Denard Robinson, University of Michigan’s star quarterback, has done it again. On the first play of today’s game against Indiana he ran 72 yards for a touchdown. With only one minute 15 seconds to go, he lead Michigan down the field,  throwing a 42 yard pass and then running in the final, winning touchdown. First player in college football history to have two games in which he passed for over 200 yards and ran for over 200 yards. No college quarterback has ever done that and Denard has already done that with the season barely started! I guess I’m getting into football! 

I have been at my ranch with Richard for 10 days! Heaven!! Tomorrow we leave. Ted, my ex, came and went riding and enjoyed the place for a couple days and that was fun.

I have pretty much finished my book. All that’s left is the cleaning up, gathering photographs and getting graphs and diagrams done. Hooray

Several of my dearest friends have just left for a month long trek at 18,000 feet in the Himalayas, bringing tons of medical equipment to Tibetan villagers in remote areas. I had so hoped to be with them but I did not have enough time to train–to get into shape–to be able to make it without being a drag or getting hurt. My prayers go with them and I await the full report — with pictures. Part of getting older is being able to admit when things are too hard and not beating yourself up about it.    

All for now  

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  1. You are with them. In spirit.

  2. Ms. Fonda, I enjoy your blog (I follow you on twitter and clicked on some of your links to see more about you). You are so unpretended and natural…… are a real person! I like the photos of you with your family, friends & fellow thespians ………. and I am impressed that you are enjoying college football this year!…….
    I guess that’s it….I just wanted to say Hi and tell you that I have always liked who I imagined you to be (we don’t really know who you are based simply upon your theatrics……….although you appear to be the way I imagined you would be…..probably even better). The love you share with others is very apparent!

    God Bless You Friend – Dale R. Diercks, Dallas, Texas

  3. Hi Jane

    You sound great I’m envious of your ranch I used to watch
    Roy Rogers I had a crush on him for years on Dale
    too. I thought they were the perfect family. I loved
    horses. Remember bullet and trigger.
    When I was little I wasn’t happy with my family
    I used to watch old movies and fantasize I was
    somewhere else Hollywood Ca. Dinah’s kitchen
    was one of my favorite.
    Take care
    Myr a fan

  4. Jane, having lived in the South/Atlanta, how could you “not” be a football and SEC expert. All of us Southern girls LOVE football and especially SEC football! ROLL TIDE, ALABAMA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS LAST YEAR, MARK OUR HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER, AND LOOKING AMAZING TODAY OVER FLORIDA. ROLL TIDE ROLL.

  5. Hello Jane, Finished your book, good for you. I Finished my Script and now working on a book formatte , working in reverse. Wrote the script and now the book from the script, a Script adaptation , more fun me thinks. “Part of getting older is being able to admit when things are too hard and not beating yourself up about it.” That is a truism, for all ages of life. My subject matter of the script dealing with bullies and children, sure hit home, with the 13-year-old bullied gay teen commits suicide. Ellen DeGeneres had a emotional moment on the subject. Well I still think you are right for the part ,in the script because I wrote it for you , a woman of your age and character. I hope that CAA sent the pdf file with the script to you and you get a time to review it. I feel that with the on set of more suicides over bulled kids in school, the film would be a good start to help , and would even save a life, I would hope ,even one would be worth the effort. I hate to think that I have come this far and , would have to be out here seeing this happen ,knowing well that I may have make a difference to a childs life.

  6. Hi Jane! It’s great to know that you’re having fun and the book is almost done!

    I just saw your name mentioned on the Oprah Show! Are you going to be a part of this season? I’d love to see you two having a chat about your remarkable life and future projects!

    Sending you lots of love! 🙂

    Btw, have you ever been to Portugal? You are such an outdoors person, I bet you’d love it here… a small country with a varied landscape… it would be perfect for a romantic getaway.

