I didn’t work today, luckily, because I got to bed very late. But I went out to the location later today to do some voice overs. When I got there, they were filming a scene around the pool with Geraldine’s grandchildren (Actually the director’s children playing the roles) and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. I have taken you through the whole process…first it was a vegetable garden, then they began to dig a hole for the pool, and so on. Geraldine’s character is worried that her grandchildren don’t love her any more because they never come over. Claude Rich, who plays a close friend of both of ours (actually more than a friend) says if she puts in a pool they will come. And this proves his point.

When shooting was over the actors threw a “pot”–(pronounced ‘po’) a happy hour drink and food for cast and crew. I left early because tomorrow, my 2nd to last day, is also my hardest in terms of number of scenes and amount of dialogue….all with Daniel which will be fun though challenging. I need a good night’s sleep and no alcohol.

I am getting sad that I have only 2 more days. I will miss my fellow actors. We have grown close…not to mention the crew. A great group.

With our producer, Christophe Bruncher at the pot

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  1. You look so gorgeous ! A role model for sure (and – at the age of 40 I have to take care of my body more, I guess… 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing your experience. Every year I see the same thing happening at our summer theatre festival: crew and actors grow fond of each other and after four months it’s hard to say good bye. One feature that makes being an actor a little harder…

  2. You look great and thanks for sharing this experience with us. I know it does not compare – but I have memories of melancholy when a shoot being over when I was a producer. The bonding and closeness you have in such a concentrated time is hard to describe.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Bonnie

  3. Hi Jane,

    It has been exciting to watch you make this film, and now I’m wondering when it will be released. Will it be available in the U.S. at the same time or maybe later?

    After the film wraps, I hope that you and Richard can take a few days in Paris or elsewhere in Europe before you return to the U.S.

    From the information on your site and elsewhere it sounds like you’ll be starting your next film in the Hudson River Valley soon.

    Safe travels.

  4. Dearest Jane, We have so enjoyed your blog!! It is wonderful to see the world through your eyes and expressive words. THANK YOU!!

  5. Well, I’m sad too if this means we won’t be seeing Paris pictures on a regular basis any more.

  6. I have been think on the subject of a Pool, it is more than it would seem.
    “I do not want a friend who smiles when I smile, who weeps when I weep; for my shadow in the pool can do better than that.” Confucius has said
    That is a interesting quotes , tells me alot about being human, and giving and wanting . Sigmund Freud did see “The Great Subterranean Pool
    of the Subconscious”. In the area of literary criticism,and maybe film, the realm of the subconscious as that of psychoanalytic theory plays a part. In film we do have meaning of its literary text beneath the written language of the printed page, and the vision as facts. I think one can figure into the most fascinating aspects of characterization or recognition within ones own subconscious. Maybe sometimes a pool is only a pool,but Confucius makes a point of what we are and want from our shadows.

  7. I’ve never seen a Jane Fonda picture in a movie theater, but I’m definitely gonna go see this one now that I’ve read the daily shoot log. If it does well, perhaps they’ll do a sequel, and you’ll be re-united with your grew (that’s a portmanteau of group and team).

    Watched Sunday in New York on TMC the other day. My favorite line:

    In the movies this is where the screen usually goes dark …

  8. So I suppose it is true, if you build a pool, the grandkids will come.

  9. so nearly the final movie shot, now,we’ll have to wait to see the film!thanks for all this sharing!

  10. Jane, You look really hip with Geraldine next to you. Jane you still got it…The Cool and Slick Pose! I have been trying to keep up with some of your pictures and relizing that you must be having a wonderful time in Paris! I am sure it was worth every penny. The food was to die for,hope you had eaten two helpings of all that food on the table. And now all of a sudden, I am getting very hungry too! I really know what it’s like to have a “mellon-collie” feeling, when you depart from anyone. It doesn’t have to be an abrupt ending…suppose,you can always visit them on the Holidays, with more art,chocolate,food,music and wine. If your movie becomes a great success, make a part 2 movie. Can you imagined, if they actually put you on stage during the live shooting, doing the “Can-Can” dance with a skimpy outfit? Your fans would go gaga over you and their dentures will definately hit the floor,younger fans responding, “They did that back then?” Or hearing the wives reminding their husbands “Honey,remind me to get one of those before bedtime.” Wink-wink!

    You are an inspirational to all us in the USA,and before you leave be sure to give everyone an American kiss.(I didn’t want to say French kiss, your husband would be very upset, wouldn’t you agree?) Keep smiling and fly safely back home. We need you on the red carpet. Winning an Oscar! Viva La France!

  11. Jane…even though you live a blessed life…i cannot imagine how you can keep from feeling a touch sad that the golden days of Hollywood are over. TCM is such a blessing in itself. I’ve only been to Paris once (won a contest after entering for three years in a row). A couple of weeks before the trip to Paris a woman let her big dog off its leash again after it attacked me while I was reading a book in a public park…so it was really painful to walk around Paris…but I loved it. I have a blog, too…but not as well designed as your blog is…I’m a Gemini and just sort of throw stuff at my blog. Here is a link to a mention of you. I put a plug in a couple of weeks before your Health Day. Bye for now. http://bit.ly/cOYg6W http://maydelory.wordpress.com/category/beauty/

  12. Evening here on the central coast of California enjoying a cup of tea and these recent shots from the set. I have so enjoyed your photos Jane. In this lot, I especially love seeing Geraldine wearing her hot pink scarf with an orange and black coat. What grandchildren could resist loving a grandmother who wears a t-shirt decorated with a mammoth skull, pool or no pool?

  13. A note just to you :)if you don’t mind.

    Thanks you once again for taking so much time to share your life while filming on location. I have loved it! The pictures have been excellent and stories interesting from beginning to end. I look forward to seeing this film.

    I hope wherever you are today that you are encouraged Jane. God is with you always and He is always wanting us filled with hope. In Him nothing is impossible.

    I continue to find that there is nothing so amazing as to know He loves us when we are on a cloud or feeling down. And even better is just the freedom of sharing all the good, bad and ugly with Him. He can handle it all.

    You are a blessing..have a great day..love you!

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