I just landed in Chicago. Tonight I do a fundraising event for The Women’s Media Center in this city. WMC has gotten some great press recently, especially in the New York Times article a week or so ago on the effects of sexism on female candidates. In partnership with several other polling and media-related organizations, we did research showing that calling female candidates ‘prostitutes’, for instance, or other sexist names, causes the women’s polling numbers to drop, especially if the candidate tries to ignore the slander thinking it will ‘go away’ instead of fighting back. The campaign we mounted to address sexism in campaigns is called “Name It. Change It..”

Tomorrow I tape The Oprah Show. I am very excited–and nervous! What a big deal! For the whole hour!! It will air October 27th.

10 years ago Oprah came to Atlanta to interview me for the 2nd issue of her magazine “O”. And that same year, she gave a breathtaking speech at the GCAPP annual conference–had the audience of 2000 in tears.

I appeared on her show a few years later, together with Eve Ensler, to talk about violence against women in Africa. But it was a shorter appearance.

I will meditate before I leave the hotel. That will calm and center me.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I wish you luck, good idea meditate and a glass or two of Rose’. Oprah this month the oscar’s next month. Like what Oscar Wilde said:Life is far too important a thing ever to talk about.

  2. Good Luck Jane and thank you for sharing your life with us. This blog is the Best!! xx

  3. Good Luck! Will Tulea be on Oprah with you? I really hope so! 🙂


  4. Jane,

    So excited I am going to be in the audience at Oprah tomorrow. You are my idol, girl you started it all with working out. I posted on Facebook,”before there were health clubs and before there were vcr’s there was Vinly and the Jane Fonda Workout album. There I was on my living room floor with my leg warmers and leotard doing crunches and leg lifts. Thank you Jane!!!

    p.s. before working out there was Bree Daniels and that darling shag we all went out to get.

  5. life is short… it is so great to see you living yours. it motivates me to do the same.

  6. Why would the great Jane Fonda worry so much about an appearance on Oprah???

  7. Good luck on the show. If it is even half as inspiring as your blog, it will be great. You’ve got some kind of zest for life girl–keep spreading it around!

  8. My friend and I just arrived in Chicago this evening! We are resting up for the big show tomorrow. We are thrilled to be apart of the audience for the Oprah Show! We get too see two amazing, powerful women, both you and Oprah! You have been such an inspiration for me and I can’t wait to see you chatting with Oprah!

  9. Dear Jane~great! Words applied to women are SSSOOOO different than perhaps the same word applied to men. Example: look at the frinzy when someone fr browns’s campaign supposidly called meg whitman a “whore.” Everyone took it as a sexual character assiniation.it cld mean other options- like she’s quite aggressive abt her own pr, this season’s campaign has been laden with several “choice words” hurled at woman candidates. I’m grateful you are addressing the whole ball of wax. And having fun and laughs w ms oprah too! Good to meditate prior. I also to EFT. Break a leg, jane fonda! Xox moon&ladyb

  10. Hello Jane
    Je sais que vous parlez français alors: Bonne chance!!
    but I don’t have the chance to have seen Oprah because I leave in France!
    Your blog is very interesting
    I often come here.
    Laurence, Marseille France

  11. Bonjour Jane
    Je sais quz vous parlez français alors: Bonne chance!!
    Je n’ai pas la chance de connaitre Oprah puisque je vis en France
    Je viens poctuellement sur votre blog et je l’apprécie. J’apprécie votre dynamisme et les personnes de convictions.
    bien cordialement
    Laurence, Marseille

  12. Jane,

    Just be! I can’t wait for the Oprah interview especially since they’ve given you the entire hour. Kudos to you!

    Best of luck,

  13. Don’t be nervous! Your fans are very excited to see you on the show. I’m getting ready to be one of the audience members along with my sister. I’m looking forward to it!

  14. Good luck, you name dropper you!

    I’m just struggling a bit with the though I might actually be communicating with Jane Fonda!

