It was a lovely, original, spiritual ceremony. The French guests, unused to such, were rather surprised and fascinated by the “Feel the earth under your feet;” and “breathe in the energy and let any concerns or doubts you may have leave with your breath.” There were traditional exchanges of rings, vows like “do you accept …,” “I do’s,” and the final Kiss. As the bride and groom walked back down the grassy steps between stands where huge glass vases held white rose petals, all the young children tossed the petals to the newly weds in a perfect shower of white.

We had 3 days of wonderful fun, food, friends, ex-husbands, families of ex-husbands, former wives of ex-husbands, perfect weather, time to cruise the port and back streets of St Tropez.

All the events surrounding the wedding took place at the home of Catherine Schneider, Vadim’s wife after me, who has been a second mother to Vanessa over the years. Her graciousness, class, generosity and joi de vie, ensured that everything would be splendid in every way. It was all enhanced by the talents of jewelry designer par excellence, Carlo Traglio, and his friend, Thomas. They came from Italy on Carlo’s yacht, bringing the flowers, candles, and Thomas’s amazing creative talent at turning an already startlingly beautiful estate into a magical wonderland. I am exceedingly grateful to Catherine, Carlo and Thomas.

Had to leave for the airport in the middle of a totally splendid and gorgeously laid out table of raw veggies (arranged on thick cork platters as is custom in St Tropez) and grilled fish with 39 of us at the famous Club 55 on the even more famous Pamplona Beach. Vadim and I spent many months over our 8 years together at Hotel Tahiti, a little bit down to the left on that same beach. In fact, that’s where we were when the morning french papers announced that the U.S. Congress had voted to bomb North Vietnam–the “Tonkin Gulf Resolution.”

I cried a lot seeing my daughter so happy. And all of us are crazy about Paul Van Winkle, the handsome and kind groom.

I return to Paris tired and relieved that it all went so well (with no effort on my part, I have to add) and without any meltdowns.

A big whew!! Enjoy the photos.

children of guests playing during our happy hour

Boo Boo with his daughter

handsome groom-to-be

Boo Boo (purple scarf) with some of his guests

The about-to-be-married lovers at the cocktail gathering

Frday night--Happy Hour offered by Catherine's son, Boo Boo (Olivia) from her first marriage, the night before the wedding.

Italian jewelry designer, Carlo Traglio

The Port

The harbor

The church in the background is where Vadim's funeral services took place

There are a number of Botero statues along the port's edge

The view from where I had lunch Saturday

Tulea not-to-cautiously approaching a peacock in the street

The Saturday market in the square


Other side from the port of St Tropez

lots of narrow streets

You can't move at the height of the season--July and August

Thomas's flower arrangement in my room

the walk to the ceremony

Waiting for the bride

left to right--Troy, Catherine, Vania, Vanessa, Paul and me

Barbara Wiliams, Tom's gorgeous wife--actor and singer

wedding cake with rubber ducky bride and groom on top

Tom Hayden, his wife, Barbara Williams and friend of all, John Rubin

bride and groom walking to the ceremonial spot

left to right: Vania, Nathalie, Natacha who is Carlo's international Director, Marie Christine, Helene, Simone, troy, Olivia, Vania's girlfriend

The next day at club 55

There was what Catherine described as a shish kabob of children at the far end of the table

me with my daughter, the newly wed

crudities (raw vegetables on a cork tray)

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  1. Wow! Congratulations to Vanessa and Paul!!! and thank you Jane for “taking” us to St Tropez. How beautiful.

  2. Such a beautiful couple! The pictures are stunning, looks like you had some nice weather. Congratulations to you all!

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    Loved the location shots!

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    You are so gracious to share Vanessa with everyone. You’re a gracious, loving Mom.

  7. I can tell form the tone , that this has been one more thing on your mind, and so happy for you that it all went so well. The port of St Tropez, must have been like a Completeness of a kind, one stage of Conveyancing, transfer of time to another. So happy for you , one less worry ,or concern about anything not going right, all looked well and good.
    Every child is a thought in the mind of God, and our task is to recognize this thought and help it toward completion. Your a thinking woman wanting to create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and drive it to completion, or maybe just a mom.
    Great photos Jane

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    Time passes so quickly.

