interior courtyard of Hotel de Ville

ceiling of entry staircase

door to Mayor's office

Rodin statue representing Le Republique

even the floor is gorgeous and ornate

Dining Hall. Crystal chandeliers by Baccarat

The attendees were surprised and delighted that I photographed them. That's our producer, Christophe Bruncher, in the gray shirt and glasses

photographing the photographers

The ceiling of the salon where we held the press conference

The Mayor about to welcome me onto the stage

funny shot with the cell phone image in foreground.

Being presented with the Medal of the City of Paris by the Mayor

Christophe Girard, the person in charge of Paris's cultural affairs with the women who run the Paris Film Festival where I am being honored July 3-4

That's the great filmmaker, Costa Gavras, leaning forward. He was just an assistant director on the first French film I did with Renee Clement

with Costa Gavras

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  1. Wow , that is something Jane. One could looking for rolling heads ,crossing the floors. I need to spend more time in Paris. Even a blind Artist feels at home there.

  2. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos of places few in the world have the opportunity to visit. It was very generous of you.

  3. Thanks for great pictures. You are very special Jane xxx

  4. Hi Jane. The photos are fabulous. You are very lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. I noticed a shiny orb in your picture of the entrance to the Mayor’s office. Could this be some form or paranormal activity??? I was just curious what you thought as the building has sure seen enough people coming and going in it’s lifetime. I just thought it was interesting. Enjoy your filming, I cannot wait to see the film. Hopefully it will be released here in the states.
    Best wishes

  5. Jane, I am so enjoying reading about the shooting of your new film. It is amazing. I love the photos, too. Thanks so much for posting these. I feel like I am there with you.

  6. The photos nice and saying something about the places which are in the photos.The cultural heritage did not miss in the photograph and perhaps that will keep the photos alive.

  7. Dear miss Fonda,

    It was such a pleasure and a great honnor to meet you at the Hotel de Ville de Paris. And so funny to see you taking pictures for your blog where I am now on.

    This is from my camera…
    Too far from you and as sure you’ll find on the web better movies, but from the heart and my souvenir de Jane Fonda à Paris.

  8. Hi Jane,

    It’s so amazing that you take the time to blog! It really makes it feel that we get to know you as a real person. We appreciate it.

    My partner is a male nurse in NYC and writes about his experiences in a blog. One of his posts is about a former cancer patient named “Lorna,” who always reminded him of you.

    I thought I’d share it with you.


  9. Bravo on the medal! How lovely!!It led me to your wonderful website.

    You put me to shame with this. I stopped blogging because I’m working on a new novel for W.W.Norton about the love affair of Escoffier and his wife French poet Delphine Daffis…and that rascal actress Sarah Bernhardt…what a slacker I am.

    Okay..back to blogging AND writing. If you can do this, I can. 🙂

    You are my hero. I always say, “We have to approach life as dogs approach an open window. We have to stick our heads out, let our ears flap and watch out for bugs in our eyes. We have to be in and of the moment. We have to let our hearts fly.”

    How is this not you?

    Anyway, best of luck on the film. I have two books in various states of’s difficult work. You have the patience of Job.

    Best always…

    N.M.Kelby (Nicole Mary Kelby…my mother was born in Paris.)

  10. Great Photos of a great city. Paris is amazing. Thanks for posting.

  11. ADoro fotografia e, este blog, tem ótimas fotos que só precisam de pequenos ajustes. Copiei algumas com intenção de aprecia-las, nos mínimos detalhes, não para utiliza-las com outra finalidade, senão o do conhecimento e do diletantismo. Gosto de apreciar todas as modalidades de arte. A fotografia é fascinante. Paris e Roma me encantam muito. Jane Fonda poderia visitar a catacumba onde funcionava o QG da La Resistence. A Resistência francesa operou nos underground da rede subterrânea que percorre Paris. Há beleza até nos cemitérios, nos sepulcros. As Catedrais são belissímas. Pena que a Igreja não permita que tenhamos acesso aos segredos dos seus pavimentos subterrâneos. Tudo é lindo. Não ví fotos do Quartier Latin, nem da casa em que foram feitas tomadas da Belle de Jour. O Rio sena pode ser visto, masele tem mais beleza pra revelar. As Árvores… Jane faz bem ao fotografar até o piso. Tem sensibilidade em ver a cultura através de fotos como a dos namorados, a dos comerciantes de rua e do cidadão comum. Até as janelas são belas; as esculturas, as ruas e até o céu. Parece que ela não definiu a configuração da máquina para fotos em interiores, onde não é permitido uso de flash. O importante é fotografar e eu gosto de apreciar as foto… Pôxa, escrevi demais… Bye

  12. This is such fun learning a bit about movie-making! Thank you so much. European films always seem more “raw” than American films. I’m not sure how to explain what I mean, but the lighting seems to be more “real” in European films. Am I imagining that or is there a different technique used with respect to lighting / filters etc? Perhaps it is simply the natural background of the different countries – Europe and America certainly “feel” very different in real life too.

  13. Great pictures.

  14. Thanks so much, Jane, for sharing these photos–we would never get to see inside such an event without your democratic approach! Wonderful and most appropriate that you are being honored for your filmwork and that you are busy making films.

  15. Oh, my gosh, Jane, these are gorgeous pictures outside and inside the building! Everything is so exquisitely beautiful! It looks like an exciting event with a large group from the press! Hope it went well! That’s impressive the Mayor presented you the Medal of the City of Paris! I’m also glad to know that you will be honored at the Paris Film Festival in July! You certainly deserve that special honor too!:) Do you ever pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming when all these wonderful things happen to you?

