretaker of Sylvia who, herself, is undergoing chemo for cancer

Touring the retirement Community with Sylvia. That’s her cottage in the background.

Here’s Roger, the photographer-brother


Randy’s wife who runs the Community Center’s kitchen

Me and Sylvia

Fluffy, Mo’s hubby


Another one of Mo

Fred Perry

As the press has reported today, I had a scare with a non-invasive breast cancer but it is ALL OUT NOW!!! I am so lucky. We got it early and it was, as I said, non-invasive. I want to thanks my friends and fans who have written beautiful letters. It has meant a lot to me.

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  1. my heart sunk to my toes today when I read your name and the word cancer in the same sentence. So thankful and happy for you and yours (talking your family here and not just your “girls” haha) that you are healthy!!! love you heaps!

  2. I have to say Jane , from the looks on your face , you must have had a interesting time.
    I live in Salem , for about a year in the early 1960’s went to school there. I could spend a year just painting the people that you meet ,let alone take photos.
    A kind of eary work of life, almost midwest, check out this home film of the 1938-39 very interesting

    [Amateur films: Ivan Besse collection: Britton, South Dakota 1938-39] (Part II) (1938)

    ( Jane was in contact with CAA Ben Dey, how are you doing?)

  3. Thanks Jane; These are great…so glad to hear you’re doing Ok, in regard to your own health dear..TJ

  4. I read with dismay your comments for the SECOND time on the hair color of Richard’s niece Erin. LEAVE THAT GIRL ALONE!! It is not your business to comment on her hair. How dare you demean a beautiful teenage girl who has the right to express herself anyway she likes! Does Sylvia know how you keep putting down a beloved member of her family? You work with young girls and try to support them and build their self esteem and you cruelly put down a teenage girl who is finding her way in this world. SHAME ON YOU and keep your awful comments to yourself.

  5. Jane, this is the first that I have heard of your breast cancer scare. I am so glad that you are well and that everything is okay. I send you lots of love and best wishes. I will also send you some long distance Reiki, which should help things along. Lots of love.

    Philip Cairns

  6. jane, you are an icon. when i was growing up, you meant so much to me… as an actress, an activist, a daughter. i was a teen in the 70’s, (in greenwich village!) and i think i really benefited from there being so many talented, smart, ambitious, interesting, beautiful-in-many-different ways role models. you, diane keaton, jill clayburgh (sad), sally field, goldie hawn… i wish there were more women like this for my daughter to look up to. (though she loves tina fey and amy poehler, so there’s that!) and now that i’m beginning to get older, i can thank you for making exercise something i needed to learn to force myself to do. although i’m not as dedicated as i wish i were, the fact that i started in my 20’s has REALLY paid off. (i mean, i took classes at your studio on robertson). i’m so glad you’re healthy. you’re the same age as my mom, another beautiful interesting etc. role model. i just LOVE women from your generation! thank you for changing the world for me.

  7. Your in my prayer. Stay strong. God bless.

  8. Dear Jane,

    I went through the hard decisions with my Mom on breast cancer and my heart stopped when I heard you were undergoing a procedure. You are brave and I am thankful it was benign. It is like being given another life to live.



  9. These are great pictures of Richard’s family! Sylvia is amazing to me. She’s a real trooper!

    I heard the news yesterday and was concerned about you!! So glad the surgery went well! You’ve been in my thoughts, Jane!! Take care!:)

  10. Jane, was shocked to hear of your cancer scare! But I am so glad that you are cancer free! Just lost my first cousin to breast cancer a week ago and have a friend fighting it right now. I just love your blog and you. You will be added to my prayers. By the way you look wonderful!!! You are such an inspiring person. Take care and enjoy the holidays. Ellen P.S. I pre-ordered your new fitness dvd last week. Can’t wait, I worked out to the old one years ago.

  11. Whew, that was close! As a (from 1996) cancer survivor, my heart skipped a beat when I heard/read of your attack by breast cancer. It regained traction when I heard/read of your win! Every positive healing energy wish!

  12. They say ‘everything happens for a reason’ you agree? Your cancer scare has once again made me more aware of my not doing the self-exams recommended once a month. Could you have detected yours with a self-exam or a mammogram? Am thankful all turned out so well for you, your loved ones and your blogger friends!

    • No, Millie, I could not have detected my non-invasive cancer by self exam. But it is gone now! I am lucky!