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    BTW I still walk to you your walk out tapes (MP3’s now.) In your spare time, you should make some new ones!

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    Bonne Chance

    T J

  24. Est-ce votre frère que l’on voit sur une des photos ? Je trouve que votre fils ressemble beaucoup à votre père et votre fille a un mélange Fonda et Vadim. Elle a l’air d’être sereine. Vos photos sont très sympa. Vous avez dû être tranquille, les vacanciers ne sont pas encore arrivés !!

  25. Delighted that you and your family are having such joy. You are the best and I love all of the great things about your time in France that you are sharing with your readers.

    I adore your photos of alleys. Maybe I’ll send you some of mine. My favorite alley is in Ybor City, a historic area of Tampa. The Frech alleys look so intersting.

  26. Bravo. It sounds like a great ceremony. Congratulations to you and your daughter. I have to laugh at the idea of how the french would relate to such simple spiritual things.

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  28. Have you always been such a shutterbug, or is that an offshoot of starting a blog and the ease of digital photography?

  29. Beautiful wedding photos. Your daughter looks so happy and she got a really beautiful man inside and out from what you say about him. I love the street shots of St Tropez showing all the characteristic pink/salmon colored buildings.

  30. Hello Jane, Firstly I love your naturalness and the sense of freedom you instill in your blog for someone that has been pursued by ‘everyone’ for most of your life. I have been in the fitness industry 31 years and began teaching dance based exercise when Jane Fonda’s Aerobics changed the world. I embraced it and made it my own with my version of dance exercise, but you were the greatest influence. I was an enthusiastic Aerobic champion in the 80’s and have since trained in many other forms of exercise over the years, one being ChiBall where I ran a workshop in St Tropez. I am very happily married to a Frenchman and we live in Australia but will go back to South of France when our daughter finishes her schooling. Looking at those St Tropez photos brought back many memories. I currently run a business in Manly (beachside suburb)Sydney in Yoga, Pilates, ChiBall and now ZUMBA Fitness (Latin based dance fitness).
    I looked at the pictures of the presentation ceremony in Paris that I received from someone in Paris which lead me to this blog.
    I will now happily read it regularly as you have many interesteing topics and tips that I enjoy.
    Thank you for ‘keeping it real’ when you could so easily not. You do look amazing with some help but again have kept it real and not begun to look like so many others that have taken it too far.Kind Regards. Jill Healy-Quintard

  31. These are such wonderful pictures, Jane! The wedding looked like a lovely, happy occasion! I liked all the pictures of Vanessa! She looks beautiful in her wedding dress! She looks so happy and lovely in all the pictures taken of her! St. Tropez looks like such an interesting place! You always take the BESTt PICTURES wherever you go! I’m sure being in St. Tropez brought back many memories for you! Thank you as always for sharing pictures of special times in your life!:)

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    How far St Tropez is from Paris?


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    I love St Tropez, well South of France in general. And Botero…! So great.

    I admire the fact that you’ve all stayed so close i.e. ex-husbands, former wives etc. as you mentioned.

    I truly admire that and I hope you’re happy with that arrangement, as you say you are. I’ve been trying it, but it’s hard for me. Sometimes there’s still too much emotional baggage – even after years. But I’m still trying…

    Take care

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    Jen in TX

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    I loved your Pictures and how you write your blogs. Vanessa wore such a beautiful dress.
    Love is what binds us all in the end!
    Please take care.

  42. Named after Miss Redgrave ? (I was)

    • Yes, after Redgrave and also because I liked the illiteration–Vanessa Vadim

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    Thanks Jane for sharing these pictures with us.I think I can say for everyone here its a priviledge to see them.Take care!


  44. Recently read your autobiography and now follow your blog. I’m 63 and want you to know that you’ve become the inspiration for how to live this last third of my life. Thanks for posting your blog so often and also the wonderful photos. All best wishes to the happy married couple and hope the film shoot continues to go well.

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    bliss to see and bliss to send to you and your (new) family.

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