Victoria Rowell and me

Victoria Rowell and me

actor, writer Victoria Rowell, her husband, the artist Radcliffe Bailey, and their daughter

Grabbing a moment to catch up with Viva

This is me with artist Radcliffe Bailey

James Andrews and daughter Skye. James is on the GCAPP board and is responsible for me being a blogger!!

Ruby Dee did this clock

Tyler Perry, a hero of mine, did this clock based on his hit movie 'For Colored Girls' and my friend, Lyn Ross who runs Dermed Spa, bought it.

Blue Medspa had this clock donated. Cool, huh?

Queen Latifah did this clock and my friend and fittness partner, Jeanette Jenkins (The Hollywood Trainer) brought it to the party and then went and bought the Sidney Poitier clock!

The great glass artist, Hans Frabel, made this gorgeous clock...all glass!!!

These are the Myers...Rick (a board member) and Lisa. They are over-the-top generous and always buy a bunch of clocks. I think their home may be wallpapered with them!

Dolly, Lily and I shipped this poster back and forth till we had all signed it, then it became a clock and my friend, Sharon Maxwell Ferguson bought it.

G-CAPP's CEO, Michele Ozumba and CBS reporter, Adam Murphy

Jeanette Jenkins with Adam Murphy, right after she won the Sidney Poitier clock and was explaining the Queen Latifah clock which she brought with her.

My friend, the rapper Big Boi, hamming it up with auctioneer, Uladia Taylor (an excellent auctioneer!) and Adam Murphy

My friend, actor Phaedra Parks, now on ;Desperate Housewives of Atlanta' bidding for the Sidney Poitier clock. Phaedra was on the Gallapagos trip with us a year ago.

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  1. what can I say love the event the clocks , you go to the best things Jane, very interesting hope you sold a few things to keep it all runing along.

  2. I have read a little bit more about G CAPP and was very impressed! I love how it is stated that the best contraceptive is hope. I originally thought G CAPP was just another typical program to prevent teenage pregnacy by encouraging teens to use protection. Now I see that it goes much, much deeper than that. I see that it looks at how poverty, unemployment, violence, drugs, school drop out, etc., all plays into pregnancy. Bravo! That is a program to really take a look at. I will certainly be reading more into it. Has G CAPP ever considered looking at expanding into other states? Or are there similar programs in other states? Since G CAPP has taken action, has the state of Georgia seen changes in statistics?

    • When G-CAPP started (I founded it 16 years ago) Georgia had the highest teen birth rates in the U.S. Now we have dropped to # 10. That is still unacceptably high. Frankly, we would have done better had we not had those 8 miserable years (2000-2008) when no medically accurate, age appropriate, evidence-based sexual health education was allowed in most schools. When, in fact, inaccurate, fear-based sexuality education was government funded making it very hard for money-strapped schools who had to use what they were given for free. We are working to make up for this now, but what a terrible waste of time and lives. I wish we could use Georgia’s G-CAPP as a template for other states. Right now, at least, we barely have enough funds to do what we need to do in GA, much less replicate elsewhere. I hope this will change. But with the economy in the shape it’s in, it is hard to imagine that many states can afford to replicate as comprehensive a program as ours. in the meantime, every person can see every teenager they cross paths with as someone to mentor and help and love. Love gives hope, and, as you said by quoting our motto “Hope is the best contraception.”

      • Well, I hope that someday a program such as G CAPP can be found in every state. Every life it affects makes a chain reaction to helping others. It is sad that we need to find the cheapest, quickest fix for many issues. Later it usually turns out that these “fixes” really ended up costing more money, because they didn’t go deep enough into the problem, therefore the issue was never fixed! And the fact that many programs have been cut during these stressful economic times, which ironically are the times when these programs would be most valuable, really in the long run will cost the country more!
        I feel like I have become a student of yours even though I have never met you one-to-one. I have learned so much from you. It is like you have lit a fire under me, making me want to become much more active as a voice for those who are not heard! My frustration has been to what cause do I dedicate my time. My heart is torn in so many directions, with so many issues being seen across the country and world. What I have learned, though, from you is that so many of these issues are actually intertwined. One problem causes another. They all seem to interweave in one way or another. I also learned from you that first I must educate myself. I can’t run out and educate others, when I don’t understand an issue completely myself. I see that you research, research, and then research more. You are constantly teaching yourself, which is the first step that anyone should take. So thank you for educating me in so many ways. I look forward to learning more! (I have a feeling I write too much for responding to a blog, but I can’t help myself!)

  3. Bonjour Jane,

    En me connectant ce matin, je lis de vos nouvelles concernant votre santé (heureux de savoir que vous allez bien), et découvre que vous avez un blog. Ayant envie de vous parler depuis longtemps, je poste ce message afin de voir si c’est bien vous (et pas un “fan club”) qui répondez. J’espère que non car j’apprécie la personnalité que vous montrez en publique, une femme “investie” par ces idées qui semblent proches des miennes.
    Aussi, si vous répondez personnellement, j’aimerai beaucoup bavarder avec vous pour partager des mots, dans le but de confronter nos différences, nos expériences et d’apprendre. Nous sommes de culture, de niveau social et de pays différents et cela rend la “chose” attirante.
    Avoir osez prendre certaines positions à une époque montre une vraie force de caractère et bienheureux est celui qui peut profiter d’une telle richesse.
    En espérant une réponse de votre part, je vous souhaite une bonne journée.


  4. Veuillez bien remercier James Andrews de ma part – et de la part de tous vos lecteurs/lectrices, j’en suis sûre! We so enjoy your blogging…

    Best of luck with GCAPP – we still have such a long way to go in the world in this area.

    Isn’t it strange that as children/adolescents we are not taught about our bodies, sex, effective communication and money – the “things” that will probably most affect and in a lot of cases “plague” our adult lives?

    Thank you for your work and goodwill efforts in all that you do.

  5. Thanks, James Andrews, for talking my favorite movie star into starting a blog!

  6. Hi Jane!

    Will try to make this as brief as poss, not make you yawn…

    I first started to follow you as an actress (i’m a 24 year old aspiring one and credit/regard you as one of the GREATS.)

    I then proceeded to read your amazing book ‘My Life So Far.’ Since reading your page turner, i became increasingly interested and aware of your activism and political views on top of your acting career. Furthermore, you touched me professionally, spiritually and i hold many of your personal stories parallel to my own.

    I have many friends in Atlanta (just spent NYE there, adore the city.) and after holding many discussions about G-CAPP this past NYE i came on your page to see what news there was regarding the foundation which has touched many Georgian girls lives. My Georgian girl friends are all huge fans of yourself and brag about your efforts in their home State. I have since emailed G-CAPP enquiring about internships for a young, enthusiastic, opinionated, desiring to make a difference in the world girl like myself. Your foundation will receive many of these emails and i understand being a native Londoner it might be more difficult to allow myself the opportunity of working with your foundation than an American girl.

    I shall eagerly await a response and whilst doing so, carry on following your immense work with G-CAPP and various other projects both of the acting and chariety variety. I adore your passion and vision for making this world a better one!

    Please continue to inspire us all…

    With Love and New Year Blessings, Danielle X

    • Danielle, if I understand correctly, you are British but live in Georgia and are interested in working with G-CAPP. Yes? You can call 404 524 2277. That’s their number. xx

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