July 30-31st

Friday and Saturday we filmed a small music festival in Rosendale—a real one happened last week which we filmed and then, in these pictures, we recreated a portion for the closer shots and story telling scenes for “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.”

Katherine McPhee, who attained fame on American Idol, sang a song and impressed us all with her voice.

Out of nowhere, a friend from Atlanta, Sue Lecraw, showed up. She now lives in Big Sur, but while she was in Atlanta, she owned one of the wildest, psychedelic buses that was parked for a long time in front of The Captain Planet Foundation offices. Captain Planet, an environmental children’s animated TV series, was developed decades ago by Ted Turner and Barbara Pyle. Ted’s daughter, Laura Turner Seydel, now runs the Captain Planet Foundation. Anyway, before Sue left Atlanta, she gave the bus to a woman up in Woodstock who creates these wild vehicles—see the photo. That bus of Sue’s is now parked in my character’s yard where we will film for the next 2 weeks. I will post photos of that one tomorrow. When Sue heard that her old bus would be in the film and that there was a music festival, she flew from Big Sur to participate in the goings on and became a colorful member of the band.

Friday afternoon, the Lansbury family showed up—George, Emily and one of their two daughters, Nathalie. We all became friends last year when we (along with 40 other friends) traveled to the Galapagos together for a fundraising cruise. Emily Lansbury, a film producer, is the sister of film producer Laura Bickford, and daughter of my dear friend, Jewelle Bickford, both of whom appear in numerous previous blogs of mine. Amazingly, Emily and Sue Lecraw went to college together and were astonished to see each other again at this filming in Rosendale. My daughter, Vanessa, her husband Paul and my grandchildren are all here visiting. The kids are close to the Lansbury’s daughters.

They were a colorful two days, with brightly dressed extras and hippie booths, and the bus. I am very impressed by the details the artist puts into her work.

Last night Richard, Catherine Keener, our producer, Claude Dal Farra and others, went to Levon Helm’s studio in Woodstock to hear his concert. He does these “Midnight Rambles” every Saturday when he’s in town and they are a blast. His 10-piece band, with a full horn section, was incredible. And Levon has lost not one speck of brilliance. As Richard said, “They smoked!! They rocked the house.” Levon was one of the two lead singers and drummer in The Band.

He played my husband in “The Dollmaker.” A film we did in the early 80s for ABC TV. We played hillbillies during the 2nd World War. I won an Emmy for my performance and Levon and I became friends. I had not seen him since, so this was a special reunion for me and his graciousness and hospitality was touching—we sat in his kitchen and talked before the show.

Phil Lesh, the bass player with the Grateful Dead, opened the concert with his band and they were terrific. Another irony is that in the scene we will shoot today, my character (Grace) does a rant to her grandchildren about the Grateful Dead’s Cal Expo concert in the summer of ‘91 and specifically mentions the song, “Box of Rain”, which Phil did vocals on.

Today we begin our filming in Grace’s house, where most of my important scenes take place. We’ll be there a couple of weeks and it will be fun. I’ve already posted photos of the house in an earlier blog.

See you soon.

On the left is Ahnika the fire dancer and on the right is Kat, the woman who painted the bus and designed the wild sweaters etc

...and that's Sue Lecraw on the right, in purple

I'm with George and Emily Lansbury and their daughter, Nathalie--holding Tulea

Me and Sue Lecraw

Details of the bus

Inside the bus

The big lights on a crane

extras in the audience

wild tatoo

Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee

Lori, the makeup artist

Phil Lesh, bass player with The Grateful Dead

That's Levon on the far right

The back of Levon while he plays his drums

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  1. Great photos! That bus reminds me of the Merry Prankster bus. Further! And Levon Helm rules! I found your blog via Twitter and will look forward to more posts and photos.

  2. Wow, kinda like a time-machine going back to the 60’s. How fun! And first thing I thought when I saw you with the long curly wig ‘black magic woman’.

    Sue in CA

  3. wow! Thanks for posting the nice photos us! (my name, btw, is kat, and the fire dancer is Ahnika).
    It was a lovley surprise to walk into my bus and see you sitting in the drivers seat. You just blended right in, yet still looked radiant.
    I am proud that my big old bus gets to be “Grace’s bus” in the movie. Please tell the old rustbucket hello from me.
    Meeting you was a special moment, and every time i saw Sue up onstage I laughed my ass off. *much fun had by all*

    • Wow, Kat, thank you sooo much. One of the highlights for me was watching you make out with the cool guy in brown striped pants. I yelled “Get a room” to you but I hope you took it as loving approval!!! Love was in the air for sure.

