All the important men in my life up until now have been baseball fans. Heck, Ted Turner owned the Braves while we were together. That was fun! Tom Hayden still plays hardball every week with a team of old timers called the Hollywood Stars. My dad was a New York Giants fan and my brother and I prayed they’d win so he’d be in a good mood.

But Richard went to University of Michigan and so it’s football now and it is becoming very interesting starting with last weeks game against Notre Dame when Denard “Shoelace” Robinson blew everyone away. I am learning (slowly) to understand the rules of the game and it sure becomes more interesting when you have a ‘dog in the race’ which I now do because Richard is so obsessed with following the Michigan games.

So, besides opening me up to what music producing is all about and bringing me to temple, Richard is bringing a new game into my life. Go Blue!!!

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  1. GO BIG BLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bah! ha! Football has taken over everyone this year….Every Saturday booked until December!

  3. Um, we kinda think the Wolverines are evil. Go Spartans!

  4. To me, this is why you’re ageless Jane. Always learning, always changing, always open. Thanks for the example.

  5. Welcome to the game! It’s lots of fun.

  6. I know what you mean about football–learning about it I mean. I’m 57. Talked to my brother at Daddy’s this afternoon. He asked what my husband was doing. I said he was watching The Colts. What? he asked. The Colts. Oh, he replied. We’re watching Pittsburgh. Well, little did I know at the time that The Colts are playing TONIGHT. I’m sure He knew, but he let me save face. Men are good, that way, sometimes.

  7. I believe in God; I just don’t trust anyone who works for him. Football or like many other games that fall under the sports fan flag of life style is very interesting. In some countries it is a matter of life and death , who you root for ,as some pig may say. Having been borned in Michigan, and my father at one time ,almost being a proball player ,life was a fast lane all important Football.
    If you read the Irish blog by Gerry Adams you get a interesting view of Sports and culture.
    The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself. ~Richard Burton

  8. I am amazed at your ‘young and fit mind’.
    Reading your blog without knowing who writes it, one would have thought it was written by a woman in her late 30’s. So much activity,energy, so much traveling,working so much living intensly not to mention so much excercising.

    Go from strength to strength. Shanah Tova!
    (Happy New Year)


  9. been following your blog since this spring and love reading of your adventures.
    should richard ever bring you to a michigan home game – an experience in itself! – please know you have friends that would love to have you over for an appertif and bonfire!

  10. Welcome to the Big Ten! If you think football is intense, wait until basketball season.

  11. Funny! My husband was a USC grad and followed their football games but he always cheered for Michigan when they played Notre Dame!!! A football fan friend of mine preferred the college games over the pros for their ‘spirit’. My husband called baseball ‘bore ball’. Today I’m following SF Giants and their Buster Posey!…anything but boring to me. He looks so young among the Giants.

  12. I know what you mean….my son played through college and now is a coach….I’ve gone to his football games for 21 years now and it’s still so exciting…..I don’t have a kid on field but it’s almost as fun to watch him coach as it was when he played.

  13. Hi Jane,

    I live in Michigan and there are many people obsesed with U of M football. Like you, I am a baseball fan, and I have trouble understanding the rules of football.

    Oh — here in Michigan there is a BIG rivalry between U of M and Michigan State (the Spartans) — I’m sure Richard knows about it.

    It’s good you’re learning the rules; otherwise, during football season, men are pretty much glued to the TV all day on Sunday.

    All the best.

  14. I’m gradually learning football too. Do you think God is a football fan?

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