    Take care!….from Atlanta

  16. Great photos Jane,
    I do enjoy Costa Gavras, in the film “Z” we see repressive ideology, Big fan of Costa Gavras and his film. On has to wonder if there is a Costal Gavras in the States who is willing to express that type of film , in this political environment.
    Been thinking of Cinémathèque Française, René Clair, as well.
    The real nouvelle vague, it starts with Chabrol. And then Truffaut, and Godard, and that group of people , I love films of France. So great to see how much your loved in France, and the world Jane maybe not everyone feels the same, in most places you shine your in vague.

  17. Congratulation Jane !!!!

    Woaaaw, i am happy for you,and very proud (being french)

    I think that you, among all, deserve best this medal , for the art and for your commitment , i think no other artist stood for her/his principles like you did, and we admire you for that !

    all my love.


  18. Thank you, thank you for taking us along. It’s such a visual treat. I look forward to each of your blogs. You are so kind to include us.

  19. HOW COOL OF YOU TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES IN PARIS WITH US! ISN’T MODERN TECHNOLOGY GREAT? I HONESTLY HAVE THE FEELING I WAS THERE SEEING YOU, ONE OF MY 2 FAVORITE ACTRESSES! (The other is Meryl Streep). It would be a thrill to see you and Meryl Streep costarring in a movie together sometime! Tell your agent to make it happen, Jane! Take care! Your blog is one of my favorites now!

  20. waoh: liked this post as usual! may be there’ll be a vid o f the stage conference of yours!! wishing you well , eager to the next post reading!!! cloudy weather, for us Paris inhabitants, as you’re on the french rythm of life for the moment, it’ll improve, best wishes to Guy Bedos and Pierre Richard , idem!

  21. Dear jane~mazel tov! Well deserved award. You look so happy and full of life. Thank you for the gorgeous photos of the bldg. How absolutely incredibe the french are in decorative arts. You take us everywhere with you. I enjoy our travels thru your eyes. Xox m&lb

  22. These are wonderful!! I love the scenery and the creative shots, and I think you look great, as usual.

    You’re inspired me to take control of my health, again, and lose the weight that started to creep onto my frame over these first three years of menopause. Already I’m losing weight and feeling better. I plan to be in great shape again by the end of the summer, and I credit your blog and your videos with helping me stay focused.

    You’re so, so kind to share your life with us. It’s so rare that a celebrity of your stature (not that there are many of YOUR stature) would take time to be so informative. I love seeing the world through your eyes because I may never have the chance to see the things you’re seeing or experience what you live.

    I often wonder, though, if you ever get tired of being around so many people all of the time? Me? I am a bit of a loner — I absolutely treasure my “alone time.” I think I would go cuckoo if I were around people all the time, so I worry about you and hope that you and Tulea get enough quiet time. I hope so.

    Well, HAPPY SATURDAY. Enjoy. Thanks for keeping us posted. You are so cool.

    Til next time,

  23. Loving it all! Feel like I’m roaming around Paris with you and it’s all fabulous.

    And sorry to hear about your close friend’s passing.

  24. Dear Jane,

    I just found out that you have become a Christian and I wanted to say congratulations and welcome to the flock.

  25. Is receiving the Medal of the City of Paris like our country’s ‘key to the city’??…Congratulations for the honor!

  26. Dear jane~i am so impressed with how well your digital camera works in various settings – in particular, long shots down the hotel de villa hallway, the ceiling. May I ask what make and model digital camera you use? I have been searching for 2 yrs but can’t find a camera I like~am overwhelmed by all the choices + bells and whistles. Thank you very much. Xox moon

  27. Jane, take more pictures of Paris!!! You are a beautiful woman in a beautiful city!!! Thanks for share all with us.

  28. Oh Jane! I was inside that building in 1973 with our school and got to meet the mayor of Paris! It was so thrilling to see the interior again! I remember the beautiful ceiling, and the inlaid floors. Thanks for that sweet shot from my past!
    Hope your cold is much better. Keep posting those Paris images!

  29. Great pictures, Jane!

    I’ve long been an admirer of your films, didn’t know you had such a fine eye!

    Thanks for all you’ve contributed to my and others’ lives…

    All the best.

  30. Congrats on receiving the Vermeil Medal, Jane! I heard your French was impeccable in the acceptance speech!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  31. parís que lugar maravilho otimo para construir um belo hotel como o seu.Uma obra de arte ,onde mostra todos os detalhes históricos e marcantes da pre história ,quero te dar meus parabéns tudo muito ,charmoso ,e mais acho que na minha opinião foi um sonho realizado para a senhora .Quero te dizer algo eu tambem tenho um sonho de ser uma cantora internacional, so que muitos duvidam disso,acho que na vida todo mundo tem um sonho e todo sonho tem um sentido se eu não sonhasse minha vida não tinha sentido, eu não ia viver sublimamente.amar a vida de uma forma bela REALIZAR sonhos viajar ,conhecer coisas novas cidades ,parís quem sabe ou até seu hotel. ddesistir dos meus de viver nunca pois amo a vida amo eles.MAS ACHO QUE DEVO PENSAR MAIS ,LUT4AR MAIS POR TUDO QUE QUERO E QUE TENHO.Parabéns JANE FONDA UM QUEM SABE UM DIA TE DAREI PARABENS PESSOALMENTE. OBRIGADA, E QUE SEU HOTEL BRILHE MUITO PELA FRENTE.

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