This blog is about what I did the night before I came to Ulster County to begin the film “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.”

Under my Jane Fonda Workout brand, I will launch at year’s end a number of exciting new fitness programs of various styles starring the new faces of fitness: Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson, who have a large online following and are about to open the Tone It Up Studio in Hermosa Beach; Tara Stiles, who has the Strala yoga studio in downtown Manhattan and a book, “Slim, Calm, Sexy” about to be published by Rodale; and Jeanette Jenkins, President of The Hollywood Trainer who came and “performed” (wow!!) her aerobic dancing at World Fitness Day last May 1st.

From left to right in the front row there’s Tara, Jeanette and me, and behind us is Katrina and Karena. This was taken in the photo booth at L.A’s Soho House.

Downstairs at the Soho House, left to right is Karena, Jeanette, me, Tara and Katrina. These are women you’ll be seeing more of and, hopefully, moving with in times to come.

Here's my agent in all things fitness, Will Hobbs, and Richard, coming into Soho House.

Next Saturday I am going into New York to take a yoga class at Tara’s studio with a woman teacher in her 90s!! I know I will be inspired and learn a lot. I think Jeanette may fly in for the class as well. And so a new circle of friends is born. I am thrilled and excited.

Stay tuned.

See you next time

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  1. What happened to your blog about 1969?
    It was here one minute and gone the next.

  2. I love it! Looking forward to hearing more. On my site I feature tons of workout videos for moms trying to lose weight. Let me know if I can help with publicity: or [email protected].

  3. Jane,
    Congratulations on your upcoming fitness video releases, and the new faces of fitness.
    Did you make a fitness video for people with physical limitations? I know you inspired us all after your surgery.

  4. Jane,

    I love that you are promoting more fitness tapes. I still pull out your VHS tapes out once a month for old times sake.

    Your new faces of fitness are all young and beautiful. As a 44 year old woman whose lost 40 pounds and am struggling to lose the next 40. I think you should throw a real woman into the mix on the videos, someone most woman can relate to.

    Of course it should be me minus the leg warmers.(LOL) Maybe mixing it up it just the kick I would need.

    Think about it and let me know your thoughts!

    Best Regards,

    Julie Crowley

    p.s love the blog and your son Troy is HOTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Julie, I think I cover the boomer crowd and people who are not fit and I have 2 new DVDs coming out in Dec.

  5. Jane you are leading very active life and that itself is the best recipe for maintaining good health.

  6. Woooohooo!!! I am so happy and excited to be a part of your team!! Let the fun times begin!! I know “together” we are going to be able to motivate millions of people to start moving and live healthier lives! Looking forward to Yoga in New York! See ya soon Sis!

    Peace, Love and a Million Hugs!

    Jeanette Jenkins

  7. i saw you in woodstock today! i live there 🙂

  8. It all looks super. Yes, the gray hair is very becoming on you. You’re making movies in some wonderful locations.
    So, how’s your summer going? Are you having fun yet? 🙂

  9. Just want to Welcome you to Woodstock the inspiration of a generation………Hope you have a great experience here. Sorry for all the weird folks …….We love you !

  10. I’m going to have to go over to Video Fitness and let the girls know your 2 new workouts will be out in December. They will be counting the days – me, too!

  11. good job, Jane! well it’s inspiring to see a woman in her 90 th teaching yoga, hope you’ll post some pics of her yoga lesson! so keepon being fit, creativ and happy, in awaiting to you read you, wishing you the best to come!

  12. Dear Jane,

    You are still beautiful,
    this will make you even more
    beautiful see
    Wish I could meet you and
    work out with you guys.

    Love, Peace and Hugs
    Jesus Loves you so very much.
    John 3:16
    God’s Love

  13. Just a question about your mobility…are you having any problems with exercise since you had your knee replaced? I am having TKR surgery on Monday and am hoping that it will help improve my ability to exercise….

  14. Jane,

    The new faces of fitness look full of good health and energy as do you.
    I just love hearing about your expoits as you are a fantastic role model for me and many others.
    I started teaching Group Exercise at 38 and you were a role model then. Now at 63, I am still going srong instructing. You have always been an inspiration, loved the concept of World Fitness Day and the program and am looking forward to the Boomer videos.


    Wendy Link-Pierce

  15. Hey Jane. You and Rich look great and very happy, which makes me happy as well. I’ve just returned from a month in Brazil and brough back something amazing for you. Pleas send Richard my best and tell him I’ll look forward to seeing him when he returns.

    ~ Isaias 626-222-8902

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