First I went down to Hermosa Beach, south of the L.A. Airport. It started off scarily foggy but soon the sun burnt its way through.
Tulea took her usual romp in the sand with Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn watching her antics. These two young women had a party to launch the opening of their new gym, “Tone it Up.” It was a good group of attractive, buff, young people, music, healthy food, and we took lots of pictures. I will be working with these two women soon and wanted to support them in this big new endeavor of theirs. They are now selling their new DVD online. Google Toneitup.

While there, I had some health drink made with green powder call Super Food. Chock full of vitamins and minerals. The man put the powder into a blender, with Rice Milk, added banana, raw almonds. It was really good. The product is made by a company called Boku. I bought some and made myself a smoothie this morning which has kept me feeling energetic all day but has no bad, hyper-type stuff in it. See www.bokusuperfood.com.

There was also a beer being served called Lhasa Beer imported from Tibet. I was told a percent of proceeds goes to aid Tibetan children.

After that party Richard and I went to Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman’s to watch my son play unrelenting water volley ball. I got so excited when he made a great play that I spilled my Mai Tai all over myself. No problem. No stain. Prefer the enthusiasm to worrying about stains. It was wonderful to see Troy, Simone, my wonderful daughter-in-law, Danny, Bridget and her son Oliver, who is becoming the sweetest, cutest, original little boy at 5 years old. He was going around asking for pennies to try and reach $100 so he could get his favorite Halloween costume. Shucks. I forgot to ask him what costume that was.

I was hoping to get photos of the beach party but they haven’t come so I’ll post this anyway and put them in later.

Oh, and last night we came home and watched “Boardwalk Empire.” Frankly, I was disappointed. Maybe I was just tired. Too many parties!!

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Ahhh I’m so envious of you being in LA. Here in northern Germany we’ve had such an awful summer. Grey, wet and cold. And I’m just longing to be in California. And typically, all summer I’ve been doing courses at work, stuck in a seminar room in Munich in order to be senior cabin crew at Lufthansa. But, thankfully, as of October I’ll be flying again and can’t wait to fly to LA, rent my bike in Redondo beach and ride the 2 hours to Venice Beach and back. During the week, preferably, when it’s so empty and peaceful. Just love it.

    The super food drink sounds good. Wonder if it still tastes good with a shot of vodka? πŸ˜‰

    Take care

    • Speaking if vodka, Jason, the best I ever had is the polish vodka called zubrowka, with a bison on the lable and a sprig of buffalo grass inside.

  2. I’ve left facebook Jane, but continue to follow you on your blog.
    I have worlds of respect for you.
    God bless forever.

    Chris Cipollini

  3. Jane, you are such an inspiration!! Thank you so much for coming to Hermosa beach to our event πŸ™‚ With all that you do and all the traveling, we appreciate you coming and supporting us. Tulea loved the beach. That was our favorite part. We were just sent some pictures, so I forwarded them your way!! Thanks for all that you do.. for so many.

    -Katrina & Karena

  4. I agree with you about Boardwalk Empire. Though I enjoyed it, it was a bit uneven. But on to a different topic…Hips and Healthcare. I read your posting about healthcare after you had your surgery and I really appreciated it. (I just happened to google Dr. Moreland and your great blog came up.) I too am a patient of Dr. Moreland’s, well, I saw him once for a consult and would love to get hip replacements from him (I have hip dysplasia and had 2 osteotomies about 15 years ago but am now in pain)but I am one of the uninsured and unemployed (you would think that a Social Worker could find gainful employment but not yet)It is very frustrating to think that I (and so many others)can not get affordable healthcare and that there are people out there that don’t have a problem with that. If our tax money went to free education and healthcare then many Americans would not be in debt, there would likely be less crime, less depression etc…I realize that I am preaching to the choir, but it is just dumbfounding that some folks really are against something that would improve the health of so many and actually benefit the country in general. Anyway, I am considering going to India or Costa Rica for the surgery…or having a marriage of convenience to someone with a excellent coverage…haha…Thanks again for the blog

  5. Jane,

    I’m a published author and literary editor with a trained eye. I noticed some punctuation errors on the “tone it up” website. Since your name is endorsing this company on the home page, I wanted to point out the errors.

    “As founders of Los Angeles-based fitness studio… *(add the hyphen between Angeles and based)

    Also, there’s a run-on sentence that needs a period:

    “As founders of the Los Angeles-based fitness studio, Tone It Up, this dynamic duo is making waves with their weight loss success stories, diet plans, private training, exercise and cooking videos, magazine covers, editorials, and ad campaigns *(add a period). It’s hard to take your eyes off them.

    • Thanks, Linda, I forwarded your comments to them. Appreciate it.

  6. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for the vodka tip. Zubrowka? Never seen it here. I will definitely try and find it when I’m in the States and let you know what I think of it. And isn’t it great that I just found out that if you mix vodka with fruit it raises the antioxidant level of the fruit? You see nature IS perfect. πŸ™‚

    Take care

  7. Re: “Boardwalk Empire” – I really enjoyed it, but think it’s best watched awake and without distraction. And who isn’t distracted at home. Love the Fargo-funniness that Buscemi has brought with him here. And so happy to see Kelly Macdonald in a good consistent role. I think she’s a wonderful actress (“No Country For Old Men”) and has been flying under the radar.

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