Time seems to be speeding by. It never went this fast when I was a young girl. Wow. It’s a challenge to hone in on things slow it all down which is what happens when we’re young and everything is new.

We had some really good days filming this week. Here are some pictures of it. Good scenes. Working with Catherine Keener is very special for me. She is such an interesting woman it makes me want to get inside her and see the world through her eyes. I sense it would look rather different. Does this happen to you sometimes, this desire to, even for a minute, see what the world looks and feels like through someone else’s eyes—someone interesting?

Also, most unusual: there are 3 young ones who are making their first film. Nat Wolff (The Naked Brothers Band), Elizabeth Olsen (Youngest sister of the Olsen twins) and Marissa O’Donnell (starred in the Broadway play “Annie”). They are all so talented you know it will be the first of many films but it is exciting to see them experience this. That’s one reason this week was so fun…I got a chance to work with 2 of them, Lizzie and Nat. And Catherine and I had a meaningful scene that felt really good.

Barbara O’Brian, Levon’s manager, told me he and his band will be performing in San Francisco soon and the Greek Theatre in L.A. August 15th. It has been 20 years or more since he’s been out there so this is historic.
Barbara, by the way, is a genuine mensch. This weekend we do night shooting…a Moon festival/ritual that will involve chanting and drumming and a game of Truth or Dare. It will be a wild time. The actor and filmmaker and friend of both mine and Catherine, Rosanna Arquette, is coming to be in it and my fiend Cristina Biaggi, who was at Vassar College when I was and got kicked out for howling naked at the moon is also coming and being a consultant as well as participant. Stay tuned though I may not get to posting about this till Tuesday.

Catherine Keener (my daughter) and Nat Wolffe (my grandson) playing straight faced for the camera. In real life both of them are usually beaming!

View from "Grace's" house

The redhead is the wonderful Barbara O'Brian who manages Levon helm. She visited the set yesterday with her niece from Florida...just behind her is her niece from Florida, then Benjamin Beresford, Wynne and Chuck who own the house we're filming in and a friend of Barbara's niece from Florida

Watching the scene we just shot on the video play back

Vince, our brit sound man, getting me wired for sound.

Tom on the stairs of "Grace's" home

"Grace's" living room

"Grace's" dining room

We're getting ready to shoot in "Grace's" kitchen

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  1. Grace, has a life in the screenwriters mind, for sure. But to thinking even more abstractly to see with others vision would to see yourself as others see you. One of our weaknesses of the human species is our inability to see ourselves from another person’s subjective viewpoint. Acting toys with this natural role playing.
    How do we use our high powered perception of others and turn it inward, so we can see ourselves as we are and make substantial improvements,if that is our goal.
    It is the friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion,order out of chaos.
    “If I had one gift that I could give you, my friend, it would be the ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are.”
    ~B.A. Billingsly~

  2. This movie seems to be a lot of fun to film! And i so love the look of your character! Its so different! Good luck! 🙂

  3. I think you are likely sick of hearing from me but your comments on the three young ones makes me smile. The success of this movie is not likely going to be determined by the adults in this film as they are all experienced and good talents.

    It is the three ‘young ones’ that will likely determine the success of this movie.

    All three are very talented. It will be a great movie

  4. I cannot Believe for one second you are 72!!! What a stunning Beauty you still are….You have lost none of your beauty or style. You look so HOT!! You are smokin! This film looks very good..and Im looking forward to seeing it! Love you Miss Fonda and love your great spirit for life! xxxx

  5. I think a lot of people would love to see and feel the world through your eye’s Jane, and I/we get a sence of that through your amazing posts.
    Interesting people brings out such wonder and excitement. Expanding one’s horizons is alway’s a great thing.
    What a nice house, love the vibrant colors.
    Thank You for sharing all the lovely pictures,great top! You look Marvelous.
    Have a great time with the Moon Festival night shoot.

  6. Hi Jane,

    It’s so interesting you mention the desire to be in someone else’s mind with Catherine. Have you seen her in Being John Malkovich. That’s the central premise behind the film. I love how the film spins the idea of this desire into something that if possible, would most likely be exploited.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the movie!

  7. Jane,
    what attracted you to do this film? when will it be in theaters

    • Steve, It is about love and forgiveness. What could be more important? Also, I hav never played a hippy before. Plus I wanted to work with Bruce Beresford and Catherine Keener. Don’t know when it will be in theatres. Maybe Valentine’s Day, maybe next summer.

      • This looks like a wonderful book that I would read. My youngest grandson loves The Naked Brothers Band. We have every episode tivo’d and watch them over and over. Can’t wait to see the movie!!

