Richard and Abe

Richard and I pulled up to his friend’s house, Abe and Annika Somer. There was a sign reading NOAH’S ARK PROJECT. Noah is Annika and Abe’s 11 year old son. Shown here on the bench with some of the toys and books that guests brought and that he will bring to the non-profit, VIP (Violence Intervention Project) that treats children who have victims of violence. The project was all Noah’s idea. What a young guy!!!

A man from a wildlife organization brought a few animals for the children (and me) to oooh and ahhh over. One was a Bolivian porcupine with a marsupial tail (like an opossum) that I got to pet. It had nose like a platypus. Then he brought out an Indonesian bear cat. Never heard of one before. There was a lemur but I missed that.

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  1. Well bless his pea picking heart!
    I work in an Emergency Room as a Case Manager. I am the interface between the Dr.’s, Nurses, and the families. When it involves kids, I see the shy pleasure of receiving one of our “boo-boo bears” made by the ladies of the axilliary. At a terrible time, a simple, cuddly, something to hang on to is the thing to begin the rebuilding of trust.

  2. Sounds like a good project ,”children who have victims of violence” a part of my film script dealing with violence in our schools to children and what that means in human life. Wonderful wild life Jane , never seen them before, good photo work, looks like you got a new Camera.

    ( “for Janes eyes only , I hope concerning the script to CAA.
    The script could not look better, what they say about screen writing is true , you rewrite and rewrite until it is very tight and clear.
    I feel I have written some classic lines, my ego tell me so. What I feel best about it the creation of a good real life woman role models , dealing with older women and people with Disabilities. Throughout the world, there are millions of people who with disabilities who need this. The older woman as a hero and role model ,yea very happy about this project ,has alot to give and good story telling , I have a story to tell and the people just happen to be real people one in a real world with mystery ,drama and comedy, that is Entertainment. I look to having you get the script and reading it, to CAA soon”)

  3. Great young man. Great of your to share this story with your blog readers. The positive is all around us-and we need to know about it.

  4. Catching up on your blog.
    It’s September and I feel like I’m back at school, re-enrolled in the Jane Fonda University. With all its wondrous diverse departments, taught by you, Richard, and all your wonderful friends and relatives. Feels good. Keep teaching.

  5. a post script , hello Jane was thinking on the “children who have victims of violence” being a Child Development specialist, a subject close to me. Was reading this, relates to my film project and you may find of interest and your blog readers as well.
    Irish American funds Phoebe Prince scholarship
    Retired author and journalist has donated $9 million to scholarships.
    An Irish American philanthropist, J. Michael Mahoney, is financing the Phoebe Prince scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley.

    Mahoney has established 50 scholarship across the country since his retirement. Most of his scholarships honor young people who have died due to tragedy or illness. His latest scholarship will honor the Phoebe Prince, a 15-year-old Irish student who committed suicide in January having been tormented by relentless bullying in South Hadley High School, Massachusetts.

    The Phoebe Prince Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund is the 24th scholarship the retired author and journalist has established. The collective values of his scholarships is more than $9 million.

    In a recent interview with the Irish Emigrant, Mahoney said that he had followed, and been deeply touched by, Phoebe’s case since her tragic suicide.

    He said “I read an initial series of pieces in The New York Times, and there and then I decided I had to do something to honor Phoebe. It was a horrifying case, but I’m hopeful that from this tragedy at least some good can come, and that Phoebe’s memory will live on through the scholarship at Berkeley.”

    LeConté Dill, from South LA, is the first recipient of the Phoebe Prince scholarship. She is now entering her third year in public health as a doctoral student. Her studies will focus on adolescent health, risk factors and resilience. She is one of 1,500 who have benefited from Mahoney’s generosity.

    “LeConté’s area of study is obviously extremely relevant to the case of Phoebe Prince, touching on many areas of research which can help to avoid such tragedies,” said Patricia Hosel, Assistant Dean, External Relations & Development at UC Berkeley. “With that in mind we are delighted to be able to offer her this scholarship.”

    Those who wish to contribute to the Phoebe Prince Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund can do so by visiting
    Stay well Jane.


  7. nice pics of yours , one more time, and always involve in human causes, great!!

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