The creator of the magic buses is Kat O’Sullivan,  and the fire dancer who is standing next to us in the photo from yesterday’s blog is Ahnika Delirium. I regret that I lost their names. Kat wrote me as a blog comment and told me their names. Kat is also the one who makes the amazing sweaters and coats and stuff. Truly gifted. Her web site is at in case anyone wants to get a bus or a sweater.

This bus is the one that lived in Atlanta for awhile, in front of Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation. That’s why you see a Cartoon Network sticker on the window. I figure it was fated to end up here at Grace’s (my character) house in Woodstock. Isn’t life amazing?

See you next time. I have 2 days off and many lines to learn and things to think about.

The magical bus from Turner country

Joe Muszynski, co-author of our film with sisters Alinda on his right (who is assisting me on the film) and his other sister who just came in from Chicago where they all grew up

Wynne and Chuck Susswein who own the house we're filming in. They bought it 20 years ago and are enjoying seeing it transformed into an artistic, Woodstockian wonderland. Wynne is a Flamenco dancer. We've turned her dance studio into "Grace's" painting and sculpting studio

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  1. Should I get a bus or a sweater? Hmm. That’s a toss-up.

  2. Hey Jane,
    You make a great hippie throw-back and fit right in to our little town of Rosendale.

    I use to teach with Alinda, your assistant, at the Poughkeepsie Day School. I was so surprised to see her photo in your blog. She was the math teacher but left to work at the foundation. She’s a gem. Please give her my regards.

    Can’t wait to see the film. Best of luck.


  3. hello again!
    my goodness, that was very kind of you to include a link to my silly web page.I never expected that. I must say that I am touched by how much of an effort you make to shine a light on the people working around you. I respect that a lot. Your character’s name seems to fit you too. Thanks!

  4. I like the picture of Joe Muszynski and his sisters…I like siblings xD

    I can’t wait to see the film – and see my love, Nat Wolff, on the big screen. 😀

  5. Hi Jane, this isn’t a comment about your blog posting but I figured it was the easiest, most effective way of sharing this link. I think you’ll like it…

    xoxo Jenn

  6. so you’ve manylines to learn and things to do next, but don’t forget to spoil us again with yo georgous pics of your blog!! and thanks!

    • I am sitting here watching you in ” Wedding Planner”, and googled you just to see what you are up to. Fame aside, I guess I see that you and I are just both women in our latter years (I am 51) just living the best we can, being true to ourselves. Your talent for acting is evident, from the early years until now, but boil it all down, we are women, doing the best we can…

      • I was in “Monster-in-Law” not “Wedding Planner.” 🙂

  7. I just adore how the house was transformed. It is such a delight and a positive atmosphere that you gave the little house.

    It must have been fun for one and all to watch the transformation. I love it!

    I can’t wait to see this movie. And I just know that I will probably buy this movie since I love every movie that you have ever been in, Jane.

    When does your movie come out? Can’t wait, very excited about. I can’t stop talking about this movie to my husband. He also loves seeing the blog and the pictures you have on it.

    Thanks, Jane, for making another movie!

    Yours Truly,







    • I know what you mean, Jim. What I do is meditate. That seems to bring me into the now and slow things down. xx jane,

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