July 7th

Movie making is a strange profession. You become very close to a group of people..cast and crew members..and then it’s over and everyone goes their separate ways. I’ve learned that one has to be intentional if friendships formed on a movie set are to continue. Geraldine and I have pledged to remain friends. I find her fascinating with off-beat taste in all things. A true bohemian who still fits in to any situation with any assortment of people. She’s intelligent, talented, curious, generous.

My friends from Georgia, Sharon, Howell and Megan Ferguson with Richard standing behind

A mother, father, child head stone

rehearsing my French dialogue with Christine Dejoux

a pensive scene with Daniel

detail of grave site arbor

My character works with Daniel's character to plants roses and jasmine around a small bench at the site of my grave

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  1. May your friendships from this project last forever. Mazel Tov! Peace, Bob

  2. Gosh, in one picture you look like Lily Tomlin. Wish you guys would do a sequel–like 9 to 5 in the 3rd phase of life.

  3. Hi Jane,

    I love the consummate professional in you! You can tell from the photos how hard you’re working on your character. I sure hope we get the opportunity to see this movie in the states. I’ve purchased your foreign films at Amazon and hope that is the case with this feature. I loved the shots of you in your grave! Please autograph them and put them in your store for purchase.

    You bring me joy!


  4. waoh you could make photos standing in a grave!i know you can face death with serenity as a natural part of life, but in a way you’re right,somehow you deserve your death, if you had a full life, and can face your own death and get prepare to it, the farewell is much more easier, i should take example on you and not flying away at the even thought of it!

  5. Wow, great pictures. As I said before can’t wait to see the movie, or should I say I’m dying to see the movie.

  6. I know it’s hard to leave all the friends you made while making this film!:( From all that you told us the cast seemed interesting and fun to work with! Geraldine seems like a neat person! Hope you two can stay in touch!

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and Daniel! Hope the scenes with him went well! I think these photos indicate they did!

    This cemetery is lovely and the headstones of the graves are very creative and attractive!

    Thanks again for sharing information and pictures while filming this movie!:)

    I thought your grave site was very attractive with the arbor near it! That’s a great idea! Loved the pics of you and the director toasting one another while you’re standing IN the grave!! You’ve got a great sense of humor! I’m glad to know that about you!:)

    Take care! Hope you’re able to go on a vacation soon!

  7. True one has to open so far as friendship goes.Two souls having same interests and perceptions about the existing world then it is icing on the cake.Life needs more space and it gets strangled if it is caged in limited space.Life is a movement in time but with element of timelessness.Life is as big as sky is.Can one fathom the width and bredth of the sky?So is the life.Amen.

  8. Chère Jane,
    Merci pour ce reportage sur le tournage passionnant !
    Thanks for this wonderful “behind the scenes in Paris” you shared with us.

    Where is this cemetery ? It seems to be in America but names are in french ?

  9. Dear jane~are we coming to the end of your film? I too feel like you invited us along on your journey. We met new folks, we had wonderful experiences. Paris and this film shoot were truly a wonderful privilege to be your guest. Now that I’ve found yoir blog, I promise to do my best to stay in touch. And who wld miss little tulea’s next adventure?! Your dog is a riot!! I have never seem a dog who will fall quite asleep in the middle – of a cloverpatch park, on a grassy location! Zonk! Comfortable and she’s into her doglette power nap! So!! What’s next for you and your gang of faithful bloggers? Where do we go?! What’s on the next highest hill to scale? Lots of love~our adventure with you and tulea was marvelous! Xox moon and lady b.

  10. I love cemetaries……so much history…but I wouldn’t want to be six feet down until necessary. Tulea seems to be indifferent to it all.

  11. c’est vraiment super de lier des amitiés pendant un tournage. Géraldine parait très sympa et si simple. Son père était un très grand artiste. Le vôtre aussi, j’ai toujours aimé regarder les films dans lesquels il jouait.
    J’ai pu voir à la télévision il y a 1 semaine le film dans lequel vous avez joué “sa mère ou moi” avec Jennifer Lopez et Michael Vartan. Vous m’avez fait rire !!!… c’est pas un rôle habituel pour vous, mais vous avez bien dû vous amuser aussi pendant ce tournage !

  12. This looks like such a wonderful movie, and it is shot clearly in beautiful places! I wish I understood French! Hahaha!

  13. Jane~ this blog was surreal. Seeing those headstones in the graveyard was an emotional window into that part of the movie. Seeing you standing IN the dug-out grave was really darkly funny ~ your sense of humor was shining as you toasted! When will the movie be out?

  14. Hi Jane,
    I’ve been in Sicily for two weeks learning Italian and had very little internet access there – was too busy eating gelatos, pasta, drinking wine and grappa and talking to the extremely warm-hearted Sicilians. Am really looking forward to reading your blog tomorrow when I’ve settled back down and got back to normal here in Hamburg.
    Take care and hope you’re well.

  15. Jane, I am a great admirer and fan.
    Thank you for sharing this adventure of your life with me and the world.

    PS- LOVE the mother, father and child stones.

  16. So, do you go straight from here to start filming the movie with Catherine Keener? What’s it like to go straight from one film to another?

  17. I agree we must be intentional in order to sustain any relationship.You seem to have the friendship call on your life Jane and everyone is rich in love because of it.
    After seeing Paris through your eyes I cannot wait to experience it for myself.
    Every post is a banquet feast of knowledge,visual splender,and the echo of Joy’s refrain.
    I Look forward to this films release.
    Have a safe trip home. ~Blessings~

  18. Dear Jane, yours photos and posts are wonderful, as you are a wonderful woman!!

    I finded it when I was looking for news about Daniel Bruhl (who I really love!!!).

    Me and a group of friends have a community about Daniel and loved your blog for her photos.

    Well, I can´t writte a lot because my english, that not´s good. Oh my god!!

    I live in Brazil and now I’m gonna to the beach (in Rio)

    Kisses for you and Daniel. (El es muy guapo y un grand actor. Realmente lo adoro!!!).

    • Jacqueline,

      I, too, went to see this movie yesterday because of the beautiful Daniel Bruhl.

      But somewhere along the way Jane Fonda stole the show. It was a poignant and beautiful movie!


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