Catherine Keener, who plays my daughter in the film “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,” gave a little party last night at her “home” up here in Ulster County. It was fun and a generous thing to do, given that she had, like me, just come from Manhattan and had to work early today.

I will be seeing my daughter and grandchildren later on today. They’ve come up for a few day’s visit with out friend, Emily Lansbury and one of her daughter’s who’s friends with the grands. We all went to the Galapagos together last year.

Benjamin Beresford, me, Virginia Beresford, Bruce B., and, to the right, Richard is talking to Stephen Endelman, music supervisor

Bruce Beresford, our director, and Stephen Endelman, our music supervisor

Richard talking music with Stephen Endelman

Catherine taking photos with her Polaroid. Jeffrey Dean Morgan looking on

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  1. Please tell Catherine and Jeffrey I said hi. Seriously!

  2. You are so beautiful! I am your biggist fan! What a dream come true it would be to have an autographed pic of you! I love your photo’s great job! God bless you and yours today and everyday! My 15 yo daughter absolutely LOVES you too! Your all over her walls! and she has collected so many movies of you. Now, I have my 3 yo son watching you too! LOL I’m a single mom of two, sole provider, and disabled now. But you rock! Much love to you.

    Dawn Hanlin

  3. Jane –

    I love the photo of you and Catherine Keener. You both are two of my favorite actors…

    Looks like you are having lot of fun.



    P.S. I know you are swamped at the moment with finishing your long-awaited book, but curious to know if 2011 has another film project for you?

    • Think so, a film in the Congo. But before that, I am doing “33 variations,” the wonderful play I did last year on Broadway, at the Ahmanson in Los Angeles.

  4. I recall reading about a director who once said Ms. Keener wasn’t sexy… he is obviously blind-as-a-BAT!
    Ms. Keener is a gorgeous woman and very sexy…I can’t wait to see her portrayal as daughter to Jane’s Grace. Thanks Jane for another lovely post!

    • Man are you right about that–Keener being sexy. Anyone who says not has issues! xx Jane

  5. Where’s Tulea in her usual cameo?

    • She was wandering around, smelling all the stories.

  6. Grandchildren are the great joy of getting older.

  7. Jane,

    What an awesome website, and kudos to you for taking the time for your fans…I have been a fan since the Cat Ballou days….Good Luck and I hope the movie is a smash hit…:)

  8. Hello Jane, hope all is well,
    Emily Lansbury,is some friend to have , a very interesting person. What a view, a real contrast from Paris , I feel.

    ( concerning :”The Silent Barrier” script=
    in repects to sending you my full script, should I contact at CAA your agent Will Hobbs ,if he is still your agent or Kevin Huvane, EVP
    Creative Artists Agency. Emily Lansbury producer,for her my script would be interesting , in the past she was producing STORY OF A GIRL, about a teenage girl trying to live down her “school slut” reputation and repair her relationship with her
    family. Not exactly my story , but could give her some background of her interest. I did understand that Emily Lansbury has strong connections with Publishers Marketplace, and literary Agents.)

  9. Dear jane~i realize there were multi-layers happening in the 60’s. We all gravitated to that which was where we needed to journey – I suspect. Reading abt this film shoot, seeing the costumes, remembering my own journey out of a whitebread burbank neighborhood-finding my way “over the hill” to hollywood to new york- and how lucky we all were for those unique, life forming experiences-well, the gratitude for this opportunity is momumental. Sometimes there is a sadness my goddaughts won’t have these adventures – the world is so different now – but there is a core value from those years that continues to shape and influence me @ 65. I look up at the “gods” and smile. Our generation truly marched in a new change-that changed the world forever. Xox m&lb

  10. Lovin’ the hair Jane!!!

  11. Finally a picture of Catherine Keener. Being from the upstate New York area(I moved to Fort Lauderdale FL) your posts make me very nostalgic for those beautful summers.

  12. Love the early evening light with its shadows in these photos. The color is soft and flattering and enhances the happy time everyone seems to be having.

  13. Keener’s the best. Wasn’t she fantastic in “Capote?” And you are the best, so this ought to be a great movie. The time is right for a positive story about Woodstock after the nasty number that anti-addiction guy William Bennett did on the movie a few years ago. Ooops-Big Bill (take a look at him-his body is only slightly bigger than his perpetual scowl)turned out to be addicted himself-to gambling-to the tune of $8 million in losses. And these are the exemplary folks who are still taking creaky pot shots at you.

    Well I love you, and am happy that your life is going so well. Work hard and have fun. Love is intoxicating!

  14. Hi Jane,
    Oh, I had to look twice to see that it was Catherine Keener in the photos, but I’ve been in a plane for about 16 hours, so I have an excuse.

    Just saw on youtube a few clips from ‘in the mood for cinema’. An interview you did in French while making your French movie. So cute. Loved it. Speaking a foreign language (like I do everyday!) keeps you on your toes, doesn’t it? keeps the mind flexible :-)The interview is so great and lively. And yes, one day I hope to see you in an Almodovar film.

    When I hear that you got the money for On Golden Pond (probably my favourite film!) from Britain, it makes me so proud. I’m an expat Brit. Can’t believe that no Americans would want to invest in a film with you, your dad and K. Hepburn.

    Anyway, hope you’re still having fun and sooooo glad you’re making so many films again.

    Jason xx

  15. added
    Jane, was thinking on the subject matter of the script and was wondering if the subject matter was to personal in the ” The Silent Barrier” outline and scenes that I sent. If I had seemed insensitive, I would like to say that I am sorry, I did read your Biography, and if the subject area makes you feel Uncomfortable,I do understand. I only wanted to write something for a older woman and for a deaf woman ,after reading your and Marlee Matlin both talking about not finding a good part for women who are not viewed as in the mainstream. I do respect you both as a Artist and person, you are a well rounded artists and a better person in general for it.

  16. Jane
    I love the pics of you & Katherine,especially the second one. The view of the mountains in with that radiant light is stunning! It’s always fun to just relax after a long day at work. Looks like everyone had a great time. How wounderful Richard is able to be with you.
    Glad your enjoying our area. My friend Jim had the pleasure of meeting you on set today, I hope I’m blessed with the same.

  17. Hi Jane,
    When are you doing “33 variations,” at the Ahmanson in Los Angeles? I’d love to come and see it. I hope the rest of filming is going well for you. The party at Catherine’s looked fun.

    Thanks for keeping us all updated on filming through your blog. it’s a great way to keep a journal.

    Best wishes

  18. i’ve been a huge Catherine Keener fan ever since “Walking and Talking.” look forward to seeing the two of you work together. lovely photos…that late evening sun is gorgeous. how great that you’ll be bringing “33 Variations” to L.A. next year…so those of us on the left coast can catch it. 😉 hope you’re well, Jane…it’s always lovely to stop by here and read your wonderful posts.

  19. Hola Jane

    Seria muy grato para mi que puedas ver este mensaje te admiro mucho y soy tu fan numero uno, pero tambien de alguien que tienes a tu lado Jeffrey sueño algun dia poderle conocer…….

    Que Dios los bendiga los mejores exitos


  20. when in la i stay at checkers hilton, and hopefully, will catch your performance at the music center. love those live performances!

  21. I would love to have a signed photo of yours of you in your hippe outfit. Could you send me one, it would make my day, thanks for all your wonderful movies and for being you.

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