What a way to celebrate July 4th. So many friend gathered for the cocktail reception given by the Paris Film Festival to honor me. My bestest friend, Paula Weinstein and Hannah Rosenberg, her daughter and my goddaughter, are here for fashion week and she was so happy to see film director d’Euzhan Palcy, who directed “A Dry White Season” starring Marlon Brando, which Paula produced.

It was a wonderful surprise to have Rosanna Arquette show up unexpectedly with her beau, Todd. And Jackie Bisset was there too!!!  

With the wonderful film director, d'Euzhan Palcy

My friends from Georgia, Sharon Maxwell Ferguson and Howell Ferguson. They won the Paris trip which includes visiting the set, dining out with me and attending the film festival events. The Scissor Sisters concert was thrown. For good measure

Jackie Bisset and Charlotte Rampling...two beauties, huh?

Todd, Rosanna (Arquette), me, Jackie Bisset, Charlotte Rampling, Richard

Then we all boarded a bus to go to the Scissor Sisters concert

Paula talking to Megan

Nathalie Lafaurie talking to Vania Vadim and behind is Daniel Bruhl, Patrizio and Geraldine

Megan and her mother, Sharon Maxwell Ferguson, who is a G-CAPP board member

Ooops, missed the top of Ana's head but the legs are worth it and she was amazing.

still dressed

whew!!! People went wild

Jason and Ana

It was hard to believe Jason had just done a show in what must have been 105 degree heat. We all could ring our clothes out afterwards. As Richard said, the music was first rate, one of the best rock concerts he’s ever been too. The new album. “Night Work” is fantastic, and perfect to dance to and workout to. Jason sings like a hot angel, looks like Greek God an dances like nobody’s business!

Jason (AKA Jake) Sellards with Richard at dinner after the concert

Jason wih Vania Vadim

Jeremie Imbert, Olga Plemianikov, Philippe Caland

Hannah, Paula, Megan, Sharon and Howell

A group of Jason's friends and fans joined us. They were very sweet people. I love how they adore him.

Jeremie, Olga and Philippe

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  1. I just want to say, how much I love You and your movies sooooo much, especially the one you introduced, Klute. OMG that performance was 20000% worthy of that Oscar. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? is also brilliant, I actually wrote a review about it on my blog (here in Hungary it’s actually the part of the media syllabus). Both films excellently show the problems of true flesh-and-blood people, dealing with REAL problems. I thank and salute You for writing film history with Your performances. And another thing: great blog :). Love from Hungary! :):):)

  2. What a great post! Next best thing to being there.

  3. Great pictures 🙂 Glad to see you enjoyed yourself!! Is that a ring you’re wearing in Image 26? 😉

  4. Dear Jane,
    It was so wonderful to have you right behind us at the concert yesterday night. We are still talking about it. My best friend Cecelia whom Ana dedicated the Mamas song to and my husband Keith sat with me as we watched her daughter and my god daughter Bridget sing with the Sisters while we all got soaked at the hottest concert we ever attended.
    We all kind of grew up with your movies and Aerobic videos and to have this special moment with you is unforgettable.
    Hope you enjoy Paris as we moved here now from NYC and love it!
    Tom, Cecelia, Keith & Bridget

  5. I must compliment you on the hat you are wearing in these pictures. It is charming… . and your friend Richard with the scarf thrown around his neck. Such a mod couple. I am going to copy that hat trick way out here in the boonies of Prince Edward Island.

  6. Je voudrais bien vister la France! J’étais à Paris en 1993. A cause de tes images, if faut que j’aille encore une fois. Merci mille fois!

  7. Thanks for sharing the concert pictures. After following your tweets last night, I was hoping to see some.

    Congratulations on the well deserved honor. I watched “They Shoot Horses Don’t They” again recently, and my love for the film was renewed. I first saw it when it was originally released. I will never forget sitting in theater, in the dark, unable to speak or move when it ended.

    Thank-you for sharing your wonderful skills and talent

  8. Miss Fonda

    Greetings from New Zealand! We are calling Warner Bros to release KLUTE back into the Cinemas. Its a truely masterful movie and should be back on the big screen. Your Bree is truely Stunning.I love you in this movie…a work of art! Love everything about KLUTE…the music is terrific….and this has stood the test of time! BRAVO!!!! KLUTE is fantastic and so are YOU!!!!much Lovexxx

  9. I have always had a crush on Jackie – looks like a great weekend!

  10. Hi Jane:

    First I have to thank you for all the tweets from
    Paris I enjoyed them as through your
    eyes (camera eye).
    I am not familiar with the Scissor Sisters although they look very cool.
    I am sort of a recluse I love the computer and some music mostly 1940-1960
    I’m glad you are looking and feeling so well.
    Take care and have a great summer.


    Marlon Brando in “Streetcar Named Desire” was definitely one of the greatest performances I’ve seen of his. I bet “A Dry White Season” is great too!

  12. like your white hat! appreciate the nice pictures of jacqueline Bisset, Charlotte Rampling and rosann

  13. so been posted before finished so liked also the picture of Rosanna Arquette!

  14. I loved the blouse and hat you wore to the reception given in your honor! The blouse looks so elegant! You look great! What fun to read about the reception and concert! The pictures were wonderful! The concert looked like it was “one wild and crazy” time for everyone! Can’t imagine what it would be like performing in heat like that! I’ll have to listen to music by the Scissor Sisters! If Richard thought they were great, then they must be! He should know!

    Loved seeing Rosanna, Charlotte, and Jackie! They all looked so pretty!! I know you’ll miss the friends you made while making this movie! That would be sad to say good-bye! You’ll have to stay in touch with one another!:)

    Take care!

  15. You look amazing! I just read someone knocking you in your outfit, and I just wanted to tell you that you look great. I am so impressed that you are 72! Keep doing what you are doing. 😉

  16. Je me lance !!… it’s a very good photo with Rozanna Arquette and a second photo also. I hope to day it’s not too difficult for you. when you return to USA ?

  17. Immediate impression: OMG YOU LOOK GORGEOUS. Actually, so do Jackie & Charlotte. All three of you look beautiful. What is your secret? Do you have a portrait rotting in the attic?

  18. I love your outfit at the Paris Film Festival. Only you could pull that off 🙂

  19. Thank you Jane for the dinner and the short time we shared, we actually passed by the street you talked about close to Quai des Augustin ! Back in the 60’s !

  20. Hey, what a great blog ! Its very cool and amusing to read it.
    Ive got a question, who is the dark haired girl with a black top sitted next to Daniel ? She reminds me somebody but I cant really emember.. Anyways, she is quite pretty ! Who is she?
    Thank you by advance,


  21. We love Jackie Bisset….what a stunner. What a great Actress to…Love her in stuff like “Airport”,”The Grasshopper”….etc But my all time Fav of hers was “The Mephisto Waltz”truely great wee film…Love You Jane..and any idea when you doing the Play in LA yet???

  22. I love, love, LOVE your outfit! Those jeans are fantastic and you look awesome!!! Thanks for sharing your work thru your blog – I can live vicariously thru you. 🙂

    All the best!
    (an avid reader)

  23. Nice pics, Jane. Kerri-anne (our Aussie chat show host – you did an interview with her here a few years ago….amongst the hundreds!) Just did a tribute to you on her show on 50 years of Jane. Great tribute, if I can find it I will post it for you somewhere. Congrats on a wonderful career, you are a legend!

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