    G’day from the land down under. xx

  15. Hi Jane: Have a great time on Oprah, I will be watching. I actually live down the street from you in Atlanta, Old 4thWard. I exercised to your workout videos for years, so I say your a ‘longtime friend’, my son who was a toddler then, now 32yrs, remembers those workouts too :). You and Oprah carried me through some very challenging times after my divorce. Thank you for all you do and have mentored as we women continue claim our lives and place in the world.

  16. Good luck, Jane! Will look forward to seeing the show on the 27th!

  17. fantastic! you will glow on camera and be beautiful as always.

    sending you positive vibes as i type this as i am certain you are at harpo taping at the moment.

  18. Wishing you a zen experience with Oprah! Looking forward to sharing time with two of my three most admired women! (Third’s Martha Stewart!) Know you will be (the usual) inspiration! Ommmm…:)

  19. So excited to hear and see you on Oprah, every time I always enjoy the stories and lessons from your life. You’re going to be wonderful and I’m completely on your side.

  20. OK, ms Jane Fonda! You know we all love you~admire your humantarian works~respect your fabulour body of theatrical work~and, for me, adore the “community” you create with your blog — you let us in and share your world as a real honest-to-goodness human being. So! I want you to take this observation as it is intended: a compliment to your honesty. I have noticed you’ve worn this particular leopard print blouse on several occasions and I think it’s really cool! The blouse, of course! But that you wear a garment more than once without the craziness that is noticed in jollywood! Good For You! Real people wear a blouse more than only once! Love love love you! M&lb

  21. Hi Jane,

    I can’t wait to see you on Oprah! Don’t be nervous. You inspire me and so many others every day with your work, energy and beauty. (As others have said, you looked fabulous at the EMA Awards.)Seems like the world is going crazier and crazier and reading your blog makes me feel more positive about everything.

    Your comment on your swing dancing lessons makes me want to see you on Dancing with the Stars even more. Think about it! (Of course I know that you have 13 Variations in LA coming up next.)

  22. Wishing you luck and knowing you’ll do great–

  23. Wow! Today I was able to sit in the audience and watch you be interviewed by Oprah! You did an incredible job! You inspired hundreds sitting in the audience, and will inspire thousands and thousands of viewers on October 27! First, I want to share what I wrote on Oprah’s website to allow me to be in the audience for you today. I said I was your biggest fan and this is what I wrote:
    “I’m so very excited that you are going to have Jane Fonda on your show! She was who I recommended having on this season. I think Jane Fonda is absolutely amazing. I always loved her movies, especially “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” and “On Golden Pond”. But what really made me a fan of hers is when I was just about to turn 40 a couple of months ago. I decided to read her book, “My Life So Far”. I thought her book was very inspirational and enlightening in many ways. First, I loved how she explained exercising as something that you should do because you need to take care of your body. I’m not going to be a model in life, but she is right, I need to start taking care of my body more. It’s the only one I have! Second, I love how she has been so politically active not for herself, but for the people who need someone to speak up for them. Yes, she made some mistakes, but she has inspired me to start looking at ways for me to be active for those who don’t have a voice in society. Finally, she represents what a woman should be. I see her as smart, strong, and caring. It’s not too late for me to take lessons from her. She is one of my woman role models. I think she is amazing and would love to sit in the same room as her!”
    Well, my dream came true today! Thank you! And you just tripled my respect and admiration for you after watching you there on stage! I walked out of there with so many thoughts and feelings of my own life. I know first, I am in my “second act”. Well, I want to aim to become a “whole” person before my third act! As you said, though, it is a continual process until the very end, but I know I can be a better person and why not start early! Also, you basically said no one can be perfect, so why stress out trying so hard to get there. That is so me, and believe me, I am far from perfect! All I can do is continue to keep becoming a better person, knowing that no one is perfect. I need to just be me and make sure I like myself. I guess that is the most important thing. Finally, you mentioned that one should stop working so hard to be interesting, but instead one should become more interested! So true! Today you showed such honesty, sincerity, and wisdom! I can never thank you enough!
    I did raise my hand at the end to ask two questions, but unfortunately we ran out of time. (You had already given a lot of extra time after the actual taping to chat with us!) Here are my questions:
    1. What has been the most important cause you have ever fought for?
    2. What has been the most important memory in your life?
    Thank you for inspiring all of us! And sorry I took up so much room on your blog for comments! I just had to let you know how much I appreciate your words of wisdom.