      • HA! *blush* you just said what everyone else was thinking 😉 Sometimes when you are in the love bubble you forget that other people can see you. We thought it was hilarious.

  4. hello Jane,
    “The Dollmaker” you won a Emmy, yea you Earned one, a very Heartfelt performance.
    Looks like your living a life you never had in this film , ver free.
    I would be sure that Ken Kesey , would be happy with that bus. You might want to check out this , THE MERRY BAND OF PRANKSTERS LOOK FOR A KOOL PLACE #1,Produced, filmed, directed, edited and staring Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. Ken Kesey had just written, “Sometimes A Great Notion.” The publication party was to be in Madhattan the middle of June. The whole group decided to go. They bought a bus, painted it, outfitted it with a sound system, bought movie cameras and tape recorders, their plan: to film and record everything along the way, inter-acting with Americans, swilling big jugs of electric kool aid. When done, they would put out a feature film of the whole trip. I could could see you coming back to LA in a painted Van, you and Richard ,driving from NY to LA and film the whole thing , would make a funny doc.

  5. Dear Jane,
    It was Great Honor and Pleasure meeting you on the set of “Peace, Love & Misunderstanding” !
    I was born in Russia and as I was growing up my dream was to become an actor. I saw your two movies, “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They” and “The Chase”while living in Russia . You were Fantastic then and you are Fantastic now ! It was Awesome experience to see you working. Your energy, enthusiasm and being so real for every take was Amazing !
    I have been acting in America since 2005, following my dream. To be in front of the camera is my oxygen ! It’s beyond my passion; it is my obsession !
    I am living my Dream now ! I hope I can work with you again in the near future. My Best Wishes to you and your family. Take care. Yury

  6. WOW that bus is AMAZING!! What expressive attention to detail,especially the ceiling. Truely one of a kind.
    All the pictures are great,but the one of you sitting on the bed is especially stunning. You should consider selling autographed copies to benefit G-Gapp.
    I agree Levon is a brilliant. How nice that you were able to reconnect. Katherine McPhee has a lovely voice indeed, looks great as a brunett.
    So wonderful to have your family & friends visiting.
    Have a great week,

  7. Katwise est une artiste fantastique !
    je vois que vous êtes une femme extraordinaire et que vous avez très peu changé !

  8. My husband and I were among your extras. We had an amazing day and were proud and happy to be involved in a small way with a project of yours. My husband asked your assistant to pass along his observation that you’re looking stunning. I second that. Hey, he has great taste! Thanks for coming to Rosendale, the town supervisor told me it really boosted a lot of the local businesses. And thanks for being you, making intelligent work, and staying real and radiant. Everyone who met you couldn’t get over how sweet and down to earth you are.

    • Thanks, Anne. I was so fun being there with all the nice and colorful people of Rosendale and environs.

  9. Dear tulea~finally we found you in amongst all the colourful costumes! Are you having a good time on this shoot? Have you found wild clover to run thru then take a nice lie-down nap? When we use to go to love-ins, my afghan, kalba jamila, was dressed up with ribbons and garlands of camilias. Hoping to see you in mum’s film celebrating the spirit of the moment! We want to see more pictures of you, our second fave star! Xox lady b

  10. Dear jane~i’m realizing you have taken us on your journey now thru THREE intense, international & national film projects ~ with several major events mixed throughout ~ your daughter’s wedding, parisian honours, richard’s joining you, writing your NEXT book, public appearances, hosts of visiting family & friends, your video launch, and all manner of other important professional/personal things. I’m exhausted!!! HOW DO *YOU* do it all?!?!?! You are extraordinarily gifted and blessed. And unselfishlessly give of yourself to so many things. You are so extraordinary to me ~ that when I kevtch ~ I have only to look to you leading the way of a life fulfilled. Amazing. Thank you. Xox moon&lady b

    • Moon$lady, hey, I have my alone time which is precious to me. I don’t blog about that so it appears to the outside like my life is an unending curcle of exciting events. Not true. Today I am alone andrelishing it. Writing…finishing touches on my book, meditating. Got a massage. Also, Moon$lady, I’m not alone in life, I have a boyfriend, Richard and friends and family. I wish you the same.

  11. Hi Jane!
    I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you this weekend, but I’m glad that Susan found you. It sounds like you are having a blast. Glad you are enjoying our area!


  12. I love that you are documenting the process. This was our first time as “background” and we had so much fun. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    And we just adore Levon!