  13. Dear Jane,

    I was so sorry to learn from your blog that you had a breast cancer scare….but so glad that is over. I read your blog every day and so enjoy hearing about all your activities. You are the best. Years ago I exercised with you every day…then for years with Denise Austin…79 and enjoying good health thanks in part to all of that exercising. Being married for 55 years helps a lot, too. 🙂

    Stay healthy and happy.

  14. so glad all turned out well. The press here (Portland, OR and Crescent City, CA) seemed to have missed the story.

    • I am so happy to hear you are cancer free. I’m sure it was scary with what you had to go through. I believe there is a reason for everything that happens to each of us. I’m not sure why anyone is put through such trying things as health issues, but most people come out of it stronger. As for you, I think you are meant to be healthy so that you can go about your important work here on earth, both with family and with all of your causes . . . . and of course early detection helps. 🙂 Take care of yourself! We need you to be healthy!

  15. is reading your blog I learn that your cancer
    I’m sorry for you, but I’m very happy for you in your healing. Thank you God !
    Vous avez subi une intervention chirurgicale ?
    Avez-vous un traitement ? I hope not…it’s not necessary !
    Take good care of yourself

    • Florence, surgery, yes. What’t called a lumpectomy. They got it all!! I feel blessed. It wasn’t something I couldnhave detected with self exam.

  16. Ms. Fonda, I was so pleased to hear that your health scare was merely that, a scare. I must tell you that although we are strangers and light years away from similar lives (I’m a 37 year.old stay at home mom!)I have always felt such a deep love and admiration for you. Your resembelance to my mother is uncanny and its an odd thing to notice but you have the same exact hands. She died when I was 18, so you see, I am naturally drawn to your beauty and sweet spirit. May God Bless you and all your endeavors.

    • Thank you, Melissa. Funny, but you are the 2nd person this week who has told me my hands reminds them of their mother!

  17. When you said something about an MRI .. I had a feeling it was something like that. Glad you are doing well.

  18. Very happy to hear your all fine!
    It’s always a help to relay this kind of experience so that people know there can always be positive outcomes.
    Sadly though, one more reason to address healthcare system in the U.S. so that more happy outcomes are possible.

  19. and you do it all with grace and a smile…thank you for sharing ~

  20. Dear Jane Fonda, I’m writting from Brazil and it’s very nice to know you’re fine. I just want to tell you I loved the interview at Oprah. Amazing. You’re a very charming, clever and inspiring woman. Your words touched my heart and my soul. Tks

  21. I just read the story and comments on your,recovering after breast cancer. I feel so happy for your recovering , and that your doctors were so confident. I do worry about that issue, for women. I always like what Hellen Keller has to comment on life:
    “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”
    My best to you Jane ,stay strong and well.


  22. Dear Jane, just recalled reading this not long ago , you may fine of Interest

    Published Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 7:38 AM

    The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, which is located in Dublin

    Irish scientists have discovered a way of predicting the return of breast cancer to a patient through biological reaction to breast cancer treatment.

    Medical specialists believe that after medical treatment, up to 30 percent of breast cancer patients usually see their cancer return.

    A team of scientists led by Dr Lenie Young at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland has developed a “biomarker” which tells doctors how well a patient will react to cancer treatment.

    “We have identified a biomarker in blood that can help predict what kind of treatment is best suited to each patient. Once someone is diagnosed, their blood can go to the hospital lab and the results will give the consultant a clear picture very quickly,” said Young.

    Breast cancer is the second most common form of caner in Ireland with over 1,700 people diagnosed in Ireland each year.

    The “biomarker” could potentially save the lives of thousands of people around the world.

    Doctors will be able to tailor make drugs and prescriptions for patients as they will be able to predict their biological reaction to such medications.

    The predictive markers effectively give the medical world an early detection system for breast cancer. The early detection treatment is a relatively quick and cheap process, doctors will be able to predict a patients reaction to cancer drugs, several hours after they are tested.

    Young and her team hope to have the “biomarker” legalized within the next three years, and they are currently seeking a commercial partner to test and produce the discovery.

    Stay well,

    love and care,

  23. I was so shocked to read the news, but immediately relieved and happy for you that you are okay. I admire you so much and always have. You are not only talented and beautiful, but an inspiration and great role model. I must selfishly admit that another reason I enjoy watching you, is because you are the spitting image of my best friend who passed away last year. Same mannerisms, same face, same voice, same personality, AND just like a previous post..same hands! Uncanny! I watched “monster-in-law” the other day for the sixth time,(one of many movies of yours I thoroughly enjoy), you are just the best, and I hope we can see you in many more movies. Both dramatic and comedic, your timing is superb and your talents totally entertaining. Sure hope we can see more of you. Keep on looking good and all the very best of health to you!