    • Wow, Susan K, what a nice and generous letter. Thank you. And thanks for asking Oprah to have me on her show! I have too many important memories…certainly working on “On Golden Pond” (which my company produced) with my father and Hepburn is right up there. Ending the Vietnam War was one of, if not th most important cause for me because it changed my life and made me a lufe-long activist.

    • Wow again! I have never commented on someone’s blog before, so I thought I would come back and check to see if there was a reply. (Yes, I just turned 40 and really haven’t read too many blogs. I guess I have to get with the program!) Anyway, I honestly didn’t think you would actually reply to my comment. I’m a nobody in your world, yet you actually took the time out to respond. That just shows what kind of person you are. You just went from earning triple my respect and admiration to quadrupling it! I would make it even higher, but I would have to drag out the dictionary to spell correctly the next level! 🙂 Thank you, thank you, thank you. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to reply again to me. 🙂

  24. Hope it was amazing!! Congrats 🙂 xo

  25. I was fortunate to be in the Oprah audience today… what an inspiration you are! The media and our culture has hypnotized women into believing that we lose value as we get older. I’m so glad you decided to resume your acting career. It’s important for women to be able to see you on screen again; changing the paradigm on aging, and basically saying to the entertainment industry: “Hell, yeah, this is what 72 looks like…deal with it.” LOL

    • How nice to hear from you, Mariann. Thank you!.

  26. Good luck Ms. Fonda 🙂 I’m sure you’ll do great! Looking forward to seeing you on Oprah!

  27. Good Luck! Wish I was in the States and could see it. We don’t get Oprah over here, but I will definitely be scouring youtube and the like for the next few weeks trying to find bits and bobs of the show.
    Take care

  28. FRUSTRATION: Please, please, please Jane Fonda! Please release Favorite Fat Burners, The Low Impact Workout, Step Aerobics Workout, and Workout with Wts. onto DVD! I am so frustrated. I own these on VHS and my VCR is worn out. I promise to buy them and use them.

    • Mary, those will be out in the new year. It is complicated legally to get back by products but it is being worked on. Thanks.

  29. Certainly it’s going very well.
    A meditation is excellent for relaxing before.
    GOOD LUCK Jane ! +++

  30. Found myself crying when you talked about the “puzzle of myself,” and “breaking open” when you met your grandchild. That is when my heart opened, too, but I hadn’t even dared to hope it could spread out into the rest of my life and relationships. I am going to give this a lot more thought. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to think of the possibilities. Thank you.

  31. Just finished watching YOU and Oprah…fantastic show. So rich with new information. Thanks for writing more and doing some more DVDs for OUR age group. I am 72 also but just got married (for 4th time) to my sweetheart and true love from when we were 27 but were not available to each other then. I too said I would Never marry again, but who knew? Our last 30 months together have been glorious….and this is the best time of our life….no external worries. Keep on growing younger and sharing with us as you go. Best wishes to you and Richard. Sally in Sarasota
    P.S. Called my daughter to make sure she watches you tonight (she works, so tapes the show) so she will know what to get me for Christmas!!!:)