  13. colorful and joyful pics, it gives nostalgia! i’ve seen “the dollmaker” on french tv called “les poupées de l’espoir”, another tought and impressive character in you artistic career! so as it’s in the air in this movie of yours, peace and love!

  14. Hello Jane,
    je suis épatée de voir comme vous passez d’un rôle à un autre. Il est si différent du film que vous avez tourné à Paris ces 2 derniers mois !!
    Je suis vraiment admirative !!
    Avec les cheveux longs comme çà, vous faites penser un peu à Brigitte Bardot dans ces années là. Elle était coiffée pareil.

  15. Hi Jane !

    I was an extra in your movie this weekend & arrived in that magic bus with my friends, but since i was working as an extra, i missed your visit to the vendors table where all my handmade jewelry was out as props for the show. I hope you were able to checkout my creations ( jewels, scarves, & headbands). I would love to design for you sometime & enjoyed seeing you on the set! I was also Sue Lecraws ride from & to the airport – small world! 😉 I did get to meet your daughter via Sue at the end of day Saturday, which was nice.
    My website is:

    On ETSY my username is: colesbeadsgmail

    Cole Godfrey 😉

  16. Ps
    You are beautiful!!!!

  17. Jane,

    You look fabulous in your hippie outfit. It makes you look 20 years younger. Love the dress. The film looks like it will be a gas. Can’t wait to see it. Thanks for taking us through the shoot with you, as well as the one in Paris. Fascinating stuff.
    Lots of love.

  18. I keep thinking your character looks like “Sally Bender” a few years down the road.

  19. Hi Jane~
    The etc., in addition to the sweater coats would be me. Kat & I kinda mingled our clothes together between the two booths (looots of folks were confused. even I was confused!)

    I am the lady with the long dreadlocks, in between Sue & Kat.

    Thanks for sharing the photo’s. I forgot my camera, so it is nice to have something to glue into my art journal.

    happy trails

  20. Hi Jane!

    I can’t wait to see this film. The whole 60’s theme is awesome. I love the colors and the costumes. Like others I am amazed at how much you do. You are so youthful and beautiful and energetic. You give me hope. Really I feel like I am just coming into my own and living my life to my standards and not someone else’s for a change. I’m looking forward to having a boyfriend again myself. Life is too short to spend it alone. Wish you much happiness. Love seeing the pictures of your grandkids and Vanessa’s wedding. She was a gorgeous bride.

  21. Jane, I LOVE your long hair (wig, whatever) … look magical! What fun!!!

  22. Dear Jane,
    You are a true inspiration. I grew up French-American and admired your strength for ditching Vadim to protesting a war none of my friends or family understood. Récemment, je vous ai vu a la télé française, a l’aise et bavardant de tout et de rien. C’est ma fille de 19 ans qui a parlé de ce nouveau film que j’ai hâte de voir. Bravo et bonne continuation!
    P.S. J’était scripte dans ma carrière de cinéma!


  24. Did you sneak a camera in Levon’s barn? I have been to two shows there, and both times there was a large sign at the entrance with two rules – NO CAMERAS; NO SOUND RECORDING EQUIPMENT. Or did Levon cut you a break (or, have the rules changed)? Anyway, thanks for the pics, they brought back great memories. On my first visit several summers ago, on the evening of his daughter Amy’s wedding day (a trooper, she performed at that show), some of his Arkansas friends and family were in attendance – including his cousin, “Miss Anna Lee,” known to all who are familiar with The Band’s (in my opinion) signature recording, “The Weight” (“… Hey luke my friend, what about young Anna Lee?, He said to me, ‘ya famous son, won’t you stay and keep Anna Lee company.”)

  25. the bus is really cool – “far out!” i never really used the latter expression as it seemed too conventional to me even in the 70’s…as we wanted more to be la unconventional…oh…i never considered myself a hippie you know…as that was a few years before my coming of age…but my sister was there and in those protests on campus at Berkeley…also i knew one of the original hippies, H., and she had a great smile, very open and sincere, just loved people…her mother was a real gypsy…oh…i think there were two kinds of hippies from my observation…those who were very happy and those who were very unhappy…and maybe some alternated between the two… between ecstasy and depression…but very few were just normal…as were were searching for something…still searching for it too! never stop searching (!)…ok…well you make a pretty good hippie as long as you let your mood swing freely with how you feel at the moment…and i know you have a some intrinsic flower child in you…just take being in the moment seriously…ok…i mean seriously happy or seriously unhappy….!!! be into it…and into people!

  26. Your hair (I assume it’s a wig) really looks sensational – as do you, of course.

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