  24. Oh what a relief to hear that your OK. Take care.

  25. Hi Jane,
    Well after being on vacation for 2 weeks in South Africa with hardly any TV or newspapers, it was a shock indeed when I landed in Germany this morning and saw the headlines in the celebrity section about you.
    I’m so glad that here on your blog it seems to be much less dramatic than what I read this morning on the plane. Thankfully.
    Still it must have been a bit of a shock for you. But it’s good that you’ve got loving family and friends to support you.
    Stay strong and healthy!! We need you to stay around for a long time yet.
    Take care

  26. Am delighted that you are doing great. You are our Hero. And we need you. You keep things honest and thats why we love you. Quick question…I just loved you in that long white gown you wore to the 1993 Oscars….do you still have it? I noticed you recently in that stunning dress when you were hostess at the Oscars with Alan Alda….Do you keep all the gowns.or only the ones you love? Any chance you will be a Presenter at next years Oscars? Hope so! Keep well and much love from a Fan in New Zealandxxxxxx

  27. You are so blessed to not have had to have treatments for your cancer. Congratulations on being cancer free!

  28. Dear Jane,
    That is such great news that you’re fine and it’s all out – whew!!

    Didn’t get a chance to mention it on the Oprah show post but you were just fantastic on the show. Keep up the good work as you’re such an inspiration!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…

    Mill Valley, California

  29. Dear Jane,

    So pleased to hear that you are fine. I so much enjoy reading your blog and look forward to seeing your two new films. You continue to inspire me and I have learned a great deal from you.
    Your interivew with Oprah was terrific and you look smashing.


  30. Will pray for your continued health and vitality. Your grace and beauty are an inspiration to me. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite got used to this aging thing yet. Your example is a blueprint of how to do it right. God be with you…

  31. You are blessed! And always beautiful, upbeat and gracious through it all – what a wonderful example you give to others, and what an inspiration you are to me, 54 and telling myself thanks to people like you that I am vibrant and have so much to live for still. That life is full of wonders and possibilities though there may be shoals and rocks to navigate around – there is a lot of happy sailing ahead… May you stick around for a long time yet, and continue to enrich the lives of so many of us!

    Mes voeux les meilleurs pour votre santé, tant physique que mentale, et bien sûr, pour votre bonheur…

  32. Glad to hear your surgery went well. We all still expect wonderful things from you.

  33. Godspeed, Jane!! I’m putting out good energy for you to stay cancer free!!!

  34. Hey, Jane. I did not hear about this down under. They usually report things on you, but not this! I am so sorry to hear this, hope you will be okay. My family is full of the Big C on both sides of the gene pool. Thinking of you.

  35. Glad to hear your surgery went well and you’re okay. Wondered why you were having an MRI. You will be around for a long time to come.

  36. so wonderful all is well with breast cancer due to early detection. Now if we can all say “I Love my Vagina!” and self exam that as well 🙂 Another great article from Eve Ensler…..on World Aids Day:

  37. You are a fighter for so many things, I am glad you are still with us, showing who’s boss.

  38. Hi,

    I’m Erin’s mom, Valerie, wife of Andrew, daughter-in-law to Sylvia, Richard’s sister-in-law. At least till further change, Erin has her beautiful pink/purple/blue color hair back to honor her niece Pai who turned three this week. Erin’s hair has been “rainbow” since the first day of
    6th grade (she’s now a junior). She sparkles and exudes friendliness wearing this “natural” hair color. Dying her hair brown has been like becoming the mother of a shy little mouse. Seems like all my daughters need to find their own colors; one has blue hair, the other a red she was not born with. They are confident as artists and community members serving beauty and advocacy for both art and kindness. For above, this family you are now part of are loving and kind. And at least my daughters smile brighter with bright trusses that match their hearts.

  39. Ah, was glad to go back a bit in your blog to find this post….about Sylvia, and about the cancer that you mentioned later in your blog.

    Thank God the lumpectomy was a total success and you are cancer-free now.

    Was so interested to see this family time was in Salem, Oregon. My husband works there and we live in Silverton, 15 miles away!

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