Oct 8th (I think)

Whew! I feel like I am caught in a whirlwind. Moving in all directions. I prefer my life to be calmer but it’s been calm and will be again, so I will simply brace myself and move into it. So much going on on every front…interviews, photo shoots, events that I’ve committed to speak at, medical stuff, family stuff. Have you ever felt as though your life was a three-ring circus? I’m sure you have. That’s all well and good but when each ring gets a little out of kilter the challenge is to breath deeply, meditate whenever possible (today I think it’ll be sitting in my car on the way to get an MRI!) and know ‘this too shall pass,’ which gets easier as one gets older. Trust me. It does. All the harder stuff is swirling around but there is also fun stuff like dance lessons. That’s right, I am taking swing dance lessons and after that I’ll move on to hip hop dance lessons. Richard and I like to swing together. In fact, last night we danced through the entire album–”Fly Me to the Moon,” the fantastic new Rod Stewart album that Richard has been working on for 2 years. It is so wonderful…and perfect to dance to. Rod has said it’s the album he’s proudest of. I can see why. Dancing for an hour last night really helped quiet me down. Physical activity has a way of doing that which is one excellent reason to do it…stress reduction. I’m sort of amazed I’m even writing a blog today.

What I really must do…right now…is write my introduction to the remarkable Alice Waters, the ‘mother’ of what is known as California Cuisine. Actually, she is a committed activist in favor of teaching children about food—where it comes from, why fresh is best, how to savor and cook it and not go the fast food route. Alice founded the famous Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley…considered by some to be the #1 restaurant in the country. She will be honored tomorrow at the Hammer Museum in Westwood and I present her. Then to NY for business of varying sorts, then to Atlanta in support of The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, then back to L.A. To present Ted Turner with the Environmental Media Awards Lifetime Achievement award which he so richly deserves and on and on.

I’ll stop now and get to it.

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  1. You do have a full life Jane,
    “in my car on the way to get an MRI” I hope all is well , had a few a few years ago ,my brain is normal ,a surprise to me. I did have some extra right brain action taking place, maybe better than nothing. As I have said before ,as a child development specialist and educator,I feel as you children should be taught about food and cooking ,not just the girls. The Hammer Museum, there always great things going on there , good radio show as well.

    I hope CAA sent you the clean copy of the script, after months of writing would be nice to know that it did hit the mark. The subject matter is in the news more each ,so the importance of the project is not without some human truth behind it. Your the pro your more intellegent in this area than I.
    And you and Marlee were the ones saying that you needed more good parts, in fact we all need good parts, working one , for sure.
    Keep well Jane,


  2. Wow! You sure do pack a lot into your life! Good to see you still make time to enjoy it as well!

  3. But you do whirlwinds so well!

  4. Dear jane-wooooo! You breezed over the line you’re in your car on your way to get a mri’…’Are you ok? What’s the mri for – if your “blog family” may know? Wishing you perfect results and always best of health. Xox moon & lady b

  5. Wow…on top of all you have on your ‘agenda’, an MRI today??? Hope and pray that all will be found to be normal. Looking forward to seeing you on Oprah’s Last Season! xx

  6. I really enjoy your blog. The pictures are wonderful. Though hectic at times, it sounds like your life is so pleasant and happy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Jane

    Sounds like you accumulate frequent flyer miles.
    I don’t know how you do it all. Your all over the
    map.You must enjoy it or you wouldn’t do it.
    The last movie I saw with you in it was Monster in law I even went back to see it again. You were great
    Have a great fall I’ll write again when you blog.
    I’m on your fan wagon


  8. Do you see appearing in Dancing With the Stars in your future?
    You would be great.

  9. Hope your MRI shows that all is well!!

  10. I know exactly how you feel, and everything can be cured with sitting down, taking a deep breath, and drinking a glass of Pinoit Noir.

  11. MRI? What’s up if I may be so intrusive?

  12. Pretty words

  13. This is off the subject, but where can I find your original 1982 workout on DVD? I have the cassete tape, but no longer own a player, I would like it DVD, for it was easy for me to ease into fitness. I have had many health isses and really need to get moving. Thanks, edronen

  14. Jane

    Just in case you do not know yet (I am sure you do) Michael Parkinson has published a book about his TV career and the people he interviewed.

    Bits from the book were published in the weekend papers, here in England.

    There was one story told by your father. Rather a touching one. I thought I should tell you just in case.

  15. Good one. Any idea who installed the Georgia Guidestones, Jane?


  16. I’ve been thinking about John Lennon lately and wondering why we don’t have an American equivalent. Then it hit me, it’s you Jane Fonda. You both dared risking comfortable celebrity by boldly speaking The Truth. Thank you Dear Lady for speaking for us.
    A Dreamer

  17. Hi Jane,

    Oh yeah. I know the feeling. It’s like those entertainers who keep the plates spinning on top of poles and you have to keep running around to keep the plates spinning otherwise they’ll all crash around you. I find my life is more like that now than it’s ever been. Maybe because as I get older I try to cram more in.

    Anyway seeing as I’m 41 in a month’s time, it’s hitting me that I neither have the blissful innocence of youth or the wisdom of old age on my side and, although I never would have imagined it, I’m finding being 40 quite difficult. It’s like I’m somewhere in the middle.

    Glad you’ve found a way to counteract all the stress with dancing and hope the MRI is not as serious as it sounds.

    Take care

  18. Hey Jane,

    I stumbled upon a youtube video with you. I think you are in your forties in the video and you say:

    “I have this image of myself at 80 doing a video, I mean I don’t know what it will be but I think that I’m gonna be exercising at 80 and I think I am going to want to put that out there to other women my age”.

    You say it at about 4.18, here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu_f0VeEN80

    Perhaps you knew about this video already, anyway, I just thought I’d share.

  19. Forgot the coolest thing you say at the end of it, you say:”if you don’t use it you’ll lose it, so I think I’m gonna do videos until I can’t move anymore”.

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  21. Wow! Dancing for one whole hour? With a new knee that is just one year old? I admire you! What is your secret for getting so fit so fast? Do you have extra- special exercize? if so, it woould be great if you could sahre it with us many people with knee replacements!

    All the best, Mary

  22. Jane–thank you for all your positivity and wonderful advice… You embody my new favorite mantra: keep calm and carry on.

  23. I watched you on Oprah; I am 62. I have been wrestling with a lower face lift for the same reason you mentioned. I pass myself in the mirror and look away. You are right on. I am going to do this for me. I taught school for 38 years and just retired. This will be my retirement present. Your interview with Oprah was amazing. You look fabulous.

    Thanks, Jane!

  24. Enjoyed your interview on Oprah yesterday and got a huge smile seeing you dance with Richard. My husband and I recently took up swing and find it so joyful. So glad to see you are still so inspired by the possibilities of life.

  25. I don’t think I could keep your schedule, I’m tired just reading about it.

  26. There is an e-mail going around that Obama is going to honor you as one of 100 Great Women Of America. Any truth to it. I have not seen it in the mediaThanks
    D. Smith

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