  7. Post script. or PS
    Hello Jane, I was wondering about why my script was so long, 150 pages, when I wrote a standard style script. Well when I transfered the script over to pdf formantte some 48 pages after the end was added by error, fell asleep or someting the script runs about a standard 100 pages. I tweaked the script and will try to send it over to CAA to forward to you. A littl clearner looking , the other script is good , but had them extra pages that about it and I tweaked in some extra lines or so and a little V.O. that worked. Stay well

  8. Hi Jane,

    Yesterday at Munich airport I saw the vodka you mentioned recently. The one with the Bison grass. Looks fab. I’ll get it next time. Into red wine at the moment because it’s getting colder here in northern Germany and we need something to warm us up! 🙂 Talking of red wine, am looking forward to the first Coq au Vin of the winter season – with a good baguette and some good wine. Such an old dish, but still fantastic. I wonder if you ever ate/made that when you lived in France.

    BTW did you see the new research done in France on eating habits between the French and Americans and why they think the French are still slim and Americans not? Probably due to snacking. See – “Le modèle alimentaire français contribue à limiter le risque d’obésité”

    Take care

    • Coq au vin, you betcha! A great dish when properly made. I am presenting Alice Waters with an honor on Sat. She is founder of what is considered the number 1 restaurant in the U.S.–Chez Panisse. I bet they make a great coq jau vin!

      • Unfortunately don’t know Chez Panisse or Alice Waters, but I’ll google them. Coq au vin is best when you add bacon (loooove bacon) and cognac! And eaten with just baguette. Oh man my mouth’s watering 🙂
        By the way, when are you doing 33 Variations in LA? Saw it in New York. Loved it. Thought it should go to London (with you), seeing as I didn’t know LA was a city with a theatre culture. So I’ll have to try to work a flight with LA as nightstop, so I can come and see it. So glad you’re doing it again.
        Take care

        • Jason, the play opens
          Last week of January till mid March

          • Ah great. Thanks. Good to know. I’ll try and get a few colleagues from Lufthansa to come with me this time. In the NY version we were even mentioned in the play because your character flies to Bonn – WITH US! HA! That was a surprise, to say the least. 🙂
            Take care

  9. I advise my English students not to make blanket statements unless they are appropriate. I’m a Southern Girl and I don’t like football. I especially dislike it when it is mixed with right wing, absolutist religion. God wants His followers to engage in violent activities that can leave the players paralyzed or dead. Rush Limbaugh goes on and on about football-the big money game, the manly game, and against soccer, which is wimpy and played by women. I’ll take soccer any day of the weak. It’s also the most popular game in the world and has an international connection. We in the ESL department joined our students from various countries in rooting for their teams in the World Cup. I caught my boss, a Haitian citizen, whisper-chanting USA, USA. To each his Futbol (Spanish).

  10. I’m glad yo hear that you finished your book. I cannot wait to pick it up! You are an amazing author. You are just so honest and not afraid to be so.

  11. Well, Jane, congrats on your almost finished book. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment you must feel. I’m very happy for you. I read your first one & enjoyed it very much.
    I can relate to what you said about accepting things you can’t do like you use to & not beating yourself up about it. I still wanna be a fun gramma to my darling granddaughters & they bring out the youth trapped inside me. I can be silly & fun (serious when it calls for) & have a ball with them… even without moving as fast as I use to & they help me forget my aches & pains.

  12. Hi Jane, hope you remember me. I drove you and Ted at the 1990 Goodwill Games. Get in touch with me some time, and we can catch up.

  13. Also congrats on your new book !

  14. Hey Jane,

    Very excited, I could not obtain one of my favourite movies of yours in Australia, Julia. So, I bought it through Amazon, and changed my region to watch it (again). I did my major thesis in Women in Literature at Uni on Lillian Hellman, and have always loved her work, introduced to me by your wonderful film with Vanessa. I got a High Distinction for my 1 hour lecture and fried chicken etc…. Southern influence! My favourite lines in literature (remember that I am a librarian and would be writer!) are the opening lines, so grateful that you kept so closely to the original book. Go for Tennessee Titans by the way, as my hometown is Country Music Cap of Australia! Love you to bits, can’t wait til release of your film! Love from Australia!

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