  8. I have a feeling this is going to be the best movie ever. 🙂

  9. Greetings & THANKS so much for signing the copy of “My Life So Far” for the benefit of the Rosendale Library…the hearts are so apropos of yet another *Summer of Love*





  11. What a great looking home and interesting life Grace has. I look forward to when this film comes out. It sounds like one with a lot of value to it as well as some fun

  12. Yes, sometimes when I’ve met someone interesting I’ve often thought how enlightening it would be to be able to “step” into that person’s shoes and experience all that person knows and feels! We could learn so much from each other, if we could do that!

    I think Catherine Keener is a wonderful actress, and I always enjoy the movies she’s in! She just seems so natural on the screen.

    I love the photos of the inside of Grace’s house! It looks like a happy place to be! It looks so unique, colorful, and artistic!

    I think it’s great that those young actors get a chance to work with someone like you! If I was one of them, I’d be observing you a lot to see what I could learn from you!

  13. It seems strange to think that you haven’t played a hippie. I always think of you in that context.
    Apart from that, it’s a real pleasure to read your blog. Interesting and inspiring, not to mention, rare.

  14. Your first paragraph re the passing of time expresses my feelings. Thank you for introducing us to Catherine Keener. As one of the comments states, we have a sense of seeing the world through YOUR eyes with your blog and what a ride it has been since I’ve been here from the start! Maybe you could get Catherine Keener to begin a blog?

  15. Miss Jane, you’re lookin’ mighty fine in your jeans and tie-dye 😀 [inspiring ;D]

  16. tom, with the long beard, seems like someone i know, or met before…maybe in more than one person,,,its the expression i think…i am not sure exactly what it means but he is a definite character…to be his own self…and that is what it is all about, being your own self, not worrying about what people think of you or how you look…but to be intellectually and lifestyle wise be interesting…and this is also what it is about, to be interesting, not cardboard or just made up…but to be an intrinsic thinker and to live according to the rules of simple humanity rather than worrying about riches or fame etc…of course there is a lot more on the inside in terms of human aspiration than can be revealed in any photo…

  17. I’m working on getting my avatar ready. I think you’ll like it. Love reading about the film. First time you’ve played a hippy (is there a correct spelling-I’m an English teacher, remember?)is it? Also love the ideas that are in the film that you are discussing. Time we emphasized the great things from the Woodstock period that were put forward by ‘those in power’ with their self-serving distortions. You and Katherine are the ones that can do it. This film will be worth the wait.

    Love always,

    Mary Jane

  18. It’s funny while reading this the day after I saw Mratha Stewart on Ted Turner’s ranch.

    I really never knew much about him only he was maareid to you and has alot of money!! Would I love to spend a day in his mind and to experience what Martha did.

    The beauty, the food, the passion. You are still friends he must not be a bad guy.

    I so want to go to his ranch and just beeeeee for a little while.

    Thank you for sharing you life.

  19. Dear Jane,

    How fun to see our house (Grace’s really!),and ourselves on your blog. You are a great actor, knowledgeable in fly fishing, excellent writer and beautiful. It would be intimidating if you weren’t also so warm and generous. It has been astonishing to participate in the making of this movie. The people around me are highly professional, highly civilized to each other, and generous in sharing their knowledge with Chuck and me. They say it’s top down. I can see that – from the director (Bruce Beresford), the actors and the leads of each department.

    Their presence in our house will be felt for a long time.
    love, Chuck and Wynne

    • I am so glad you and Chuck feel that way, Wynne. Thanks for saying it for my blog. xx

  20. Hi Jane,
    I love your blog – it’s such fun to hear your perspective on experiences and to see the pictures as well really give us a complete sense of what you’re up to for fun/work/travel/etc. Thanks for the inspiration too! I have worked on and off as an actor and it’s fun to have behind the scenes access… makes me think about getting back to work as I do love it so.

    You asked (rhetorically perhaps) “Does this happen to you sometimes, this desire to, even for a minute, see what the world looks and feels like through someone else’s eyes—someone interesting?” and this is precisely why I love your blog!!

    Again, thanks for the inspiration – I love that you are fantastically enjoying life. Clearly age is just a number for you and I think you’ve got more mojo at 72 than I do at 44 (my twin toddlers are lovely but yikes)… keep up the great work!

    Mill Valley
    Marin County

    • I had NO mojo in my 40, Catherine!!!

      • Good to know!! I’ll keep that in mind as I work on increasing mine. 😉
        Be well!

  21. Dear Jane, I am german and lived in California in the seventies. Your film and your character Grace seem so authentic to me … the way the house is styled looks exactly like the small houses in some parts of Berkeley at hose times … you look so “californian” in your hippie outlook … just great. Iam really looking forward to seeing your film in Germany! And I admire your physical and emotional strength.

  22. Found your blog while trying to find pictures of you with the hair style I am hoping to copy. You are an inspiration to women who want to look great at any age. I will be 70 next year; hoping to keep up but I need a push to exercise more.

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