  32. OMG. I just finished watching you on Oprah and was it life changing for me. I had sooo many Ah ha moments that I won’t bore you with all of them.
    What really hit me was you spoke about intimacy. Why, you hit it right on the head about your definition on intimacy.I was always very good about hiding my true self from my partners as I didn’t know who I was. I do healing work and am very successful here in Malibu with my business but I always putting myself last until this year. This year I turned 60 and it was life changing. My mother died when I was 11 and she was 32. Her mother was 32 when she died. I thought for years that was going to be my path. Not so.
    I love and understand myself now and I am 100% happy with myself. When I came to that realization I also realized that I was not vulnerable to other peoples opinions or thoughts about me anymore. I know who I am. I took back my power and gained empowerment. Through the years I would listen to you on certain shows and you always had a comment that resonated with me and helped formed my direction in life. I just wanted to thank you for doing the work that you have done on yourself as you are inspiring other women like Oprah does.
    With deep gratitude,
    Margaret Dillon
    The healing Haven

  33. How wonderful to see you on Oprah! I just curled up and relished the whole hour and wished it was longer. I am so excited to hear about the work in progress–your book. I read so much (a PhD in American History) but your last book is among my all time top ten. Thank you again for your honest, thoughtful, sharing self. Live long and I have ordered the exercise DVD so I will too!

  34. Hello Ms. Fonda! I also worked out to your eighty’s video and enjoyed the burn!

    I am 45 today and enjoyed seeing you on Oprah. You are living proof that one needs to give as much of themselves are possible. God Bless You.

    I would like to tell you about a fantastic person I know that is currently attending UCLA. This young lady is Jessica Nazar. She has decided to join the peace corp after graduating from UCLA which she will accomplish in June 2011. She has committed to 3 years and wants to go to of all places Afganistan. As much as I wish she would teach English in China I do understand why she feels she will be the most helpful where the need is greatest. More so I respect her decision. She currently works for two charities in Los Angeles and the charity she has enjoyed working to support the most is finding homes for teens and helping to feed teens. I should tell you this wonderful young lady Jessica is my daughter. I like you was in the room but not always committed to being in the room and yet she has surpassed my expectations and has come so far and has a greater understanding of people and love and kindness. I was gifted to have a third child when I was 31 and I enjoy being “In the Room”. Life is different as I am not a single mom this time around and my priority isn’t making a mortgage but the love my son feels and sharing love with my two older girls.

    I wanted to tell you about this young lady Jessica Nazar because when she returns from Afganistan she is committed to attending Boston University to achieve her Law degree. I believe she will be someone you may want to meet as her life goal is to work with Charities that have the greatest need. She can talk to young girls and really give them an understanding of their purpose and direction. Life is taking lemons and making lemonade and if I know of anyone who has been able to do this it is Jessica Nazar.

    I am her mother and I have learned so much and I have grown so much because of my relationship with her. I am grateful that she is my daughter and despite my many mistakes and being a young mom she is fantastic and has learned to love herself and help others to do the same. If you are looking to mentor anyone to contribute to your life work and or someone who shares your passion for working with multiple charities I will refer to your Jessica Nazar, Senior at UCLA.

    This young lady will definitely impress you.

    Again, Thanks for all they years of entertainment, advice and definitely exercise.

    Irene Guanill


  35. HI Jane,
    I was so happy to catch you on the Oprah show, one comment that you had made that struck me, about marriage, ‘no I don’t think I’ll ever get married again’ it was the way you said it, so matter of fact, I loved that! I’ve thought that, but to hear you stay that out loud! what I’ve been thinking for some time now, resonated with me.
    I am 57 years old, and feel after 3 marriages, I want my life to be about me, my family, friends and discover more about who I am as a person, of course date along the way : ) which I have been doing, mostly men younger than myself, which is always fun : ) I like who I have slowly become.
    At first I felt this great need to ‘find Mr.Right’ my mom thought I was in transition, afraid that I’ll be alone, I told her mom I was alone in my marriages!
    Jane you have inspired me, I do take care of myself, I thought!! Until I saw you!
    Your amazing!
    Nova Scotia CANADA

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