A large group gathered at what used to be the Warner brother Studio’s back lot for the EMA Awards. Shot a scene with Tony Perkins for “Tall Story” close by…walking through a trailer park, stopping under a tree and singing a duet of “Cuddle Up a Little Closer.” I kid you not. I could feel the vibes as I sat watching the event unfold. EMA was founded over 20 years ago by Cindy Horn and Lynn Lear. Awards are given to all forms of visual media, documentaries, features (AVATAR won!!), animation, etc.

Richard Perry, Shirlee Fonda, me, Parky DeVogelaere, Peter Fonda

Richard, Shirlee Fonda, me, Parky, Peter and Laura Turner Seydel, Ted’s daughter

me hugging Rosario Dawson. Her mate, Mathieu, behind looking at Richard

The outdoor stage was lovely with an huge depiction of GAIA—the spirit of our planet. The show opened with Native Americans singing and dancing.

Olivia Munn came out to host with Jason Ritter. She was dressed in full Rainforest regalia and was hysterically funny.

Kenny Loggins sand some of his best hits.

We all had dinner afterwards at Morton’s Steak House. Simone took the photo. On the left you see Laura Turner Seydel, then Ted’s date, Sally Ranney, then Ted. Across from them you see Rob Wolders, Eva Mendes and Troy. Out of sight (but very much present and enjoying were Alan, Cindy and their magnificent daughter, Cassidy, Richard, Shirlee and me. It was a very special 'reunion' dinner.

Laura and Simone

Troy and Eva Mendes

Laura Turner Seydel and Cindy Horn

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  1. What can anyone say , that must have been a great night. Nice, good people great music and Peter looks very good. Someday you and Peter should be lucky and have a on screen interaction of some type. You two could play off each other well.
    I’m impressed , not like staying home and Cleaning Out The Closet of Your Mind. I even added one line to the script and found it help out alot ,just one line can make a real change in the life of a script. Much like life….

  2. Dear Jane,

    You never age. You are just as beautiful if not more than ever…
    Thank you for this post and all the great pics!
    Getting a birds-eye view of the celebrity world from someone like you is very appreciated.

    Sincerely, Alamar

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. Tell Ted and Laura hi for me.

  4. You all scrubbed up well, Jane! (Aussie expression meaning that you all looked great!). Gee your step mum is looking chic.

  5. Dear jane~a lovely interview on npr w rod srewart. That voice-to die for! Tho I really covet his HAIR! “Fly Me to the Moon” is shared w my first BF who’s now my lawyer. He’s getting copy. My friend just bought a new car w CD player-he gets “car warmingL copy. I think everyone on my christmas list will get rod & richard’s latest. What cld be nicer that wonderful, romantic music to give? Thank you, richard! Great production!! Xox m&lb

  6. Hi Jane, Love hearing about “Tall Story.” You and Tony Perkins were so cute together. The scene where you compare the art of “kissing” is classic. Tony Perkins lives on in so many great films.

  7. Darling Jane- Your hair is the PERFECT length! Keep it this way, you look SMASHING!!

  8. I agree – you do look great, Jane. I had not seen anything of Robert Wolders in a long time. It was nice to see him in this photo. I was so smitten when I used to watch him on “Laredo” years ago.

    I’m so excited because I’ve got your new workouts, Jane! I’m hoping to do them tonight. I can’t wait!

    • The new workouts are out??????

      • You can preorder them but they will be on shelves nov 30th.

  9. Jane, I am watching you on the Oprah show, and I must say that for a 72 year old women you look fantastic. You look physically wonderful and you are so mentally very well. You are handling aging wonderful, with such stamina. I believe what you said you gain wisdom and acceptance with age. I also agree with you that you explain about intimacy. That you can live with someone and not have intimacy, you can have the sex, but you do not have that connection. Very truth. Keep up your great spirit and remain beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I am so proud of a strong woman and you are that person.

  10. I just have to say, Shirlee looks absolutely fabulous!

  11. Hola Jane.
    Soy española. Solo decirte que mi más sincera
    enhorabuena. Se que todo te ha salido bien. Me alegra mucho de que sea así.
    Un abrazo muy afectuoso

  12. Jane, I wish to recover as soon as possible, wishing the better thing you, with all my heart .. this words you are sent from Spain by a girl who with 38 years, crossed the same way, all my positive energies for you.. An admiradora


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